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The Candidates are now asking us to cheat for them!


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Latest results from www.novati.ca

(which include BBvoter + Cybonica)

TOTAL: 372,726,870

KAYSAR - 9.9%

HOWIE - 9.3%

MICHAEL - 8.4%

JAMES - 8.1%


DIANE - 7.5%

ERIKA - 6.6%

WILL - 6.6%

NAKOMIS - 6.3%

LISA - 5.6%


ALISON - 3.5%

JASE - 3.3%




MIKE - 1.8%

MONICA - 1.7%

BUNKY - 1.1%

DANA - 0.9%

So, either the auto-voters don't work, or only one of them does (?), or CBS is lying.

Either way, I'm not worried. Either way CBS has to have known which guests they preferred to see in the house. And any that the public doesn't vote in, they will put in. So for the others, (whether it be 4 or 6 remains to be seen), they were out of luck from the beginning, it looks like.

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Speaking of CBS and lies, I think that 12.5 million figure's a total fabrication because before the autovotes hit the internet on Saturday (?) the average number of votes per day was something like 1.5 million - 1.5 million cast in the 12 hours after the BBAS special aired, and then 1.5 million in the 24 hours after that.

Like if they were discounting ALL autovoter votes, wouldn't the total number of votes be somewhere closer to 9 million by this point? Perhaps more votes were cast over the weekend, or it could be less as peoples' interest in voting waned, or it could be less once people started using the autovoters.

Maybe CBS either just picked as high a number as they thought sounded credible, or else maybe there really is something like a 500 vote max per IP (in which case SOME autovoter votes really did count ?). I don't know . . . just think 12 million manual votes sounds too high . . .

PS And yeah, it's not even America's 'Choice' any more - didn't they change the name to America's 'Vote'? ugh!

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I'm sure CBS can cipher through IP addresses and only count one vote per IP address.

I still think they already chose who they wanted though, I'm betting this entire thing is just to get us excited about BB7 because in their heart of hearts they know it's not the greatest idea in the world. Why else would they move it to Sunday, with a night where the only thing on is Simpsons reruns? Why would they supposedly have new twists that out twist the last 3 pathetic years? It's definitely not because they're listening to us.

Maybe the new twist is they're announcing that next year they're going back to real people with real lives, that are all *gasp* strangers without agents! That is of course if they survive BB:AS.

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At long last, here are the final results and predictions from novati.ca.

novati.ca predicts the six america's choice houseguests to be...







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Hi all I saw James at Life Source in Chicago last night and he said that the auto voter is the most stupidest thing there is. He was commenting on the fact that he was in first and then a hacker got in to change his link to Cowboy but he did have to say that CBS is on that and they will fix it.


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And from Cybonica...

Now, for the "Prediction" numbers. After reviewing the logs of votes made (And believe me there were many) , sorting, and running a few queries these are the numbers I came up with when only counting 500 votes per IP address:

1,258,031 Total

James 155,606

Howie 119,729

Alison 99,005

Janelle 96,881

Kaysar 89,888

Danielle 88,984

Diane 86,451

Nakomis 75,630

Lisa 60,307

Will 58,210

George 50,697

Ivette 49,584

Erika 42,464

Marcellas 36,409

Jase 33,566

Michael 29,890

Bunky 24,112

Dana 22,545

Boogie 19,956

Monica 18,117

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Thanks. Had a great time as always!

This board...seems a bit more calmer, but it didn't really start yet! I'm so far behind in everything.

There's no way to know if any contestant has advantage over another yet, right? We will all know on July 6....am I correct? :):)

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But I don't think CBS is counting all of those votes anyways. They have people who check the message boards and being such a big network I am sure they have the tools to block the auto voters.

A big network like FOX? I am sure FOX didn't count all the auto voters for AI either and that show is by far way more popular.


I am hoping our votes count, but I am not holding my breath lol.

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Results from: http://www.novati.ca

including novati.ca+bbvoter.com+cybonica.com results

!!!COMING SOON!!! A new autovoting surprise awaits in the weeks to come!

BigBrother 7 Forum - simple and cool (registration fixed)- http://forum.novati.ca

novati.ca predicts the six america's choice houseguests to be...


TOTAL: 397,057,853
KAYSAR - 9.7%
HOWIE - 9.3%
MICHAEL - 8.3%
JAMES - 8.2%
JANELLE - 7.9%
DIANE - 7.7%
WILL - 7.1%
ERIKA - 6.6%
NAKOMIS - 6.4%
LISA - 5.7%
ALISON - 3.5%
JASE - 3.2%
IVETTE - 2.9%
GEORGE - 1.9%
MIKE - 1.7%
MONICA - 1.6%
BUNKY - 1%
DANA - 0.8%
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