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Big Brother Canada Season 8-Episode 3

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We pick up with the HOH and Sheldon is up and Sheldon says this game is as crazy as people say and no one knows where anyone stands so everyone will be gunning for this HOH. Sheldon scores 13. Jamar is next and he scores 24 and has taken the lead.


John Luke is up next and he says The Evictors want to win the HOH next week. Himself, Michael, Madeline, and Rianne are a foursome and they are looking to take out a comp beast. He scores a 23 and Jamar is still in the lead. Minh-ly would be really happy to win HOH and knowing everyone would be scared of her next move. She scores a 24 and is tied with Jamar.


Jamar says she won’t leave me alone, this game wants us to be together. Susanne is up and she scores a 9. Kyle is up next and he scores a 13. Carol is up next and she scores a 7. Jamar and Minh-ly are still tied in the lead.


Chris says last week he was in jeopardy and he needs to win this to take complete control of the house. Chris scores a 28 and he takes the lead away from Jamar and Minh-ly. Madeline is up and she scores an 11. Angie is up and scores a five while Chris is posing in the background.


Brooke says Chris winning is terrible for her game because he seems to be looking for an alpha bro alliance and she doesn’t fit into that. Brook scores a five and she’s hoping someone behind her will pull this out. Michael is up and he scores a 24. Hira is up next. He says he does not want Chris to win and he plays basketball all the time and he’s ready to take the win. Hira scores a 20. Chris is still in the lead with 28.


Rianne says she’s the last Evictor to go up and we’ll see how this goes. Rianne scores a 1. She’s frustrated with herself. Vanessa is the last one up and she says Chris is still in the lead and she’s feeling the pressure. She says Chris is going on that he’s a macho man and the women need him in the game and she would love to put him in his place. Vanessa scores a 26 and Chris has won HOH!


Chris says as Jamar would say, do you feel me? He’s pumped. He can’t wait to create a mastermind plan and take control of the house. He has to name have-nots and Kyle, Vanessa, Madeline, and Michael all volunteer. Chris says he’s going to take control of this game right here, right now. Everyone is sweating in their boots. These HG have no idea what’s going to hit them. Madeline says Chris is unpredictable and she thinks the rest of the house agrees. Brook says he thinks Chris wants to go with the bros and she doesn’t fit in with that plan. Chris says last week he got the worst butt whipping Canada and the comps could give him, and now he’s taking complete control of the game. He’s just getting warmed up.


Jamar is frustrated and he says hopefully this guy doesn’t put his *ss up. If he does, then it will be on. He says he has to bro up this week and he practices saying dude. He keeps saying dude and you feel me and growling in frustration. He looks in a mirror and says he still looks good and handsome as h*ll.


Madeline is telling Chris how great he did. She says her goal is to keep her alliance this week so she’s going to flirt with Chris, but she doesn’t feel anything for him. She says she wanted to volunteer to be a have-not so he wouldn’t have to pick. John Luke comes in and says great job showing Canada how you could turn it around.


Kyle is talking to Vanessa and Kyle thinks he’s good this week. Vanessa is worried a bit and Kyle thinks she’ll be ok. Sheldon is working with Kyle, Vanessa, and Brook and they call themselves KVBS. They are talking and Kyle says Chris isn’t the type of guy who wants to listen to them, they need to get him to suggest a plan. Sheldon says they have to make sure they aren’t in danger and they have to cover for Brooke. Kyle says he already had to go to the storage room and flex with Chris.


Madeline and Michael are playing pool. Michael wants to know if he’s Madeline’s type. She tells us he’s kind of cute. She can’t look him in the eyes and she sometimes gets butterflies. She asks him if he knows what tea leaf readings are? He says yes. She says she had one done before she came into the house and they told her things about people in the house. The reader told Madeline she’d meet a guy in the house whose name begins with an M and they can really trust that person. She was also told to watch out for a girl with a big mouth and Michael says that must be Minh-ly.


Susanne, Chris, Vanessa, and Minh-ly are discussing if alliances have been made. They think Madeline, Michael, Rianne, and John Luke are in a four some. Vanessa says they have to watch each other’s backs. Chris says they’ve been the realist and he feels great about all of them. Chris says he’s getting the girls behind him so he has numbers. It’s all part of his master plan to take control of the house.


Minh-ly and Jamar are bickering. Minh-ly says he talks so much crap it’s not any funny. Jamar reminds her of all the names she called him. Minh-ly wants to talk game with her and he says they should be in a lowkey showmance. Jamar wants to know if she’s single. Minh-ly says he’s so annoying.


Kyle asks Rianne if she can shave his back and she says no problem. Who wants to see Chris’s HOH room?!? They look at Chris’s pictures and he has some Skechers shoes and a Wendy’s menu. Chris puts his shoes on dances in them and models them. He has a letter from his mom and she congratulates him and she says they miss him but they hope he has a good time meeting new people and they’ll be cheering him on.


Chris has a dog named Bailey and he says she is his girlfriend. Sheldon says Chris is a weird dude and they think he doesn’t know where his mind is, and they don’t either. John Luke and Michael are talking, and they think Chris is worried about Sheldon. Madeline says she’s going to tell Chris that she’s a number for him and she could sway Michael to be a number for him too. Madeline says she feels pretty comfortable, but he’s kind of a wild card and they never know where his head is at.


