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Survivor 40 Winners at War Episode 7


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March 25, 2020


EOE night 16. Parvati tells them it was 3 of them vs her and Michele. Sandra surprises them. Sandra tells them what happened and Rob says how could you not think of yourself. Sandra says she is not going to be here, she feels her time here is done, its time to move on, she wishes them luck and gives hugs all round. She tells them to get Denise for her, she takes her torch and raises the flag. She is happy to go into retirement doing the best she had. She is the Queen and she will always be the queen. 


Sele camp: Yul says TC kinda sucked. Wendell created more drama and almost blew things up for no reason. Yul and Wendell talk, Yul tells him it immediately put a target on Yuls back when Wendell did that. Yul will watch him closely. Wendell tells Michele he is sorry, he knew what he was doing at TC last night. Michele tells him he is killing her. Yul tells Michele Wendell has a different tone to when he talks to Yul. Michele says she is not going to the end with Wendell.


EOE day 17: Ethan says life on EOE is a struggle, its depressing, feels defeated, no hope. They have to find that hope or they will destroy themselves. Parvati talks to him. Ethan says this cant be good for his boby. Parvati tells him to think of more positive things, he doesnt need to go there, stay positive. Ethan wants a chance to win, to get back into the game. Ethan finds a box, there is one scroll each, they open them together. Scattered on top of the island there are 4 FT, no limit to how many you can find. They leave the rice on the fire and head up the paths. Rob is first up with Tyson right behind him. Tyson finds one first and shows it to Rob and Nat. Rob pulls down his tighties to show he doesnt have one. Rob also finds one but doesnt tell anyone, he finds a second one and a third. Rob says he is batting 750.


Dakal day 17. Tony runs, they tell him he was so fast he was a blurr. Tony says Denise did him a favor and it also made her a big target. Jeremy says Tony is the bigger threat in the game. Kim is nervous, if push came to shove she can go with Jeremy and Denise. Denis says she took out the Queen and there is now a solid with the three, there are big targets in very small places. 


Yara day 17: They have left overs today....PBJ. Sophie says she has the HII in her bag. Ben asks Adam if he has the HII, Ben goes looking for it. Adam says soooo annoying. Adam says they are pretending to look and he is not an idiot. Adam is convinced that Sarah has the HII. Sarah tells Adam he can go thru her stuff, she does not have it. Sophie says lets give up the HII talk, its just dividing them. 


Day 18 Immunity challenge time: they will carry a large saucer to a water tower, race thru some obtacles and fill a well then put a puzzle together. Ready...go... Michele takes a big hit. Red and Green getting water, now Blue. Dakal losing water. Yara moving slower and not losing as much water. Sele loses more water. Red first to the well, Sele at the well, neither has enough water. Dakal and Sele both heading back with more water. Yara is pouring their water and the puzzle pieces drop. Dakal and Sele drop their pieces and everyone is on to the puzzle. Yara has one piece left Yara wins immunity. Now its between Dakal and Sele...tied....Sele in the lead.  Dakal wins it by maybe a second, what a battle. This is the second time Nick has lost this challenge, its like salt in the wounds. Yul says that Wendell has basically dug his own grave.


Sele day 18: NIck props the flag up and spits on  it. NIck says Wendell screwed up the challenge. NIck tells Yul they shouldn't be in this position. Wendell tells MIchele to vote for Yul. She says she will vote how ever he wants. Yul says he has an idea how to get Wendells FT. They will tell Wendell that the boys will vote for him and that leaves MIchele on Wendells side. Michele and Nick talk, they need to get together and make a decision. They will have less flexibility if the get rid of Yul. Michele has been looking to get rid of Wendell but it makes sense to get rid of Yul. This vote is so difficult, she went 4 years feeling she didnt deserve to win her season now she feels she has earned it. 


TC night 18: Wendell shakes his head, he says that smerk Jeff. Wendell says it being so close doesnt change who to vote out. Jeff asks Yul if the older players have a harder time then the first time. Yul says yes, you have to vote someone out but not get them mad at you so you can get their FT. FT give a whole new layer of options. Wendell says you try to find someone or somebody you can trust. Yul says yes it goes back to preexisting relationships. Wendell says just because he knows Michele from outside the game doesnt mean he wants to sit next to her at the end. Michele says Wendell has made it clear he is here just for Wendell. Michele says its  not lovers paradise here. Wendell says he cares for Michele and her future. 


NIck says today was different for him, if its him today he is ok with that. This is his F4 and he would like to come back to this. Yul says he will be bitter if he gets blindsided tonight, he feels he knows them better then anybody. Michele says she loves all the boys and doesnt want to make a decision like this, its a curse and a blessing. Time to vote: We see Wendell votes Yul and Yul vote Wendell. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Yul, Wendell, Yul, 9th person voted out is Yul. MIchele says so sorry. Yul gives one FT to Sophie and one to Sarah.


Next time on Survivor: everybody, drop your buffs. So who are you guys thinking, Nick or Wendell? Sophie is playing. Let's do Adam. I have zero clue about what's going on. It's a free for all on Survivor 40: Winners At War!

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