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The Candidates are now asking us to cheat for them!


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It doesn't matter...CBS will put their own 12 in the house!!

This voting stuff is publicity to hype of BB Allstars.

Let me see......brb.... "Jinx switches screens and votes" OK i'm back.....I voted for everyone ;)

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basically thats why i only give my support of my vote. i haven voted for one person yet

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omg . . . I just tried out the autovoter. Got it started voting for Diane, went to play a little video game over at msn games, came back and it had placed 378 votes for Diane! Now good thing I just adore Diane, but everbody beware if you decide to give it a try to make sure whoever you pick is somebody you'd REALLY like to see in the house jic this thing is really going to be counted - lol!

. . . the number went up to 437 as I wrote this! . . . 448!

PS Before this I was actually getting kind of sick of the whole voting thing, just because the voting is so redundant and you have to like refresh the page everytime you vote, etc . . . the beauty of this auto voter isn't just the massive number of votes it submits over a short period of time, its the fact that you can just press the button once and forget about it.

The more I think about it, probably they have some kind of program to block this thing, eh? It just seems to easy . . . :)

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Okay you know what they have over at the www.cybonica.com site? They actually list how many votes have been placed using their software. So like if we all know how many votes have been placed through this site, then CBS certainly knows two . . . then wouldn't they just have to subtract them from the pool of actual votes to discount them? :huh:

But what's sort of more interesting is that by showing the # of votes cast, they've kind of got a www.DialIdol.com approximation of voting going on (and that thing turned out to be a pretty accurate proxy for overall voting). Eh, who knows how accurate this thing is, but it is kind of what one might expect - dominated by the Sov6, people from seasons 1 and 2 are at a real disadvantage. On the other hand, look at how well Erika and Cowboy are doing! :o

James: 8,692,021 (8.24%)

Kaysar: 8,387,669 (7.95%)

Erika: 8,244,487 (7.82%)

Janelle: 8,232,685 (7.81%)

Howie: 7,882,136 (7.47%)

Diane: 7,089,290 (6.72%)

Danielle: 6,606,177 (6.26%)

Michael: 6,544,391 (6.21%)

Nakomis: 6,354,458 (6.03%)

Lisa: 5,161,460 (4.89%)

Boogie: 4,916,874 (4.66%)

Ivette: 4,735,114 (4.49%)

Will: 4,599,750 (4.36%)

Alison: 4,180,091 (3.96%)

Marcellas: 3,197,138 (3.03%)

Jase: 2,572,203 (2.44%)

Bunky: 2,451,019 (2.32%)

Monica: 2,287,162 (2.17%)

George: 1,857,815 (1.76%)

Dana: 1,468,846 (1.39%)

PS I'm surprised Alison and Marcellas aren't doing better, eh?

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I don't know how accurate www.cybonica.com is. As of Friday, Julie Chen said they had 3,000,000 votes. According to the numbers posted a few posts above mine, cybonica shows that there's already close to 100,000,000. That's a biiiggggggggggg difference.

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I think its not fair to use the auto voter however if you don't then your vote is being cancelled out everytime someone does. My thougts are that someone is not gonna get in the house because someone is using auto voter and some people are not. so a hundred people who vote normally are being cancelled out by 1 person and then some.

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When I talked with Robin one of the casting directors from the show she said ALL votes were being counted... Not that 500 from each I.P. address were, Not that only the ones that aren't put in with autocounters, but EVERY vote is being counted... :)

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it does work you just need to open it in a new browser -- happened to me too...

im just hoping that this auto voter really works...i didn't find a link to the cbs webpage any where on their site with the votes....and im up to over 15000 on some of the poeple im voting for...


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