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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 7

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Tonight, we get out first look at the final set of costumes of Group C! We’ll see Bear, Night Angel, Rhino, Swan, Astronaut, and T-Rex. They’ll be competing for the last three spots of the Super 9.


We take a look back at how we got here so far. Group A we unmasked Lil Wayne, Drew Carey, and Chaka Khan.  Group B we unmasked Tony Hawk, Dionne Warwich, and Tom Bergeron. And so far, our judges have only guessed two correctly!


Between them they have one guiness world record, two Time magazine most influential people honors, three New York times best sellers, and 36 gold records. Nick says they are two for six so far!


We meet Night Angel and her strength is night vision and her weakness is dawn. Clue package: There’s something about the night that’s so deliciously mysterious with it’s tendrils and everything, just like her. Like an angel, she’s felt deeply blessed her entire life. Doors have always opened for her. While fame has sometimes brought her down like a landslide, she’s always been able to find the light. This positive attitude is her best magic trick and the key to her success. But man, I feel like this angel can’t be good all the time. That boy is mine. It’s my prerogative to have a little fun y’all. So tonight, she’s chosen a song that’s a little bit dangerous and a little bit sweet…just like her.


Things we seen in the clue package: We see her at a Motel. We see her open door #4 and there are guys with duck masks behind it. Her key has the #2 on it. Behind door #5 we see “gangster grandmas” beating up someone with bats. Behind door #6 there is a party and she dances with them. She takes the stage and performs You Give Love a Bad name by Bon Jovi.


Jenny says that was the best performance all season. Nicole says she has an amazing voice. She loves the duality of the night angel. The fact she can be so sweet and sometimes she’s just like…bad. She’s talking with a British accent. Robin picked up on a lot of clues. He seen the gangster grandmas. He says he knows that voice before, maybe like Taylor Dayne. Jenny picking up Monica and she was nominated for four grammy’s. Nicole doesn’t think it’s Monica’s tone. Nicole thought maybe Lil Kim. Robin says she had a song called magic stick. Jenny says this is going to drive her crazy until she finds out who this is.


Next up is the bear! Her strengths are protectiveness and her weaknesses are honey. Robin notices she’s tall and Nicole says she’s tiny and tall. Clue package: In my life, I’ve been both hunter and hunted. But after years of hearing all the phoney bologna, she’s sick of everyone not knowing who she really is. So this mama bear is coming out of hibernation, maybe she’s been a little polarizing. But just like a bear it’s just been to protect her cubs. Under this mask, she found the courage to come out of her cave, stop hiding, and face the world head on. Now tonight, I bear, exercise my right to a killer performance.


Clue’s we seen during the package: We see a home sweet home mat, a sing that says don’t wake the bear and in front of that sign is playing cards with 2 aces and 3 kings, or a full house. We see some hockey skates and week calendar that says Octobear and on Saturday it says LIVE. We see a bowl of French fries and we see two cubs from a van. She takes the stage and performs Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot.


Nicole says she is so here for Bear. Bear says it’s nice to not being able to see anything out of the mask. It takes the sharp edges off the world and she needed this. Ken says sharp edges like hockey skates. Someone like Tonya Harding. Jenny says there’s no way that’s Tonya Harding. She thinks maybe she’s married to a hockey player and there was a full house in the clue package. She thinks Candace Cameron Bure. Robin thinks someone from the SNL family. Maybe Tina Fey. Ken throws out Brittney Spears.


Next up is the astronaut. His strengths are defying gravity and his weakness is needs space. Clue package: He’s always dreamt of flying high because he believes if you want something enough, not even gravity can hold you back. While it’s a bit crazy to leave his home planet, he’s been hungry for a chance to explore new territories. This voyage may be bumpy, and he may be far from home, but the idea of endless possibilities gets his heart throbbing. Midway to impact…oh brother. Code Blue! He’s ok. Not a pitch perfect landing, but he’s here. Now which way to the stage?


Clues we seen in the package: We see a colorful leigh, a broom, a toolbox floating. We see a warning and collision imminent. He takes the stage and sings You Say by Lauren Daigle. Nicole is wiping tears from her eyes. Nicole says she doesn’t know who he is but that says a lot about his spirit and soul. Astronaut says people say the sky is the limit, but when you’re an astronaut the sky is just the beginning. Even though he started at a young age, he’s just getting started. Ken picked up on pitch perfect, like Adam Devine, but other clues like hungering like Hunger Games like Josh Hutcherson. Jenny says after hearing him sing, it reminded her of a boy bander. She says Lance Bass has his astronaut certificate. Nicole says she thinks this person is a great actor and singer, like Zac Efron.