Madeline talks to Chris and he says he won’t put her up and she says she feels good because she thought they had chemistry. Chris says Canada would be mad at him for putting up a pretty girl. Chris asks Madeline what her plan would be and she says the whole house wants Minh-ly. Chris asks if he was on the block with Michael and she won veto, then who would she take off. She says that would be hard to choose, but she’d pick him. Chris says she needs a guy to win and she says he could be that guy.


John Luke is talking to Madeline and asks what animal she would be and Brooke is there too. Brooke would be a sloth and John Luke would be a great white shark. Michael comes in and says a gorilla, but someone told him they have small packages. So maybe an elephant?


Chris invited Kyle for Wendy’s because he wants to show his loyalty and make sure Kyle is behind him. Chris goes down to get his order and Kim, his mom delivers the food. He didn’t even realize it was his mom and they hug. Chris says it’s absolutely crazy he didn’t recognize his mom, but they have a great relationship and he wouldn’t be the leader he is today without her. He tells everyone it was his mom and Vanessa starts getting emotional. He tells Kyle it was his mom. They dig in to eat.


Hira is talking to Rianne and he says noms are today. Rianne says he’s a loose cannon. Hira says hopefully he won’t put him up. Hira says when he talks to Chris they don’t really seem to mesh and he doesn’t know where his head is at. Rianne says maybe he sees you as a buddy. Rianne says she’s not very comfortable with him, but she’ll talk to him and see what kind of read she can get on him. Hira doesn’t think he’ll go after a girl.


Jamar is dancing and then jumps around looking in the mirrors and they hear some sounds and he got freaked out. They hear swamp sounds and they get their first look at the have-not room. There is glass to lay on and there are trees. Vanessa says it’s amazing but awful. You hear frogs croaking and there are bugs. Hira says this city guy is not about that swamp. He doesn’t want a snake staring at him while he sleeps. Vanessa says the one thing she was looking forward to was to sprawl out but it’s going to be very limited space.


Jamar and Minh-ly are talking again and Jamar wants to know why him? He says why not Chris or Sheldon or Michael. Minh-ly says no. Jamar says she can says he’s the best looking guy in the house and she says that’s not it, they just think alike. Jamar wants her to sneak into his room and she says she has a bed. He says he’ll sneak into her and she says then what? It gets quiet and Angie tells Jamar dinner is ready.


Michael and Madeline and Michael tells her he served in the military for six and a half years. She tells him not to tell anyone else and she’s glad he opened up to her. Chris walks in and Madeline says they are just hiding under the covers.


Chris says he thinks Michael is the head of the snake and he grabs Kyle and tells him he has a backdoor plan. He suggests putting up two pawns with either Michael or Sheldon as the target. Kyle tells us he’s in a final four with Sheldon so he’s going to push him towards Michael. Chris says a girl like Madeline in the real world would be all over him, but he just won and that’s not happening. Chris tells Kyle that Brooke is going to go up as a pawn.


Kyle goes to talk to Brooke because he wants her to know and he says he’ll do what he can to keep her safe. Chris walks in and then gives them a minute. Brooke says she knows she has to play dead and kiss his butt. It sucks that she’s going to have to sit there and take it. She’s crying and Kyle is comforting her. Arisa comes on and Canada has a chance to save one of this week’s have-nots.


Chris is getting some water and Brooke is in the kitchen with him. Chris tells Brooke she flies under the radar but she’s a good looking girl and she has a pretty smile. Brooke says she feels like if someone is telling you that you’re good looking in a not obvious way, are they being real? Chris tells her he has a plan and she says that it includes her? He says he doesn’t know but she’s not the target. Brooke appreciates the straight forwardness because it means a lot.


Chris is talking to Kyle and Sheldon and they have to get Chris to think they’ll be a team of three going forward. Sheldon says he’s not scheming. If he comes off as reserved, that’s just how he is. Chris says he was just waiting for Sheldon to open up to them and Chris says they can all trade comps. Kyle says if they have a Michael on the block at the end of the week, is Sheldon firm. They decide they are good as a threesome and Sheldon is on board.  


Chris says he’s going to put up two pawns who haven’t talked game with him and then backdoor Michael so they can take control of the house right out of the gate. Kyle thinks he and Sheldon did a good job of selling Chris on the plan. Chris has no idea. Chris tells Sheldon not to get too excited when he left. Sheldon decides to wait and he goes back to sit down and laugh with Chris.


It’s time for Chris to lock-in his nominations. He says this game is all about strategy and psychology and he’s ready to change the game because he’s the one and only, the game changer. He steps into the nomination room and there is a bust of each player. He’s got a master plan to get the entire house behind him. He says Brooke didn’t speak an ounce of game to him, but don’t worry. She’s not his real target. Hira hasn’t spoken any game, but don’t worry. He has bigger fish to fry this week. Everyone knows Michael has a clique and the house doesn’t like and he’s going take him and Rianne and Madeline will have no choice but to come to him because he’s the strongest player in the game. He has a master plan to take control of the game.


It’s time for nominations! He heads to the living room and his first nominee is…Brooke. His second nominee is…Hira. He’s chosen to nominate Brooke because last week his game was in jeopardy and other people came up and said he had their loyalties and she didn’t talk game. He nominated Hira because they haven’t had real game talks. He wishes them luck in the competition and they can be like him and get themselves in the game.


Brooke says the block sucks and she can’t believe she’s there week two. She can’t wait to get power and put Chris up or she’ll be a pawn every time. Hira can’t believe Chris put him up but he’s a competitor and he’s going to show everyone what he’s about. Chris says he’s the game changer. Look out Michael!

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