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Survivor 40 Winners at War Episode 6


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March 18, 2020


 Yara day 15, no more Boston Rob. They are teenagers now, no more parents. Ben says he is out here to have fun and build relationships. Adam says the vibe of the tribe is the wicked witch is dead, but he is on a tribe that is closer to others then to him, he feels more cornered now then before Rob went home. At EOE: they get a log with a note on it. Another chance to earn a FT, the more stones you turn over the more chances you have. Rob says its on the cliff, "edge" has more then one meaning. Tyson looks at the tide line, he sees something in a hole but others are looking, he pretends to take a pee then grabs it. It says that it is an idol nullifier, sell it for one FT. He sells it to Parvati. Tyson buys Peanut butter with his one FT, he plans on eating a bit each day. 


Day 16 time for the Immunity Challenge. Everybody ooohhhh when they find out Rob is out. They have to swim out to a boat to get 3 bags, fit the bags thru a hole, rip open the bags to find balls then get the balls thru a maze. Only one tribe wins, the others go to TC. Also playing for PBJ. Ready...go....Blue is ahead, green next and red last. Blue gets 1 bag thru the hole, and 2 and 3 bags thru. Red has all bags, green last. Green back in it as Red has trouble getting bag to the table.Green has 2 balls, Blue has 2 and 3. Green has their. They are neck and neck. Red is behind the other 2, finally they get all 3. All are onto the maze. Blue has 1 ball in, Green has 1. Green has 2, Blue has 2. Green (Yara) wins. Adam says its like winning 2 immunities at once, going from 14 ppl to 12 ppl in the game.


Sele Day 16: They say that was brutal. Parvati says she feels alone here, she has the nullifier but she needs numbers. Nick was always hoping to play the game with Parvati, but he is friends with the guys, if he has to vote her out he will. Michele doesnt know if she can save Parvati. Michele talks to Wendel, MIchele will vote Wendel to get Parvati's FT. Wendel says no that would be 2 votes for him. Wendel says he has known her for more then 16 days. MIchele says she got burned in their relationship. Wendel and Parvati talk..who would they vote out? one of the guys. Will she buy his vote? 2 FT before the vote, she says no. Nick and Parvati talk, she tells him what Wendel says. NIck says he has been on cruise contol to make it to merge. Parvati says she trusts Michele more then Wendel, Nick says it makes sense to get rid of him.


 Dakal day 16: They are all sorry they didnt win it or the PBJ. Tony is worried they all will flip on him. He goes to spy on them, he hides under some branches. Jeremy says he doesnt have a vote but he will be here tomorrow. The girls go somewhere else to talk, Denise says they are solid, Sanda says its cuz they have the numbers. Denise says Sandra feels like she is in charge, she will play it like they know her, but she knows them. They talk about voting Jeremy. Sandra has a bad vibe about Tony being missing, Sandra says dont talk at the water barrel that was where he was before. Jeremy says why you hiding Tony. Tony comes out but gets caught, says he fell out of a tree. Tony wants their word, Jeremy says he will vote Denise. Sandra doesnt know how she feels about Denise going home. Denise says she will sell her HII for 2 FT, her name is going to be written down by all of them, Denise will decide which boy will go. Michele walks up and they talk cupcakes and cookies. Denise says this is not a selfless act, whats in it for Sandra is that Denise stays in the game and one of the guys is gone. Denise says she will give one FT now and one after they get back to camp. 


TC night 16: Sele first. Wendel says its the season of preexiting friendships. Wendel says he came into the game thinking he will stab ppl in the back. Nick says that won him a million it won Wendel a milliion. Parvati says her approach will be different then that. Michele says she doesnt want to be backstabbed. Wendel says he isnt playing that way this time. Michele says her and Wendel have a differnt style of speaking to each other. Parvati says its been difficult to have a convo with Wendel. Parvati starts to tell Jeff about Wendel wanting FT for a vote but Wendel cuts her off. Wendel says he will wait for Parvati to say a name. Yul says this got interesting.Parvati senses Wendel doesnt trust her. Yul says he feels like he is watching his parents bicker.


Jeff says Michele seems emotionally distressed, she says she is a wreck, caught inbetween 4 ppl she loves, she knows its for a million but her heart hurts. NIck says grow some back bone or not but someone will get screwed over. Time to vote. Anyone want to use a HII? Nope. Votes: Parvati, Wendel, Wendel, Parvati...tied...7th person voted out is Parvati. Parvati gives 3 tokes to MIchele. 


TC, Dakal: KIm says this season is the threats vs the non-threats. Sandra names Denise as a non-threat. Denise says you can take things so many ways, they are all threats for different reasons its just which one will be targeted tonight. Jeremy says he has heard the old Sele vs the old Dakal. Tony says they know better then that, they weighed all their options. Jeremy says they have to stay strong or they will be back again. Denise says she is not the biggest challenge beast but there relationships that will move forward. The thought of leaving the tribe is upsetting. Jeremy says he is nervious, he is a duck upsided down he is lossing his mind. Sandra says when you have the addvantage you have to exploit it. Time to vote: We see Sandra vote for Denise and says its all for show, she is not going home. Anyone want to use a HII? Denise plays a HII. Denise also playes one for Jeremy. Votes: Deinse, Denise, Denise, Denise, 8th person voted out is Sandra. Denise says she wants to throw up, MIchele says she is impressed.


Next time on Survivor, Michelle puts Wendell on a leash, Tony takes off down the beach and Jeremy plays for keeps. Sandra gives her fire token to Yul before heading to Extinction Island.

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