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Big Brother Canada Season 8-Episode 1

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We welcome Arisa Cox, the host of Big Brother Canada. We’re starting season 8, and it’s the biggest season yet. Not only is it supersized, but it’s 12 weeks long. The theme this year is Superheroes. Tonight, 16 begin their journey and some will be super heroes and some will be super villains. It’s Volume 8 and the house is in mint condition. It’s a super sized comic book come to life. Every comic book character has an origin story, and this is theirs. The chosen 16 will have the chance to write their own story. There will be a have-not swamp this season. This season will be 83 days and tonight, we’ll find out who Canada left to fight for their survival.


We meet the first six houseguests. First we have Kyle and he’s an electrician. He’s married with two kids. He’s a blue collar guy. He’s an eccentric meathead with princess sprinkled on top. Socially and emotionally he’s all over the place. Brooke is up next and she works at a shelter for people who experience homelessness. She’s going to be underestimated. Chris is next and he’s calling himself the game changer. He can hypnotize people.


Angie is a communications officer. She loves being a boss and she likes to command people and get her way. She’s going to make superfans super proud. She’s boy crazy and she’s ready to make love connections. Sheldon is a professional wrestler and opinions of him vary. He’s going to be perceived as a physical threat. Minh-ly and she doesn’t like b*tch*s. She’s an honest person and very blunt. She’ll be who she needs to be.


Sheldon will embrace having a formidable foe. Kyle is an athlete through and through. Brooke doesn’t mesh well with alpha personalities. Minh-ly goes for bad boys. Chris says women always wonder about the size about his brain. Angie says she’s on 24/7. Minh-ly would rather be hated and the winner than Canada’s favorite. Brooke will let them think she’s a number for someone until their number is up.


Arisa calls the first six HG out: Kyle, Angie, Chris, Brooke, Sheldon, and Minh-ly. Arisa welcomes them and congratulates them. Her advice before they go in: She needs them all to channel their own super human powers. She wishes them luck and sends them into the house.


The HG begin introductions and hugs. They head downstairs and begin checking out the house. Minh-ly says they need to cheers each other for being the first six in. They head back upstairs to look around. Angie loves the restroom area. They are feeling a little “super” right now.


Time to meet the next five! Michael is an infantry man in the military. Carol is she’s a disability care worker. She has a huge loud personality and in your face. She’s loyal and dependable, but she’ll cut your throat to make it to the next stage. Madeline is a substitute teacher and she’s extremely competitive. She played tennis. Susanne is from a huge, loud Italian family. She talks a lot, sometimes to herself. She’s sometimes too much for people. Jamar is confident and intelligent and competitive. He’s very close with his mother and he loves his siblings.


Carol says she’s a masculine woman. Michael is single and he wants to be with a woman who likes animals. Madeline is a huge animal lover and she hopes the perfect guy is waiting for her in the house. Jamar says he’ll stop at nothing to win and he’s going to talk a lot of trash. Susanne doesn’t want to work with loud mouths, but she’s going to have to quiet it down. Carol has zero filter. Michael says his mission is to win Big Brother Canada. Jamar says there is no way he’s not going to win.


Arisa welcomes the next five HG: Michael, Carol, Madeline, Susanne, and Jamar. Arisa welcomes them and she has some words of wisdom for them: Not all super heroes wear capes. They will have to be fearless inside and out. They’ll get a chance to enter the house right after this break!


Arisa sends the next five HG into the house. Minh-ly is wanting to drink without waiting for the others and she asks if she’ll be a villain if she takes another drink. Introductions begin again and Madeline and Michael already call themselves M&M. They are looking around again. Sheldon, Chris, and Michael are in one of the rooms and Brook and Angie and Kyle come in.


Time to meet the last 5 HG to enter. We meet John Luke and his favorite color is orange. He doesn’t mind black even though it’s a shade and Halloween is his favorite holiday. He’s a journalist so he’s used to investigating. Rianne is an operating room nurse and she’s used to adapting to different situations. Hira is an accountant and he’s a guy next door. He’s married and has a daughter and he wants to win. He wants to mentally and physically crush the competition. Vanessa is a lobster fisherman and she loves proving to men that women can do it. Nico works in sales and he comes off as cocky and he’s very blunt, loud, and intelligent.


John Luke likes being the alpha and he could never throw a comp. Rianne hates guys that are full of themselves and she wants to make a girl’s alliance. Vanessa wants to align with people like her. She wants to play hard. Nico is very courteous and respectful, but he can be cocky. Hira doesn’t intend to lie, cheat, and backstab. He wants to gain everyone’s trust. Rianne says it’s time to bring the girls together for total domination. Nico will be a huge threat once someone realizes who he is. Vanessa will definitely not be a floater.


