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The Voice Season 18-Blind Auditions 5


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We see the judges getting ready to take the stage and hear Nick Jonas talk about his song they are going to sing, Jealous. All four judges take the stage and sing Jealous by Nick Jonas.


Our first artist of the night is Micah Iverson and he used to live in Japan, but now he lives in Atlanta and he has eight siblings. He didn’t find his own sound in music until he was 18 and went to college in the US. He’s never actually performed in front of a crowd this big and this is a big risk for him. He takes the stage and sings All I Want by Kodaline. Kelly immediately says she loves this already. Kelly hits her button. Blake and Nick both hit towards the end. Micah is a 3 chair turn.


Micah introduces himself. Kelly says she turned first and he is her favorite kind of male voice and his voice is so cool. Micah says she is one of his influences. He loves alt rock. Nick says he grew up listening to some of the same bands. He says early Jonas brother music was written like they were emo. He doesn’t know how connected Blake would be to that genre. John says he should have been a four chair turn and he regrets not turning.


Blake says he’s never heard of the bands they mentioned, but he doesn’t think it matters. He’s won the show six times, with rock artists, pop, soul, R&B, and country. People love the weirdness of someone like him and someone like Blake teaming up. Nick says that’s not reason enough to pick Blake. There are things we could relate on. Blake wants Micah to tell his story. Kelly says she only has two spots and the only man on team Kelly could be him.


John says ok Micah, it’s decision time. He thinks and he’s going to go with…Team Kelly!


Brittney Allen is our next artist and she’s from Columbus, GA. Her mother had pancreatic cancer and she went through a dark time after her mom passed. Her dad is who got her into music. Brittney takes the stage and performs Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott. John hits his button. Kelly is listening intently. Brittney is a 1-chair turn.


Brittney introduces herself and Kelly says she has a great head voice, but John will be a great coach for her. John loved what she did with that song and the arrangement and it showcased her voice and showed the contours of her voice. He is excited to coach her.


Next, we have Tracey Preston and she’s from Philadelphia, PA. She grew up in a rough neighborhood. She grew up singing in her church choir and she was the youngest in the adult choir and that’s where she learned her craft. Right now she’s performing background for an R&B artist named Vivian Green. Tracey takes the stage and has chosen the song Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin. The judges are listening closely. Tracey does not get a chair turn.


Tracey introduces herself. Nick apologizes. He says there were moments that were impressive, but it just wasn’t there for him. Kelly says her team is almost full and it’s late in the game and they should have turned. Blake tells her to come back.


Next up is Cam Spinks and he’s from Alabaster, AL. He’s a small town kid and he grew up on a farm. His dad instilled in them to work hard. He’s played in a lot of college bars and he’s written a lot of music. Cam takes the stage and sings Wave on Wave by Pat Green. Blake hits his button towards the end. Kelly follows a moment later. Cam is a 2-chair turn.


Cam introduces himself and John congratulates him. Kelly says the kind of country music she grew up on is the vibe he gave her. She feels like it’s missing in country music. Blake says he hears a lot of elements in his voice that he hears. He says there are different lanes in country and he can help him identify which way to go.


John says Cam, it’s time to pick your coach. Cam says I’m going to go with…Mr. Blake!


Next up is an artist who is going to sing a different version of Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. He hopes when a coach turns he surprises them. Nick hits his button and he gets on his feet. We meet Anders Drerup and he’s playing guitar. John is singing along and dancing in his seat. Kelly is swaying in hers. Anders is a 1-chair turn.


Anders is from Ottawa, Canada. Blake says Gwen isn’t here so he’s stuck with Nick. Nick could hear he has a higher register and they will have fun with song selection. He thinks Anders has a unique voice.   


Next we have Mandi Castillo and she’s from San Antonio, TX. She is more R&B and soul, but she also loves to sing Spanish music. She is very close with her mother. She takes the stage and sings Asi Fue by Juan Gabriel. Nick hits his button and turns. Kelly turns a few moments later. John and Blake both hit their buttons at the end. Mandi is a 4-chair turn!


Mandi introduces herself and Nick says her voice is so phenomenal. Nick is getting emotional and he thinks it’s important for them to represent. He says she’s in a lane all of her own and he would love to give her a chance to grow as an artist. Kelly says she’s learning Spanish and there is a huge community behind what she’s doing and she has a beautiful gift.


Blake says he loves her. He loves San Antonio and the food. The only advantage of him not understanding one single word is he was able to concentrate on her vocal ability, and it was incredible. He would be honored to be her coach. John asks whose music she likes to sing and she says Mariah Carey and Sade. John says he toured with Sade. He’s a huge fan of her singing. She started out emotional and subtle and at the end she gave them fireworks.


It’s time for Mandi to make a decision. Mandi says she’s going to go with her gut…John!


Kailey Abel is our next artist and she’s from Verdigris, OK. She’s majoring in music therapy. Her family has recently started doing foster care and her family got to adopt her little brother. She wants to show her siblings they can do anything they put their mind to. Kailey takes the stage and performs the song Forever Young by Alphaville. Kelly says she has a cool voice and listens. Blake finally turns after the first chorus. Kailey is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Blake!


