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The Voice Season 18-Blind Auditions 4


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The judges take their places and we’re ready for tonight’s blind auditions to continue!


Let’s meet the first artist of the night, Anaya Cheyenne and she’s from Atlanta, GA. She posts cover videos online and she does a song every Friday. She doesn’t get to visit her mom in Connecticut often, but she has a huge desire be a singer. She takes the stage and she sings I’ll Never Love Again by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. The judges are looking at each other and Kelly is listening intently. Nick looks between Kelly and Blake and Blake says come on Kelly! Kelly hits right at the end and Blake immediately follows. Anaya is a 2-chair turn!


Anaya introduces herself and John says that performance took them on a journey. He says some of her runs were stunning. Nick says to be so young, he doesn’t know how much love she’s experienced, but to give them all the feels was impressive and he thinks Kelly would be a perfect coach for her. Kelly says she didn’t have Anaya’s range and she could accomplish a lot with her range. She thinks she can help Anaya with technique and she can prep her for making a record. Blake says that note at the end if what got him to hit his button. He says she was unbelievable and she’s in his wheel house too musically. Blake sometimes the greatest combinations are the ones that people don’t expect.


John asks Anaya who she picks as her coach. Anaya says she chooses…Kelly!


Next is a blind audition for us too and they sing Time to Say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. John looks surprised. Kelly hits her button and we see Mandi Thomas. Kelly gets on her feet and Nick keeps looking at Kelly and he seems to want to hit his button. Mandi is a 1-chair turn and will be on Team Kelly!


Mandi introduces herself and Nick says he had goosebumps the entire time. He’s not exactly a fan of opera, but he is of hers. We see in Mandi’s package that she was hoping to work with Kelly. She loves singing opera because it gives her a chance to show emotion with her voice. Blake says he doesn’t have a clue about opera and Mandi says she sings country too. John thinks Kelly will be fantastic for Mandi.


The next artist is Ari Tibi and she’s from Calabasas, CA. Her parents have always encouraged creativity without limits. Her mother is a French teacher and her father is from Tunisia. She had several bands in high school, and she’s currently in a band called Lucy. She’s a journalist, and she does music interviews, but all she wants to do is sing. She takes the stage and performs The Joke by Brandi Carlile. Kelly says great song and the judges are all listening. Nick looks around and Blake looks down the line, but no one turns.


Ari introduces herself. Blake says this is disappointing for all of us, but she was so close and they should have pushed. John says she challenged herself because that’s a difficult song to master and the ending was a revelation. He advises her to come back because she’s right there. Nick says maybe a different song choice that will allow her to open up sooner. Kelly says she can tell that she’s super artistic. Kelly says it wasn’t connected. She had some gorgeous moments, but then moments of hesitation.


The next artist enters and we hear them perform The Time they are A-Changing by Bob Dylan. The judges are listening closely and Blake realizes he’s playing guitar. Kelly turns and we see Jacob Miller and Blake turns right after. Nick turns a few moments later. Jacob is a 3-chair turn!


Jacob introduces himself and he’s from Eden, WI. Nick congratulates him. Kelly wants to know what types of artists he’s interested in and he likes folk music, ragtime, and jazz. Kelly would love to see how they translate what he’s doing to songs from today. Blake says he has a very specific thing he does that he needs to be protective of. He loved that he played guitar. John just wants to tell him that was a powerful performance. Nick says he’s excited because he’s a song writer and he’d love to spend some time with him in the studio and find out what he wants to say in music.


John says who’s it going to be Jacob? Jacob says this is a tough call honestly. Blake does his finger pointing and Jacob smiles and points and says Nick!


The next artist is Jon Mullins from Nashville, TN. His wife Whitney is his biggest fan and she wants him to follow his dreams. Jon takes the stage and sings Don’t Give Up on Me by Andy Grammar. Blake hits his button and turns. Jon is a 1-chair turn and Blake can’t believe it! Jon will be joining Team Blake.


Blake says this is the greatest day of his coaching career on The Voice. Jon introduces himself and Kelly says he has a big voice and he’s very gifted. Nick says he has an enormous voice and it fills the room and if there’s an opportunity to steal him later he’ll snatch him right up. John says he’s so happy for him. Jon says just being here and being on a team with the king is amazing.   


We see Jacob Daniel Murphy singing Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) by Stevie Wonder and we see the judges listening. Blake turns at the last possible moment and snags another 1-chair turn. Nick says he’s shocked and he didn’t expect that could be him and he thinks he messed up. John says the quality of his voice is really exceptional and he’s excited that he gets to work with Blake. Blake says he’s having the best day right now and he just heard a singer he thought he wouldn’t get and he feels like he robbed a bank.


Next up is Zan Fiskum and she’s from Seattle, WA. She lives in an RV, but she calls it a tiny house and it’s perfect for her. She lives on her parent’s property. She’s a singer/songwriter and Indie Pop. She’s going to perform Light On by Maggie Rogers. Nick quickly hits his button to turn. John turns a bit later. Blake is listening closely and Kelly hits her button and says she has to go. Zan is a 3-chair turn!


Blake says Zan probably deserved a four chair turn, but he was a jackass. John says he’s been waiting to be inspired today. He wants to know what she’s into and she says Indie pop or folk and she’s in a band back home. John says she has power in her voice, but also an ethereal quality. Nick says he loves working with his brothers and they had to separate for a time and he commends her for taking a step out on her own. He says she left him speechless and it would be an honor to coach her. Kelly says she has a really amazing gift where her tone comes with reverb. She says you can’t teach that, it’s God given. She thinks she sounded magical.


