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The Voice Season 18-Battle Rounds 1


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Tonight, the Battle Rounds begin tonight! Bebe Rexha is joining Team Blake, Ella Mai is joining Team John, Joe and Kevin Jonas will be joining Team Nick, and Dua Lipa will be joining Team Kelly! The rules have changed this year! A coach may not save an artist until it’s clear no one is going to steal them. There will be four saves in the battle round, and they will have to compete for a spot in the live shows.


Team Blake is up first and Bebe Rexha is joining him to help mentor and Blake thinks she would be a good coach. Blake’s first pairing is Joei Fulco vs Todd Michael Hall. They were given the song The Best by Tina Turner. Bebe says Joei’s tone is very rich and refreshing and she can’t believe Todd hit some of the high notes. For a guy to have a range that high is amazing.


Bebe says this is going to be so good. Bebe suggests Joei and Todd listen to each other a bit more. Todd says he’s intimidated by Joei and Joei says it’s tough going against Todd. Blake says one artist the coaches save will go into a Knockout round against the other saves and only one artist will come out. Joei and Todd take the stage for their performance.


John says that was so fun and so good. John says Joei’s tone was fantastic and Todd’s range was insane. They were both fantastic. Nick says that performance was like ten shots of caffeine. Nick says Todd remarkable range and Joei’s tone was consistent and so cool. Nick might lean towards Joei, but they should both be proud of that performance. Kelly says that was really killer. Kelly says Joei has a rasp that is seriously cook and Todd’s voice is insane and no one on the show is like him.


Blake says Joei’s voice is magical. It’s an interesting blend of some icons. It’s awesome. Blake says Todd wanted to learn how they were singing those high notes and he kept trying and trying until he developed the range. Blake says they both belong to be here. The winner of this battle is…Joei!


Todd is available to steal, but the coaches only have until he leaves the stage to steal him. Todd thanks Blake for the opportunity and he says it was a blessing. As he hits the bottom step Blake and Kelly both hit their buttons. Kelly was trying to be dramatic and wait, but she was too late. Blake hits his button to save Todd Michael Hall!


Next, we have Team Kelly and her advisor Dua Lipa. Kelly’s first pairing is Chelle vs Anaya Cheyenne. Kelly gave them the song Scared to Be Lonely by Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix. Dua says the song is very vulnerable and they shouldn’t put their voices out there all at once. Dua suggests them have a journey to the chorus and they can use the song to tell a story. She says she was so inspired watching them do the song so differently.


Kelly says it’s not so much about impressing people with their notes, but to just give them emotion. Kelly says Chelle and Anaya are both great, but they will have to bring the emotion to the song. Kelly is doing stage rehearsals with them and she advises them to play to the audience. Chelle and Anaya take the stage for their performance.


Blake says Anaya has a very diverse way of singing. She can come in and out of all kinds of voices and that’s impressive for a 16-year old. Blake says Chelle had some parts get lost and she might be better in a different setting. John says they are both good singers, and Anaya is a star and impressive. Nick says thinks Chelle has some real talent and a real gift. Nick says Anaya seems so confident and comfortable and the edge she has right now is real. He thinks Chelle has a lot of potential and she’s incredible.


Kelly says they are both great and they both have completely different tones. She wanted to see who would push themselves the most and she advises them to own every moment. The winner of this battle is…Anaya!


Chelle is available to steal. Chelle thanks Kelly for giving her the opportunity and believing in her that she has the power to push herself on the show.


Time to see Team Nick’s first battle pairings and he jokes with his advisors Joe and Kevin Jonas. Nick’s first pairing is Joanna Serenko vs Roderick Chambers. Nick gave them the song When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish. Roderick says Joanna is amazing and her tone is very unique. Kevin thinks the dynamics between the two of them is incredible. Nick advises them to do a harmony on the first chorus.


Joe tells them to let the song breathe a little off the top and tell a story. Joe says this could be a showstopper and Nick says this could be a moment. Nick says Joanna’s voice is so nuanced and hearing Roderick’s voice again shows he’s really stepped up. Nick advises them to emote and make the audience feel every word. Kevin says the way the song is structured it’s like two people fighting and it works. Joanne and Roderick take the stage for their performance.


Kelly says that was her favorite battle this far. It was passionate and beautiful and she feels very sorry for Nick. She says when Joanna started she was shocked, and then Roderick started and she says it was flawless and she can’t pick someone. Blake says Joanna lived up to the bar she set and Blake thinks Roderick was shocking as well. He’d pick Roderick. John says the song requires a lot of grace and presence and they both showed that. John says what can Joanna not do? And John was surprised by Roderick. He would pick Joanna.


Nick says he’s seen a lot of growth and it was exhilarating to watch. Nick says Joanna has a great voice and there is so much to work with. Nick says he put himself in a tough position trying to decide between the two of them. The winner of this battle is…Roderick!