Time to unleash the T-Rex! Strengths are killer smile and weaknesses are push-ups. Clue package: You want to hear the story of their journey? A tale of evolution, of glory, of survival. Like the dinosaur, they were discovered by another who plucked them out of obscurity and into an extraordinary place called T-Rex Island. A magical world where they were one of dozens of talented creatures pirouetting the land. All similar in looks, strength, and skill. A sisterhood of fun and friends, but soon they heard rumors of extinction, that unless you were special you were doomed and then it happened. A cataclysmic event that changed their world forever…To Be continued!


Clues we seen in the package: A baby doll that T-Rex sits on. A bow and arrow drawn with compass points N and W circled. We seen a bow and arrow. We see a U with a pink and gold star. T-Rex takes the stage and sings So What by P!nk. Robin says they came out and left every bit of their energy and soul on that stage. T-Rex says they love the feeling of being fierce and untamed.


Ken says you can’t help think in the clue package of like minded sisters, so he’s thinking Kardashians. He totally thinks it’s screaming Courtney. Jenny says no way that kind of energy is coming out of Courtney. She thinks they sound really young, so maybe someone from Dance Moms. Maybe Maddy Ziegler. Nicole agrees that she’s young and she saw a U, so maybe YouTuber. Maybe Rebecca Black.


Next we have the Rhino. His strengths is headbutts and his weakness is poachers. Nicole notes that Rhino is tall. Clue package: Hi, it’s him. The rhino. While his exterior may look tough and callous, he’s really just a gentle giant. As a young Rhino, he was center stage. The toast of the town every week, but being on top became an addiction. When he suddenly wasn’t the best, he crashed and burned. He pushed the people closest to him away. But he got the help he needed to get back on his ride, and now he’s here to take a leap of faith, just a bit outside of his comfort zone. Because he’s ready to soar again!


Clues we seen in the package: we seen an Anonymous Living magazine that says Rhi-NO? more like Rhi-YES! Then we see another magazing called Masked Quarterly that says Rhino is Unstoppable! Then we seen a Whoisit? Digest and it says Rhino hits rock bottom. Endangered? We see a red bike and a pitcher of red kool-aid. We see a guitar that says Grand Ole Opry. We see a ramp and on the ramp it says faith and he has butterflies on his bike. He takes the stage and sings Have a Little Faith In Me by John Hiatt.


Nicole says she has a lot of faith in him after that performance. Rhino says he went to his home gym and turned his music up as loud as he could and danced and danced until he found an inner kid in him that didn’t have a care in the world. Jenny says she obviously looks like an athlete but he sounds like a singer. She thinks Jason Aldean. Ken says Tim Tebow has had a rise and a fall. Ken thinks he wanted to be a country music star. Nicole says she knows they are a singer and she thinks they performed at the Grand Ol Opry and she thinks Tim McGraw.


Our last act of the night is the Swan! Strengths are diving and weakness is often flighty. Ken immediately says he thinks it’s Bjork. Clue package: The swan is known for its fierceness, one of the only birds who flies despite the burden of the weight they carry across the universe. She is the swan because she refuses to be tuned out. She’s played games, she’s lived fame, she’s seen shame and she claims on this stage where she came they won’t know her name. She’s someone and no one, rerun and no fun, she’s laughing and screaming and nervous all at once. But now she’s euphoric, flush with fever as she bares her soul to us.


Clues we seen during the package: She’s doing ballet at a barre. We see someone yelling at her through a megaphone. We see a red heart balloon. We see Vampire teeth and someone throwing blue and green feathers and we see a ghost. She takes the stage and sings Fever by Peggy Lee. Nicole says she could tell this might be out of her comfort zone but she has a really cool tone to her voice.


Swan says she lives her life in over drive and swans fly at 16 mph and the only way to get things done is to do them fast. Ken noticed the vampire fangs, maybe someone from a vampire show. He thinks maybe Nina Dobrev. Nicole says she saw the ghost and she knows this person was in the ghost whisperer and she thinks it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt. Ken wishes that was his guess. Robin was going with the gothic and he thinks Sarah Michelle Gellar. Ken wants that one too.


The singer with the least amount of votes is…Bear! The others will move on to next week!


Time for final guesses from the judges! Nicole this one is really hard. She saw Home Sweet Home and she thought maybe Christina Applegate. Jenny says the hockey skates and full house cards, maybe Candace Cameron Bure. Ken says he was inspired by Jenny’s guess. He thinks it’s someone who’s been through a lot, he’s thinking Jodi Sweetin. Robin thinks it could be a very, very big star who’s also a big star. He still thinks it’s Tina Fey!


Time to unmask the bear! The bear is…Sarah Palin! Sarah says the bear is part of her nickname growing up. Clue answer: The ice skates and hockey puck are a hint to Sarah being a “Hockey Mom”. And bears are in Alaska. The aces and Kings in Sarah’s package refer to her home stage of Alaska, Abbreviated as AK. She says this is the weirdest thing she’s ever done and it’s fun and about unity.


Another clue answer: The calendar in bear’s package said “Live” on Saturday night which is a hint to Tina Fey’s famous impersonation of Sarah on SNL.

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