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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 8

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Last week, Bear shocked everyone when she was expelled from The Masked Academy. Tonight, the remaining artists will fight to be at the top of the class. Who will be joining the panel? He’s our favorite class clown! It’s Joel McHale.


Astronaut is up first! Clue package: He has a whole new mission now that he’s connecting with the audience on stage. He’s loving this fresh start as the circle of life keeps spinning. It feels like he’s getting a foothold in this new world. When he was young he was a bright star, but then overreached and got burned. He found himself isolated and so very lonely, but in the wild he kept wondering for what felt like 500 days using sign language until he found his own voice. Now here he is on an unexpected journey. He’s going to share his story and sing a song from a dear friend and prove he DOES belong.


Clue we seen in the clue package were a white flag with a constellation. Orion’s belt. We then see a huge bunch of balloons in a variety or colors. We also seen a graphic of a French horn. Astronaut takes the stage and performs Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder. Nicole loves his energy and his heart. Robin says choosing to sing a Stevie Wonder song, he thinks he did very well. Nicole says out of Group C, Astronaut is her favorite.


Astronaut’s yearbook quote: We can all reach the stars. Sometimes, it just takes a little help from an organized crime family. Ken says Donald Glover was in the martian and his rapper name is Childish Gambino, and he’s Simba in The Lion King. Joel says in the package it said performing as a kid, he thinks it’s Corey Feldman. Jenny says that guess fills her with joy, but she doesn’t think it’s him. Robin says someone who started young, maybe Joseph Gordon Levitt.


Night Angel is next. Clue package: Wow! Being on that stage revitalizes her confidence and reminds her of the joy she has for music. Many years ago, she was sitting up in her room surrounded by other angels but lost in the crowd. She had a thirst for more so bang bang, she left her safe place and fell down to earth. Real talk being on her own was scary because she felt rejection for the first time. But she taught herself to survive. She hustled and with hard and commitment she built an empire. Destiny led her back to the stage and hopefully she can give her a million reasons why she belongs here.


Clues we seen in Night Angel’s package were a castle with a strawberry, lipstick on a mirror, sweet tea and a fan. Night Angel takes the stage and sings Million Reasons by Lady Gaga. Nicole loves the songs she’s chosen and it represents her so well. She says that’s such a difficult song to sing and she made it look effortless and easy.


Night Angel’s yearbook quote: If you’re willing to lend a helping wing, then you too can break barriers. Jenny thought Monica last time, but maybe an actress also. Jenny thinks she has the tone of Regina King. Joel McHale says the angel of death appears to him all the time and Ken corrects him. Joel thought it was Sia, but maybe her sister is Ashely Simpson, so maybe Jessica Simpson. Nicole doesn’t think it’s Jessica Simpson, but she saw the empire and it’s a show, and hustle, like hustle and flow, so maybe Taraji P. Henson. Robin is starting to think of girl groups like En Vogue, but the clues don’t fit.


Next we have T-Rex. Clue package: OMG! Being the T-Rex is dynamite. Picking up where I left off, I was hanging with my friends on T-Rex island when out of nowhere boom! After the impact, I look around and was devastated to see only singles and doubles of us left. I didn’t want my career to go downhill fast, my heart was beating like a bumble bee. To survive, I had to diversify. No one wants to be a one-hit wondered. Now being on that stage, I feel like my dreams of being a megastaraus Rex are within my little arms reach. This is one my shot and I double dare you to stop me.


The clues we seen in T-Rex’s clue package were a lot of pink, a rainbow, T-Rex takes the stage and performs Push It by Salt-N-Pepa. Jenny says she’s getting such daughter vibes. She has a crazy amount of energy. Nicole says she is here for it.


