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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 6

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Tonight is the final set for Group B and we’ll find out who will be moving on to the Super 9. Tonight, we’ll be hearing from the singer’s friends. Nick introduces the judges and special guest judge T-Pain.


The four remaining Group B singers will perform together. Kitty comes out first and they are singing Larger Than Life by The Backstreet Boys. Kitty has a bonus clue that says she’s here to seal the deal. Banana’s bonus clue is What’s more inspiring than doing laundry? Taco’s bonus clue is I’ve enjoyed a lot of salsas in my time! Frog’s bonus clue is I’ve opened doors for the biggest artists.


T-Pain tells them good job. Jenny says it’s going to be hard because one of them will be leaving tonight. Kitty’s clue package: Last time she wore her heart on her fur and the panel loved it. Speaking of people who love her for her, here is her friend to dish out some gossip. Best felines forever! Kitty’s BFF says: They’ve been friends since they were really little. She didn’t have a ton of friends and got bullied at school for being weird and that’s what made her special. Whether she’s writing poems or directing horror movies, she’s always had a flair for the dramatic. One day in class, she said she could see ghosts and it scared one girl so badly, she got detention. She may have the voice of an angel, but it’s her darkside that will slay the competition. During the package we seen a Faberge egg, a candelabra, and a strand of Christmas lights.


Kitty is on stage and she sings Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert. T-Pain feels like he knows her and he can’t wait to see more. Nicole is feeling the feline power and she thinks kitty will be in the super 9, but she has no idea who kitty is. The made friendship bracelets for the panel. Kitty’s bracelet is for Robin and the bracelet says Fireworks. Kitty says the first time they met was lit!


Jenny says fireworks? Katy Perry? T-Pain picked up on a few things like it said she had a dark side and he suggests Christina Ricci. He says she was in Casper and played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family. Ken says he knows exactly who this is. He thinks it’s a dear friend of his. He thinks this person is the narrator of Gossip Girl and he thinks it’s Kristen Bell. Jenny says SHE knows exactly who this is! She says heaven was mentioned and she’s thinking Hayley Duff.


Taco’s clue package: So here’s the deal, he’s loving this secret adventure. This week, while he was gassing up his tank they let him spill the beans to a famous friend full of enthusiasm that we all know. Taco’s Famous Friend: We see Menu. How much does he love taco? Well he’s sticking his face in a seafood platter for him…that’s love. They have something extremely personal in common, they both help people when they get knocked down. When life hits them in low places. And they always find the humor in everything. It’s all about the laughs right? They share something else. They love their children and they’d be just as proud as he is to see their role model doing what he does best. Entertaining America. Cheers! We seen in the clue package a bowl of beans, a washboard, and a whiskey glass.


Taco takes the stage and performs Can’t Help Myself by The Four Tops. Ken says it’s a comedian. Nicole says she loves taco. Taco makes her so happy. Ken says he connects with the audience. Everyone loves a taco and everyone loves him. His friendship bracelet is for…Nicole! Nicole’s bracelet says Kiss. Taco says not to be corny, but when he saw her in person…she was perfect. Nicole says it could be Gene Simmons. Nicole says Regis a few weeks ago, but now she’s thinking maybe Barry Manilow. She seen the ME in menu and he’s won two emmy’s. Robin wants to try something new and he thinks Howie Mandel. Jenny seen the helps people and knocked down and VHS tapes and long career. She’s thinking Jerry Springer. Taco says the thing about this show is to not go by first impressions. Everyone goes out wearing masks, but maybe we all just need to be a little nicer to each other.


Banana’s clue package: He’s loving performing as the banana and last week he messed up because he forgot lyrics. He’s having the time of his life. Banana’s fam say he’s a great role model. When they were younger, banana taught them how to drive by getting them go karts. He decided to build a race track in their back yard and he dug up the bushes himself. Anything to make them smile. He’s had a lot of heartburn in his life but he’s always been able to laugh through anything. He called her up one day and said he was on the masked singer and she said no way. Now she gets to see him in his banana costume, what they’ve always wanted to see him in. In the clue package we seen a jar of jam, gokarts, and a jack and lugnuts.


Banana takes the stage and sings Lean on Me by Bill Withers. Jenny says he has delivered every week. He is able to get the audience on their feet every single week. He picked that song because his father was his best friend. Ken thinks that’s the best performance he’s done so far. His friendship bracelet is for…Jenny. Her bracelet says “Nineties Love”. They had a little chance to hang as friends and had a great time and he loves her. She’s an awesome person. Jenny was thinking racecar driver, maybe Dale Earnhardt, Jr. But based off the clue maybe Michael Andretti. Nicole is going a different route. She thinks it’s Brad Paisley. Ken thinks he has the voice of Larry the Cable Guy. Jenny says it’s not Larry the Cable Guy. T-Pain is thinking someone with kids and is someone who would build a racetrack. He’s thinking Johnny Knoxville.


Frog’s clue package: Being on the stage has been unusual and he’s loving every second. It takes him backward to when his career jumpstarted and a woman who was so instrumental, but barely seen. We see Frog’s Team member says she’s known him since he was a tadpole and always knew he’d be a superstar. She looked out for him when he was in L.A., even then he had an entourage. She remembers taking him to his first late night talk show. It was way past his bedtime, but he was calm, cool, and collected and way beyond his ears. But she’s most impressed with the frog he became. It hasn’t always been easy for him, but he’s persevered and paved the way for so many people. She couldn’t be more proud. We seen in the clue package a shampoo and comb, a green bow tie, and a blue, white, red, and pink flower with a close-up on the blue one.


Frog takes the stage You Dropped a Bomb on Me by The Gap Band. Nicole says frog kills it and he’s such a natural performer and she’s this season’s fox. Frog says he wanted to quit music and timing is everything. His friendship bracelet is for…T-Pain. The bracelet says “All We Do is Win”. T-Pain says maybe Ludacris is doing something weird. Ken says he thought he was a comedian and he thinks maybe Tommy Davison. Robin thinks Omarion. T-Pain says that might be Omarion and he’s currently doing music with him.


The votes are in! The singer who will be unmasked is…Taco!


Time for final guesses! Nicole says we’ve seen massive stars. She thinks this could be a massive star. At first, when she heard anchor she thought Regis or maybe Tony Bennett. But then it said the ME in menu and Barry Manilow won 2 Emmy’s. Ken thinks it’s Martin Short. Robin originally thought Bob Saget, but maybe Howie Mandel because of the Deal or No Deal references, but he’s going to go with Martin Short also. T-Pain noticed the cup of alcohol and the cheers reference and he thinks maybe Kelsey Grammar. Jenny says Taco is a tough one. Jenny noticed he helped people, and knocked down, and she thinks it’s Jerry Springer.


It’s time for Taco to show us who he really is! The taco is…Tom Bergeron! Taco’s Clue answers: The bowl of baked beans in Taco’s package represents Tom’s hometown of Boston. The red trolley car in Taco’s package is a clue to Tom’s track on the Mr. Rogers Tribute Album. Nicole’s bracelet was a reference for her perfect score for dancing to KISS. The stack of VHS tapes in Taco’s package is a clue to Tom’s hosting of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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