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Big Brother Canada Season 8-Episode 6 HOH/Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after Hira won the veto and saved himself from the block, the mindbender blew open the backdoor and the battle lines were drawn. The Evictors lashed out and when the trail led back to Kyle, the muscle bound manipulator blamed Chris, which kept his secret alliance off everyone’s radar. But mischievous Minh-ly saw the chance to blow up Kyle’s game.


After Michael took the bait, Kyle took him to school and on eviction night, the backdoor was successful and the soldier boy kissed his girl and his game goodbye. Tonight, who will slip past the pack and become the next HOH? Will the showboats of the house survive? It’s do or slide on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up with Michael’s eviction on day 13. Chris says the plan was executed to perfection. Even his military training couldn’t prepare him for this. And better yet, Kyle took the heat for everything. Kyle says he took a lot of heat and if the wrong person wins, he could be in trouble. Madeline says they were blindsided last week and they need to win this HOH!


Arisa begins the HOH. They will slide down and find a yellow ball in the ball pit and put them one at a time in any other HG tube. When they get 10 balls, they are eliminated. First four HG eliminated will be the have-nots. Last one standing wins HOH!


John Luke says this competition is absolutely ridiculous. They are slipping and sliding and everyone is falling. Minh-ly says this competition reveals who you are working with and who you’re against based on whose tube you put your balls in. John Luke says it is imperative that him, Rianne, or Madeline win this since the house knows they are working together. Vanessa says her and Kyle had already decided to target Rianne since Michael called them out.


Madeline wants to target Kyle and Vanessa. Madeline is the first HG out of the competition. She says that means she’s the least popular in the house and she’s a have-not another week. Rianne says Maddy is out, but her and John Luke need to get Kyle and Vanessa out. Rianne gets Kyle out and she is thrilled she put the last ball in. Kyle is out and Vanessa is out right behind.


Minh-ly spends all of her time putting all of her balls in Angie’s tube so she can hide her real intentions and everyone knows she doesn’t like Angie. Jamar put a ball in Minh-ly’s tube and she was yelling at him. Angie and Minh-ly are both eliminated and they argue. Minh-ly says Angie isn’t her target and Angie says you literally got me out.


Sheldon notices no one is putting balls in his tube. He says he’s played a great social game the last few weeks. Brooke and Jamar are out. John Luke and Rianne are out and everyone but Sheldon is eliminated. Sheldon is the new HOH! He says that was a very awkward competition. Kyle is not happy about being a have-not again.


Minh-ly hugs Sheldon and he says he’s going to make her feel terrible. Madeline is crying and she feels like everyone is ganging up on her. She feels targeted and Jamar says Kyle and Vanessa ganged up on her. Sheldon says this is the perfect week to be in power because there are obvious targets that won’t make anyone upset. He says he’s been stringing some HG along like Hira, Susanne, and Carol, but there are bigger targets ahead of them.


John Luke says if two of them get put up, then it will be him and Madeline with the other as the replacement. John Luke says Michael is gone and clearly he, Madeline, and Rianne are targets. John Luke says they need to make some new connections and build a new path. Madeline says she should go mingle even if she doesn’t want to.


Minh-ly wants to talk to Angie and Angie says you didn’t have to target me in a competition and Minh-ly says Angie wasn’t her target and it wasn’t about making her a target. She says Angie doesn’t intimidate her on a game level. Angie says she refuses to let Minh-ly beat her. She doesn’t know why Minh-ly hasn’t liked her from the beginning and the second her name came out of Minh-ly’s mouth, she felt like a target. Minh-ly says Angie doesn’t have to understand her game play.


Brooke is talking to Susanne. Brooke says in her real life she has found it difficult to trust people and in the game, she feels like she trusts Sheldon. He’s the only one who she can feel like herself with. Susanne wants to know if Brooke likes him. Brooke says she doesn’t want to have a showmance and she promised Canada she wouldn’t do that. That’s a Brooke guarantee.