T-Rex’s yearbook quote: If you dream big, your face can be everywhere and you’ll never go extinct unless a meteor hits. Nicole says maybe a model? Ken says last time he thought Kourtney Kardashian, but something dawned on him. He says there was a movie called Trip to Unicorn Island. Plus there was a balloon shaped as a U, so maybe Lily Singh. Robin says there’s a young lady popular on youtube and she’s the host on the reboot of Double Dare. She thinks it’s Liza Koshy. Joel says it’s nice to see the show is totally normal now. Joel says that performance was athletic. He saw the volcano and maybe athlete, but maybe a skier and maybe Mikaela Shiffrin.  


Next up is the Swan. Swan’s clue package: Before her last performance she was petrified, afraid to stick her long neck out. But she pushed past the nerves and dived in head first and now it’s like she’s fallen down a rabbit hole in the most amazing wonderland. So here’s the tea, she knows her life seems to be new moons and rainbows, but she came from nothing. Only through illusions did she transform her family to a better place. That’s from a frozen white snowbird to she moved west to this wicked world of sunshine. So tonight, she’s going to dedicate this performance to her followers and a very special someone. She just hopes this isn’t her swan song.


Clues we seen in Swan’s package were a table with a pink drink. We see a chest empty and then she makes marbles appear in it. We see a dolphin figurine that says made in Japan. Swan takes the stage and sings I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett. Ken says who are you? My wife? He’s sorry she loves him, he’s blushing.


Swan’s yearbook quote: I’ve been the black swan and against all odds she’s been able to spread her wings for millions to see. Life is truly magical. Joel says he heard the clues came from a new world and he thinks Mila Kunis. Jenny disagrees. She seen new moon and she starred in Twilight. She thinks it’s Kristen Stewart. Ken says it could be someone he worked with before, maybe someone from Couple’s Retreat, maybe Kristen Bell.


The final performance is Rhino. Rhino’s clue package: We’re probably wonderings what he’s doing on this plane. Well after last week he’s flying high. Just like on stage, standing on these wings is wild and nerve wracking. But he’s always been a risk taker which has led to many ups and downs. For so long, it felt like he was freefalling through life and just when it felt like he might hit the bottom he met his wife. His guardian angel. She taught him balance, gave him stability, so he could defy gravity. She saved his life and inspired him to pursue other passions and take new risks. Which is what led him to this stage tonight. How you can not be romantic about that?


Clues we seen in Rhino’s package were an amplifier and a guitar, a sign that says South, a huge ring, and a frying pan and him playing tennis. Rhino takes the stage and sings Nice to Meet Ya by Niall Horan. Nicole says we knew Rhino had a great voice, but we didn’t know he could move like that. Robin says he’s definitely going to the super nine.


Rhino’s yearbook quote: Family is very important for success, especially when performing for a king is in your blood. Jenny says he’s throwing her because he has the body of an athlete and the voice of a country singer. Robin says this person won two championships in the south and it also said a risk taker and he sticks with Tim Tebow. Ken says it could definitely be Chris Pratt. Nicole thinks it’s a swimmer, she thinks it could Ryan Lochte. Nicole says there were butterflies in the first clue package and he swims the butterfly and he talked about hitting rock bottom, and after the incident in Rio he had alcohol problems.


It’s time to see who will be unmasked! The singer being unmasked is…the Swan!


Time for final guesses! Robin is going first. He says this actress said she loves Ken and he thinks it’s Nina Dobrev. Ken is thinking maybe one of his co-stars from Ride Along 2, he thinks Olivia Munn. Nicole says it said transform, maybe Transformer movies, and it could be Megan Fox. Joel is going back with what he said first, he thinks it’s Mila Kunis. Jenny says there are a lot of clues pointing to Kristen Stewart and she’s sticking with it.


It’s time to find out who the swan is!  The swan is…Bella Thorne!


Swan’s clue answers: The “fans and followers’ mention in her package is a reference to Bella’s 22 million social media followers. The “sunshine” reference and dolphin figurine in her package are hints to Bella’s upbringing in Miami. The shaking thermos in her package was a hint to Bella’s starring role on Disney Channel “Shake It Up”.

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