Joanna thanks Nick for being an incredible coach and she’s happy to be here and get this far. John immediately hits his button and steals Joanna. Joanna says that was flawless and he wanted her from the very beginning.


Team John is ready for his first pairing and he has Ella Mai as his advisor. John’s first pairing is Mike Jerel vs Zach Day. John has given them the song Adorn by Miguel. John says he loved their harmonies, but at the beginning they seem tentative. John wants to feel the full Mike and he still wants some more swag from Zach. Zach is struggling to connect to the song.


Ella says she would never have imagined their voices together, but it blends so well. Ella advises Mike and Zach to not overthink the lyrics. John wants more confidence at the beginning. Ella says it’s better to hit something perfect and less technical than to try something more technical and not hit it. Ella says Mike’s voice is dynamic, but Zach has personality which is important to this type of song. Mike and Zach take the stage for their performance.


Nick says that was a true battle! He says it felt like they were one upping each other and he doesn’t know what he would do if he were John. Kelly says why would you do this? Kelly says they have a really incredible gift. He says Mike is confident and she was surprised by Zach and Mike was fearless. She doesn’t have a favorite. Blake says he feels like Mike can go different places with his voice, but Zach just came out and kicked the door down and sang the heck out of that song.


John says they showed that confidence he wanted them to. He says wow, they delivered the song convincingly and it made his decision exceptionally difficult. The winner of this battle is…Mike!


Zach thanks John for this opportunity and it takes a lot of work to come up and sing that Miguel song.


Blake and Bebe are getting ready for their next pairing. Jamal Corrie vs Levi Watkins is Blake’s next pairing. Blake has given them the song Counting Stars by OneRepublic. Bebe advises Jamal to sing the notes a bit looser and watch his breath control. Levi says it’s intimidating to go up against Jamal because his voice hasn’t matured to it’s full potential yet.


Bebe says when Levi came up an octave, it was an a-ha moment. Blake tells them to keep in mind they are singing to people. Blake says both Levi and Jamal are pushed out of their comfort zones and whoever steps up to the plate will probably be the one who wins. Jamal and Levi take the stage for their performance.


John says they were so fun to watch. John like Jamal’s higher voice, but there was some imprecision. He loved Levi’s range and he didn’t make any mistakes. He would lean towards Levi for this battle. Nick is kind of mad right now and he’s trying to figure out why Levi isn’t on his team. Blake says because he didn’t turn. Nick apologizes for not turning his chair. Nick says he loved Jamal’s energy and his enthusiasm. Kelly feels like they are short changing Jamal because it was adventurous and she loved his energy and passion.


Blake says his favorite thing that happens where Jamal suddenly begins flailing around and Levi watches to see if that’s what they’re doing. Blake thinks maybe Jamal running around may have led to his pitch issues. Blake says Levi was just so impressive. The winner of this battle is…Levi!


Jamal is available to steal. Jamal tells Blake he’s an excellent coach and it was incredible working with him.


Team Nick has the final pairing of the night and Joe and Kevin are ready to meet them. Nick has paired Michael Williams vs Allegra Miles and he has given them the song How Will I Know by Whitney Houston. Nick says they both can sing so high. Kevin says that harmony cuts right through your heart. Joe advises Allegra to come in soft and enunciate more. Nick wants Michael to stay on the mic.


Joe wants to know about Michael’s roots and he started in musical theater. Nick gives advice on how to use his falsetto to hit a high note. Allegra says she and Michael were playing off each other and Joe says when they turn to each other, it’s awesome. Nick is proud of them both for blowing him away. Kevin says that was awesome and Joe says one of them will be stolen. Nick gives them some tips at their stage rehearsals. Allegra and Michael take the stage for their performance.


Kelly says Michael came in strong and he has a magnificent tool for a voice and Allegra, she is in love with her voice. Her tone tells a story and it’s really cool. She loved both of them, but Allegra’s tone is a finale tone. Blake says that was killer battle performance. That was a great duet. Blake says he could tell they were rooting for each other. He says Michael is a great singer and Kelly is spot on and someone like Allegra doesn’t come along too often. He would pick Allegra. John says that was lovely to watch. John says he got some Nick vibes from Michael, he has range, power, and control. John says Allegra has a special and magical tone. He thinks they are both excellent singers.


Nick says when he heard them sing this arrangement, he knew they witnessed something special and they made this song their own. He says this decision is that much harder. The winner of this battle is…Allegra!


Michael is available to steal or save. Michael appreciates Nick being his coach and thanks him for all the tips he gave him. As he steps off stage Nick slams his button down to save him and send him to the knockout with the four other saves. Nick says there was no way he was going home today and he has grown so much.

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