Blake says Zan? Who do you pick as your coach? Zan says okay, okay…I would like to choose…John!


The next artist is Chan Fuze and he’s from Chicago, IL. He’s 6’10”. Both of his parents are tall. He loves basketball, but music is something he’s felt in his heart. He’s played blues and he plays Indie Rock. He performs Groove Me by King Floyd. John is dancing in his chair and so is Kelly. Kelly says he’s having such a good time. He does not get a chair turn.


Blake says my God, how tall are you? Chan answers and introduces himself. Blake says there might have been some hip thrusting going on and that might have been the problem. John says his falsetto might not have been as effective as he wanted it to be. Nick says he agrees with Blake. Kelly says he was the guy they want to watch, but this setting might not be the perfect environment for his talent.


The next artist is Roderick Chambers and he’s from Miami, FL. He’s a father, but he’s separated from his son’s mother. He wants to show his son courage for pursuing his dreams. Roderick takes the stage and sings Back at One by Brian McKnight. Nick quickly hits his button to turn. Roderick is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Nick!


John welcomes Roderick to The Voice and he introduces himself. John says he’s excited for him and that was a classic song. John says Nick learned to count from that song. Nick says he feels like he robbed a bank and he thanks him for blessing them with that performance.


Next is Jules and she’s from Peoria, AZ. Her real name is Alexis Jules Gaston. She wasn’t always very confident. She got her first guitar when she was 6 and it was bright blue. She started gigging when she was 12 after getting some vocal lessons. She’s going to perform Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant, but she’s changed it up from the original. John is listening intently and Nick is watching John. Blake looks down at Nick and John. Blake and John are watching each other. Blake hits his button and Kelly turns right behind. Jules is a 2-chair turn.


Jules introduces herself. John says he thinks because he didn’t know the song he was trying to figure out what was going on. Blake recognized it was a Cage the Elephant song. Nick tells her to work on control but she took a big risk and it paid off. Kelly disagrees with Nick on her lower register and she thought it was on point. Kelly says she thought it was really cool and it shows her artistry. Blake says he loves Arizona. John says he truly is. Blake feels like he has a close kinship with her. To dismantle that song and put it back together the way she did was impressive. He thinks she can make it to the finale.


John says Jules you have a decision to make. Who do you pick as your coach? Jules says she thinks she’s going to go with…she loves them both very much…but she’s going to go with Kelly!


Next, we meet Jared Harper and he’s from San Francisco, CA. He plays guitar and learns to play by ear, but he’s deaf in one ear. He takes the stage and sings (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. John is dancing in his chair and the coaches are listening but he does not get a chair turn.


Jared introduces himself. John says he has a ridiculously cool tone, but he had some pitch issues. Nick says such a cool vibe overall and he thought it was a cool song choice, but he’d like to hear the softer side of his voice. Blake says he’s sorry. His voice is so cool, but two things kept him from pressing his button and it was what John said about pitch issues and maybe he could have turned it up another notch.


Next we have Michael Williams and he’s from Mason, OH. He comes from a sports family but he also loved singing. He started feeling bad and he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. He performs You Say by Lauren Daigle. Nick hits his button right at the end and gets another 1-chair turn and will join Nick’s team!


Michael introduces himself. Kelly says he looks like a young Tom Cruise. He says once he gets his falsetto under control he’ll be really good. Nick gives a quick story about Blake, his big brother, and he said he didn’t understand until now, it’s their job to coach these artists. He can’t wait to coach him and the other pro move was waiting to turn until the last second.


The final artist of the night is taking the stage and they are playing the piano. They sing It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World by James Brown. Nick and John immediately hit their buttons and we meet Mike Jerel. Kelly reaches for her button but hesitates. Nick and John are both on their feet. Kelly finally hits her button. John is yelling at Blake to turn his chair. Blake hits his button finally. Mike is a 4-chair turn.


Mike introduces himself and Kelly says he just lit the room on fire. John wants to know more about him. He tells them he was brought up playing in nursing homes with his grandmother and he’s from Ashburn, GA. He still performs at retirements homes in honor of his grandmother. John asks if he plays in church too and he says he does. John says everything he did was done with a level of confidence and his voice had so much fire. He needs him on his team. He grew up playing in church and singing with his grandmother and he’d love to coach him.


Kelly says she loves that song and she knew Mike was playing the piano and she almost didn’t turn. She says the runs he did were effortless. Blake didn’t think that was him. He thought it was a girl. Blake says he was shocked when he turned around and he thinks that’s what Mike will do every performance. Nick says if he were in Mike’s shoes, then he’d pick John. But wouldn’t it be nice to win the show after making an unexpected choice. Nick is ready to win. John says he likes Nick and he’s brand new, but he should go with someone who already won and someone who will help guide him through the song selection process. Nick might be good at that, but we don’t know yet. Kelly says every pianist that comes out and sings will be on John’s team and Blake says good point.


Mike says his mom is back there and his mom joins him on stage. John asks if he has any advice for Mike and she says John. Kelly says every time, it’s ok. Lean in. Blake says it’s ok to disappoint your mom every now and then. Mike says he has to go with his gut…John Legend.

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