Arisa welcomes the final five HG: John Luke, Rianne, Hira, Vanessa, and Nico. Arisa welcomes this and wishes them luck and sends them into the house. More introductions begin with hugs. Minh-ly is very giggly and all the HG toast each other. This super sized season of Big Brother Canada is officially under way.


Minh-ly, Susanne, and Jamar are talking in the SR and Minh-ly is already talking about someone she doesn’t like. She’s been doing yoga and she tells Jamar she’s volatile and she has a bad temper. They decide to all sit and begin introductions. Susanne tells them she has a boyfriend. Vanessa is the first contestant from Prince Edward Island. John Luke wants to head to the hot tub. Arisa says coming up we’ll have the first twist of the season!


For the next 12 weeks, the HG will have to use their physical, mental, and social super powers. Time to roll out the first twist! Arisa calls everyone to the living room. She knows the season has just started, but she already has a major announcement. This week there will be no HOH. Also, for the past few days, their video profiles have been online and Canadians have been watching and voting for their favorites. She’s going to announce the four HG who received the fewest votes and only those four will be in jeopardy this week.


Arisa says here we go! The four HG are: Susanne. The next HG in jeopardy this week is Nico. The third HG in the bottom four is Chris. And the final HG at risk is…Minh-ly. There is some good news! They will have three chances to save themselves. The first opportunity to save themselves will be tonight’s challenge which will require super strength. The second challenge will require mental prowess. The final two HG will be up for eviction and they’ll be required to rely on their social skills to keep them alive.


Nico and Chris shake hands and hug and Chris says they don’t like us. Chris says he’s completely blind sided and he’s going to turn this around and start really getting the game going. Nico goes to the storage room alone and he says he’s not surprised. He’s one of those guys that people don’t like until they get to know him. He was born for the fight. John Luke goes and celebrates quickly in the SR.


Minh-ly and Chris are commiserating, and Vanessa asks Minh-ly what’s up and she says the adrenaline is pumping. Vanessa says she needs to stay because she can’t imagine the season without her. Minh-ly says it just lit a fire under ass. Brooke thinks she has a great chance to stay.


Arisa recaps the twist and says the four at jeopardy HG have three chances to save themselves. The first opportunity starts now! The four HG can go from zero to super hero. There are cars in front of them about to fall off a bridge. It’s up to them to hold on save them. They will hold a rope and if their grip slips they will be eliminated. The weight has been modified in proportion to their body weight. The challenge is on.


Susanne seems to struggle a bit at the start, but they all look solid. Minh-ly is bent way over and says this is evil. Susanne is breathing very heavily. She says her fingers are going number and her feet are shaking but she wants to prove to Canada she deserves to be here. Susanne’s car falls a bit and she struggles to get it back.


Minh-ly says Canada put her in this position but she’s not afraid to fight for her place in the house. Nico says Chris is his biggest threat and it’s going to be a battle who can tolerate the most and stand there the longest. Chris says he’s in the gym five or six days a week. It’s his to lose. 20 minutes later and Michael offers massages for all of their shoulders. Nico is readjusting and Chris is struggling a bit. Minh-ly sees them. Kyla says the guys are making it all about strength, but as a power lifter he knows body positioning is important and Susanne and Minh-ly have that down.


Chris’s car is falling and he’s struggling. He readjusts and gets it back, but it’s not enough and the car moves and falls. Chris is eliminated. Nico is moving again and his car is tilting. Minh-ly leans further forward and Susanne is struggling too. Nico keeps moving and he drops his car and has been eliminated and he says it’s demoralizing. He’s frustrated.


It’s down to Susanne and Minh-ly and 35 minutes have passed. Vanessa says everyone thought the men would take the competition, but the women are killing it. She thinks women will take over this season. Susanne is panting again. Susanne starts moving and her car falls. Minh-ly has managed to channel her super strength and she is now safe this week. Minh-ly says she knows she can come off cocky and over confident, but she can back it up and she did. This competition was very easy for her.


Arisa checks-in with the HG and she asks Minh-ly how she feels and she says she felt like she had to win. Chris, Nico, and Susanne are still in a bit of trouble. Arisa asks Chris if he’s ready for the mental challenge? Chris says he thought he was ready tonight and he wasn’t so he’ll say no. Nico agrees with Chris. Susanne says she feels good and she’ll see what happens. Arisa wishes them luck!

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