Who wants to see Sheldon’s HOH room? Sheldon has a picture with his brother. He has his Skechers and his Wendy’s menu. His letter is from his brother and he congratulates Sheldon and says he’s proud of him and Sheldon is built for this game and he knows that because Sheldon has taken on so many challenges in life. His brother writes love you, you’re a true big brother. Sheldon says that letter hit home for him and it’s the motivation he didn’t know he needed.


Kyle heads out and Sheldon is talking about his photos and how old he is. Kyle is in the have-not room and he’s crying. Hira comes to check on him and Kyle says there’s no chance he’s going to get to see his wife and kids. Hira says it’s hard being so close and not getting it. Kyle says he did some bad things last week and it really sucked. Hira says this game is so much harder than we expect. We’re going to make moves where people get hurt even if you don’t want to. Hira and Kyle hug.


It’s Day 14 and Sheldon and Brooke head upstairs and Kyle and Vanessa are there. Sheldon wants to make it look like they’re chilling in case anyone comes in. They discuss that no one knows they are an alliance. Sheldon says socially, they all have to be on point this week. Sheldon says he’s slacked on Carol. Kyle wants to talk about Susanne and Brooke says she’s manageable if you do it in the correct way. They discuss that Rianne is dangerous and back-up is John Luke. Minh-ly is still a wild card. Brooke says Minh-ly knows they’re a big threat. Jamar comes in and says he left his water ball in here. Jamar heads out and they say KVBS and hit hands.


Rianne goes to talk to Jamar and Susanne and Sue leaves. Rianne says it’s hard to stay positive in this game when you don’t know who has your back and who doesn’t. She’s crying and Jamar is comforting her. Rianne says she feels guilty by association and she feels like everyone is avoiding her. Jamar says everyone is paranoid and they feel like talking to certain people will get them in trouble. Jamar tells her to fight and put pressure on these people. Rianne says she didn’t come here to give up and she’s going to work her butt off.


John Luke goes to talk to Sheldon. John Luke says he’s nervous for the future of his game and right before the eviction he had a really good talk with Sheldon. Sheldon told John Luke he doesn’t see a reason he’d target him. John Luke says The Evictors are still his friends, but he’s looking out for himself. He tells Sheldon he’s kind of looking for a ride or die and he would like to work with him. John Luke says Minh-ly causes a little drama. John Luke says he feels like he has a connection with Sheldon and Sheldon would be safe with him. John Luke thinks the talk went well and he could be safe the rest of the week.


Jamar is talking to Brooke and he says Kyle and Chris are joined together and they could take out Kyle. Jamar says he knows Brooke is close with Sheldon and he pitches getting Kyle out in hopes she’ll take it back to Sheldon. Brooke says Jamar is being obvious about wanting Kyle out and she tells Jamar that Kyle is a bigger shield for Sheldon. Jamar says keep him for how long? Jamar says Ming-ly, Vanessa, and Chris are also targets. Jamar says Kyle is also pulling on people’s heart strings because of his wife and kids and that’s dangerous too.


Brooke goes to talk to Sheldon and she recaps the conversation she had with Jamar. Sheldon says so you told Jamar why Kyle being here might also be good for his game too then. Brooke says she’s slightly concerned that Kyle’s fuse is short and Sheldon says Kyle needs to do as well socially as best as he can because they are not going to fight his battles for him.


In the airport room the screens come on with Departure times. Broke was in there laying down and she runs out and says something is up with Expedia. The screens say Departures with cities, times, gates, etc. They find a secret room that says Aloha and is beach themed. The room says Aloha Guests and the only flight that’s boarding is Maui.


Vanessa says she doesn’t know what this means, but she’s trying to study as much as she can and be a sponge. Rianne is stumped by it. Carol says people didn’t really look around the room so she starts moving sand around and moving stuff looking for something because Big Brother doesn’t do anything without a purpose.