Blake says Kailey has an incredible voice! Kelly says she has a very cool texture. Nick says he’s so excited for her and she has a great coach. John says he loved the tone in the lower parts and when she growled it was stunning and they haven’t heard that from anyone. Blake says she has an incredible gift and he would bet the farm on her winning this competition. He’s so excited.   


Blake’s team is full! He will be going into the next round with Todd Tilgham, Todd Michael Hall, Levi Watkins, Toneisha Harris, Joei Fulco, Jamal Corrie, John Mullins, Jacob Daniel Murphy, Cam Spinks, and Kailey Abel.


Carson has gone to meet the next artist Tyrone “Mr. Superfantastic” Perkins and he’s from Playa Del Rey, CA. He would be the oldest person on The Voice in the history of the show. His style comes from Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra and The Four Tops. He sings the song Stormy Monday by The Allman Brothers Band. He does not get a chair turn.


Tyrone introduces himself and John says it’s interesting. He does a song like that and it’s ketchy and fun, but he didn’t know how to take what he does and help translate that to a current situation. Kelly says he dresses like a gentleman and she loves him and thanks him for coming.   


Next, we have Gigi Hess and she’s from Lovington, NM. Her musical journey began when her dad began playing his old vinyls for her. She had PCOS in middle school and she was bullied because of that. Her family was constantly supportive and she hopes she’s making them proud. She takes the stage and sings Love Song by Adele. Kelly hits her button pretty quickly. Gigi is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Kelly!


Gigi introduces herself and Nick congratulates her. She says Kelly is a perfect fit for her. John asks who are her influences, and she says Kelly and Beyonce. John would suggest a little less on the riffs and runs and Kelly will teach her that. Kelly says her runs were really cool and she’s glad she didn’t have to fight for her.


Kelly’s team is full! He goes into the next round with Taylor Green, Megan Danielle, Chelle, Sara Collins, Samantha Howell, Anaya Cheyenne, Mandi Thomas, Jules, Micah Iverson, and Gigi Hess.


The next artist is Kevin Farris and he’s from Arlington Heights, IL. He runs a music enrichment program for preschoolers. He wants to show these kids it’s ok to be creative and make bold moves. The Voice is the next step for him and he hopes to lead by example. Kevin is going to perform Home by Johnnyswim. John hits his button. Nick hits his button. Kevin is a 2-chair turn!


Kevin introduces himself and John says he’s always amazed by teachers like him and he could hear the purity in his voice. He says it was a powerful way to make himself known. Nick says it was a phenomenal performance and his voice has power. He asks where he wants to go as an artist. Kevin says he can do the pop stuff, he can do the Jonas Brothers. He asks Kevin if he wants to sing together? Kevin and Nick both have a guitar and they sing Lovebug by Jonas Brothers. John says he isn’t giving up. He sings as well and if he’d like to sing a song with him, then he will sing with him too. John says he could go with the coach he didn’t sing with.


Kelly says Kevin, who do you pick as your coach? Kevin says John, I would love to go out for a beer with you. I pick Nick!


Nick’s team is full! Nick is going into the next round with Tate Brusa, Joanna Serenko, Arei Moon, Allegra Miles, Samuel Wilco, Jacob Miller, Roderick Chambers, Michael Williams, Anders Drerup, and Kevin Farris.


Next we see Allison Grace and she’s from Fort Smith, AR. She does a lot of charity events and balls and she met her husband singing while she was in college. She takes the stage and sings Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones. Kelly says she likes her voice. She does not get a chair turn.


Allison introduces herself and Blake says he loves Fort Smith, AR. He thought it was a great performance. He thought it started off shaky and he thought it was beautiful. John says she has a lovely tone and voice, but he didn’t hear enough power. He says it felt a little bit restrained. Nick says she should just go and write her own music and crush it, something like Billie Eilish.


Our final artist is taking the stage. Her name is Cedrice and she’s from San Diego, CA. She’s been singing for three and a half years. When she was 10 she was diagnosed with Alopecia areata and she wore a lot of wigs. She had some insecurities and then she met some musicians and she joined a band and she has never felt freer. She will be singing Fever by Peggy Lee. John hits his button. Kelly is freaking out and she stands and turns to see. Nick also stands and looks over the chair.


Kelly says Cedrice is so sexy! She’s so mad. Cedrice introduces herself and Kelly says she’s freaking fantastic. Nick says that was amazing. Her voice was electrifying and smooth. He says she was a joy to watch. Blake says he’s so happy for her. John says she is beautiful and has so much style. No one looks or sounds like her. She approached the song with grace and seductiveness and he’s glad he waited for her.


John’s team is full! He is going into the next round with Nelson Cade III, Darious Lyles, Zach Day, Cammwess, Thunderstorm Artis, Zan Fiskum, Mike Jerel, Brittney Allen, Mandi Castillo, and Cedrice.    

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