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The Candidates are now asking us to cheat for them!


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Janelle (42%)

Kaysar (17%)

Danielle (15%)

Monica (5%)

Nakomis (4%)

James (2%)

Lisa (2%)

Howie (1%)

Will (1%)

Diane (1%)

Erika (1%)

Ivette (0%)

George (0%)

Marcellas (0%)

Mike (0%)

Alison (0%)

Dana (0%)

Michael (0%)

Bunky (0%)

Jase (0%)

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If only Howie and James are linking to this particular auto-voter, is there any way to be sure if we vote submit votes for say Alison through this thing that it's not secretly set up to divert them to Howie and James?

Any techies who can know how to find the code or whatever?

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OK This is how you tell if it's the right person or not... Each person is given a number which you will see at the very bottom of the screen when you go to vote for that person... The auto voter should show the same number... I only know this because I read about it else where LOL...

Here are the numbers you should be seeing for each houseguest...

















17-Mike "Boogie"




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i dont understand james and howie in my book they were easy locks to make it in.

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lol I will vote often, but I am not gonna use any of those things. And I doubt that it's against the rules .. but I think they probably have a way of disqualifying that type of program's votes from being tallied.

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Why is it James should be disqualified when most all of them have this posted on their sites? I got the same thing posted to myspace by more than just James... If one should be then all that have them posted should be too...

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I wish there were a way to 'write in' the pancake bunny as a candidate :blink::lol:

Yeah, I think if the power voting is equally accessible to all candidates then it should be fair game, eh? Like if only one of the candidates like say Cowboy created a mega-super-power voter that put him over the top of everybody else then hopefully somebody would take a second look at that - lol (like that would ever happen!)

I don't know . . .

PS uvp mentions locks - notice how Kaysar, Dr. Will and Janelle don't seem to be doing much campaigning - few chats and very few appearances on any message boards (even there own!) . . . I think this tends to support what Yana said about Janelle being a lock, but now I'm starting to think that about Kaysar and Dr. Will too. Anyway . . .

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