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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 9

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Tonight, we’ll see the four remaining singers from Group C and find out which three will complete the super 9. Tonight, Will Arnett will be joining the panel as a guest judge.


We’re kicking things off with a group performance. They perform Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez.


The clues today come from people the singers have built close relationships with. Night Angel: Becoming the night angel has become so therapeutic. She’s been doing this since she was a teen, but she’s never felt so free as she does under the mask. Here’s a friend from high school : We see someone with a disco ball as a head. He says night angel had to juggle balancing school with her dreams so she missed out on a lot. Like senior prom. But one thing she was determined not to miss was earning her diploma. Their graduation conflicted with a huge career opportunity for her but she refused to miss that day. Because that’s just night angel. She always stayed true to herself regardless of the fame that came her way. So get out there and shout your talent from that stage.


The clues we seen from Night Angel were a rotary phone and a quiz with an A+. Night Angel takes the stage and performs Shout by The Isley Brothers. Jenny thinks she will go to the super 9 and she thinks she’ll win. Robin says he knows that voice, but he can’t place it yet. Outstanding.


Night Angel says every time she steps on stage she’s a bundle of nerves. She’s getting more and more confident. Night Angel has an interesting connection with one of the panelists. They are using lego clues and hers says Good Times and it’s with Jenny. She’s heard Jenny says Night Angel’s name often on her show. Jenny thinks this is someone she interviewed and she seen a heart that said Unbreak My Heart and she thinks Toni Braxton. Nicole says Taraji P. Henson was in Hidden Figures and she can sing. That’s who she thinks it is. Will Arnett says she had to juggle school and chasing her dream and he thinks Mayim Bialik. Then he says maybe it’s Janet Jackson because she played Penny in Good Times.


Astronaut: When he started this journey, he never knew how at home he would feel in this space suit. It makes him kind of forget he’s still only human. But here’s his bro pilot: Astro is a great captain. He knows how to lead a clue. But sometimes he can be a total space cadet. One time in front of a thousand people he took a nosedive and fell flat on his face. Anyone else would have said bye bye bye and called it quits. But not astro. He got right back up. No stumble can stop him from reach the moon. And the same goes for that golden mask.


Clues we seen Astronaut’s package: Coffee cup and beans, two dice with two fives, and a little bridge. Astronaut takes the stage and sings Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Nicole says he’s just getting better and better each week. Nicole says he’s definitely in her super nine. He says he’s showed different parts of his heart in each performance. If he makes it to the super nine, he’ll make sure the world sees his whole heart.


The lego clue says Mall and it’s Nicole. Astronaut says remember when they were both together to celebrate a huge birthday. Ken says this is very fascinating. He says the dice totaled ten which was Pearl Jam’s album name. Maybe it’s Eddie Vedder. Will says the dice, he thought maybe there were five members of ‘N Sync and maybe it’s JC Chasez. Robin says there was a clue of a bridge and he says this talented man walked across a tight rope and this guy was in G.I. Joe and he thinks it’s Joseph Gordon Levitt.


T-Rex is up next: She says she’s been working her tail off in this competition. T-Rex’s Coach: He’s spent a lot time with T-Rex. She subscribes to the idea there is no off day. She has never met anyone so meticulous, especially someone her age. She’s such a perfectionist and she has fans of all ages and she knows how to win over a crowd. So TT, do your thing.


Clues we seen in T-Rex’s package: We see a boomerang and a mini golf hole and nachos and fish sticks with glitter on it, and a pair of lips and a green army tank. T-Rex takes the stage and sings Jai Ho (You are My Destiny) by A.R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls. Nicole loved that. T-Rex says at the Masked Singer you’re judged by your performance and not by your name and she’s stayed every night passed midnight to make sure it was perfect.


The lego clue says poodle and it’s with Will Arnett. They are connected through Lego Batman. Will says Zoe Kravitz, and he names a couple others from the movie. He says it shows a lot of discipline, maybe a gymnast, maybe Gaby Douglas. Jenny thinks she’s taller than Gaby. She started at Maddie Ziegler, but there’s a lot of Kardashian clues and Boomerang is a hit song and she thinks it’s Jojo Siwa. Nicole agrees. Ken says that’s wrong. He noticed all the food and now he thinks it’s Honey BooBoo.


The Rhino is the last singer to go! Rhine says being here is very humbling. His college roommate says Rhino was the first person he met in college. They both had never surfed before, but they wanted to try it out. They thought it would be a walk in the park, but when they hit the waves they were terrible at it. For him, it was hopeless, but Rhino kept at it and became a beast out there. The babes couldn’t resist his sic moves. But real talk, that’s just Rhino. If he wants to accomplish something he’ll outwork anyone. He might look like a tough beast but trust me he’s a total softie who wears his heart on his sleeve. He knows how important this is to him, so he hopes he rides this wave all the way.


Clues we seen in Rhino’s package were an arrow and three quarters, a cowboy hat, a Missouri outline with a crown on it. Rhino takes the stage and sings Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. Jenny says for such a big guy he has her with all the feels. He’s had some painful lows in his past and this show is such a blessing for him.


Lego clue says 1000 and he says he and Robin think alike and they are on the same track…literally. Robin can’t connect it to the clues, but maybe it’s Will Ferrell. Ken says looking from the clue package, there was surfing and waves like watching Baywatch, so maybe David Hasselhoff. Robin says David Hasselhoff does have a world record. Will was thinking of the movie 1917, and he thought about the director, and he thinks maybe it’s himself.


The singer who will be unmasked tonight is…T-Rex.


We pause for a second and it’s time for final guesses! Jenny says she did an amazing job. Initially she thought Maddie Ziegler, but with the Kardashian references she thinks it’s Jojo Siwa. Nicole is with Jenny on this one. Kenny thought it was Kourtney Kardashian, but now he thinks Robin had a point last week and he thinks it’s Liza Koshy. Robin thought Liza Koshy, but after listening to Jenny and Nicole and he agrees with them about Jojo Siwa. Will says at first he thought Gaby Douglas, but The Lego Batman connection might be a skater, Tara Lipinsky.


T-Rex is unmasked and it is…Jojo Siwa!


T-Rex’s clue answer: The candy lips and toy cannon in the package are clues to Jojo hosting “Lip Sync Battle Shorties” with Nick Cannon. The U-shaped balloon in T-rex’s package is a clue to her ten million YouTube followers. The compass rose is a reference to Jojo famously babysitting Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West. She was at the world premiere of The Lego Batman movie and she was wearing her poodle shoes.

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