Brooke says Minh-ly and Jamar are something else. Brooke says it’s like a car wreck where you’re watching and you know it will be horrible but you can’t look away. Kyle says Jamar tries to play this slick guy that doesn’t give a crap about Minh-ly and she tries to play a tough chick who doesn’t care about him. We see them bickering. Kyle says they are his favorite showmance ever and Minh-ly says it’s not a showmance. Kyle says just get in the bedroom and get it done already. We see them kissing in the SR and Jamar holds the door open for her and wipes his mouth off.


Brooke and Sheldon are talking and Rianne comes in and Brooke leaves. She asks what’s up and he wants to know what she’s thinking. She says she’s just in survival mode. Sheldon says the narrative is those three were in an alliance and Kyle is an *sshole. Sheldon says he knows that Chris was talking about him. Rianne says she doesn’t have any secrets at this point and she says she’s close with Madeline and she doesn’t want to be connected to some of the choices she made this past week. Rianne says she knows they are going to have to follow their own paths.


Sheldon is bringing Madeline to Wendy’s this week because she’s a have-not two weeks in a row and her closest ally just went out the door. Sheldon picks her up and carries her into the HOH room. He heads downstairs to get their order and it is delivered and he gets a tablet with a message from home. He goes upstairs and his message is from his mom. She’s excited to see him in the Big Brother house and she’s so happy and proud of him. They are all cheering him on and she sends her love and hugs. He says he misses her so much.


Madeline says the food is so good and it’s better than slop. She’s hoping if he thinks on a full stomach, then maybe he’ll be in a good mood and they can talk game. Madeline thinks a lot of people are putting a lot of crap in other people’s heads and she thinks Kyle does that a lot. Madeline says whoever gets Kyle out has a good chance of winning. She wants to know if he’s ready to make a big move. Sheldon says he’s going to hear that from all three of them. He says they just don’t talk game and it’s easy to put them up because everyone hates them right now. He says they isolated themselves with the vote. Madeline cries and she says it hurts because she doesn’t know what she did wrong and it really sucks. Sheldon says he doesn’t know what he wants to do.


Sheldon says most of his dates end that badly. Madeline says she thinks Sheldon took her to Wendy’s because she’s going on the block. She goes to the have-not room and whines why does everyone hate her? She doesn’t get it. She’s not even like smart or physical or anything.


Minh-ly asks Sheldon if she needs to worry and Sheldon says she needs to worry big time. Minh-ly says she can’t tell if he’s being serious and he says he’s dead serious. Sheldon laughs. Sheldon says Minh-ly is an easy person to put up and she’s always suggested to be backdoored. Minh-ly wants to know if he’s going to make a big move that will be a shocker. Sheldon says he could tell her, but wouldn’t it be better as a surprise? She says ok.


Sheldon says in his real life he’s a chill guy. But the moment he steps into the wrestling ring he’s in game mode. Right now the Big Brother house is his wrestling ring and he’s going to kick his game into high gear. He heads in to lock in his nominations. Kyle says his ultimate goes is to be one of the best Big Brother players of all time and that starts now with this first HOH.


Sheldon says Madeline has had a rough couple of weeks but they haven’t talked much game and that is not his fault. Sheldon says John Luke has been able to connect and he hopes it’s not too late. He believes everything he’s saying but he might end up collateral damage. Rianne is a bad ass and he can’t read her and that’s a red flag for him. Minh-ly is a fire cracker. He thinks she’s capable of anything in this game, which means she can come after his alliance and him and that is not ok. His philosophy of these nominations is control what he can and that’s what he’s going to do.


Nomination time! Sheldon heads to the living room. His first nominee is…Madeline. His second nominee is…Rianne. Sheldon says he’s chosen to nominate Madeline because they don’t have a game relationship and he wants to give her a chance to show everyone what she’s made of. Sheldon says Rianne and he have a strong social relationship, but no game relationship and he knows she can get herself out of this. Please don’t take these nominations personally.


Madeline says Sheldon, this is your big move? There are way bigger fish to fry in this house. Rianne says she’s on the block on week 3! How did this happen? She’s ready to win this POV and take matters into her own hands.

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