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Survivor 40 Winners at War Episode 4


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March 4, 2020


Sele night 9: Rob says he felt trapped, sorry Adam. Adam says he did everything you are not supposed to do in Survivor and he felt he could get away with it. He says he was playing all sides and he is lucky to be there. Adam needs to make an apology tour. Ben says Adam is the little weasel traipsing through the tribe and thats not good for his game. Dakal Day 10: Yul is excited for the day, he says they all like each other, he had maximum rang of options. EOE: They receive a box, they each have a chance to earn a fire token (FT) but it will require effort. Bring down all the pieces of wood (20 pieces) one at a time by sundown. They have their own piles. Piece of cake says Ethan, Danni says it was like a marathon. No sleep, no food, little water. Natalie kept the pace. Ethan says Natalie was a beast. 


Ethan says reality set in by log 10, he has to talk to himself, he is struggling. He will go until his legs collapse or the sun goes down. Medic comes in to check on Ethan, his blood pressure is low, the faint feeling wont go away as long as he continures. He had 14 trips down he wants to make it. Medic says he can continue as long as he rests. Nat says she is finishing this, she wasnt thinking about one emotional thing until that 20th piece hit the pile then it all came in. Amber says that was probably the hardest thing she has done. Danni also finishes. The girls went with Ethan to finish his last leg. They now have a very strong bond. 


Sele day 11: Rob and Michele chit chat about how old she was when he played before. Adam is now the hardest worker around camp. Jeremy says as long as Adam keeps working and sneaking they will keep him around. Rob, Adam and Parati talk, Adam tells us he is not going to give them the satisfaction of slipping up. Rob asks Jeremy what he should do about Adam. Jeremy says Adam can go, he is done with the switching it up. Dakal camp. Tyson says Sophie is so under the radar he didnt know her name. Tyson, Sandra and Tony talk, Sandra tells us that Tyson is shady, he better hope they win this challenge cuz he's in deep doo doo.


Day 11 Immunity challenge time, today 4 tribe members will be attached to a boat, they will pull the boat to a tower, climb up, leap off while retrieving keys, use the keys to open puzzle pieces, first to put the puzzle together wins. The will also get chickens. Sandra volunteers to sit out, they call it the Sandra sit out bench, Tony also sits out. Ready..Go!! Dakal gets to the tower first. both team misses the first key. Dakal gets one and two. Sele gets one. Dakal gets last key, they are on their way to the puzzle locks. Nick working on the puzzle, he won this challenge in his season. Sele having trouble getting last key. Adam struggling to get the last key. He gets it. Dakal has half the puzzle done. Sele quickly catching up. Dakal takes their puzzle apart.  Sele takes the lead. Sele wins. 


Dakal camp: its not the puzzle peopls fault...Tyson says yes it was, he want Nick out of the game. Yul says he is ok with that. Sandra agrees, Tony agrees. Tyson says it was too easy. Wendell says Tyson is blind, he is a dead man walking, once Tyson teams up with Rob or Parv its trouble for them. Nick walks Tyson out, Yul tells Nick he is good. Nick says until ppl vote you dont know where they stand. Tyson tells Tony they have to stick together. Tony says he would rather get rid of Nick, Tony is hiding behind Tyson, he is a shield. Sarah and Kim are on board with Tony and Tyson they need one more...Sandra. Tony talks to Sandra, Sandra doesnt trust Tyson, but she never will allow emotion to control her game. She loves revenge but she loves 2 mill more. 


Time for TC. Tony says the bonds they have formed on a personal level are stronger then on a game level. Yul says there are groups of ppl that feel closer to other ppl, if you expose them they cement that group and you cant get between them. Sophie days there has to be 8 that stay strong. Sandra says she will do what ever they say. Yul has watched these ppl play, he says they are different in person the on TV. Sophie is star struck by half her tribe, its critical they become less star struck. Tyson says it could go the other way, be the one to vote out their Survivor idol. Sandra is not star struck with this group. Parvati was Nicks Survivor crush. NIck feels like he is the reason they are here today. Tyson says they are all on the same page and that makes them on different pages maybe. 


Time to vote. We see Nick vote Kim. Time to tally the votes. Any one want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Nick, Kim, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, 5th person voted out is Tyson.Tyson says it was too easy, he should have seen it coming. Tyson gives his FT to Nick (he says here's a token from your hero Nick) 


Next time on Survivor: Everybody drop your buffs. 

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