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The Voice Season 18-Blind Auditions 3


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The judges take their seats and we meet Allegra Miles from St. John, United States Virgin Islands. She was born into a musical family. She was 6 when she said she was going to be a singer. They moved to Florida when she was 11 for more musical opportunities for her and her sister. She takes the stage and plays the piano and sings Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Kelly hits her button to turn as she hits the chorus. Nick hits his button when she’s most of the way through her performance. Allegra is a 2-chair turn.


Allegra introduces herself and Kelly says she turned first. John says he’s kicking himself. He heard a couple little control issues, but her tone is interesting and cool. He’s excited to see who she will pick. Kelly says the first time she turned her chair was for Brynn Cartelli and she thinks Allegra is very artistic and that performance was so beautifully done. Kelly is shocked she’s not a 4-chair turn. Nick says she sounded incredible. She started writing songs four years ago and Nick says that was interesting. He says he wrote his first song when he was 12. He asks when she writes if she pulls from real life experiences. Nick says Kelly inspired him to be a musician, but he thinks they could sit and talk music. Blake says it’s really cool the connection she has with Nick. Kelly says she loves that song so much and she likes that it was different from the original.


John asks Allegra who she picks as her coach? Allegra says she picks…this is hard! She sees Kelly has jackets and she says she has jackets! Nick says you can have my jacket. Allegra says I pick…Nick!


Next we have Cammwess and he’s from Blythewood, SC. His parents had him in sports when he was young. His dad was in the military and discipline was big in his household. He changed his focus from sports to music in high school and his parents were very supportive. He takes the stage and performs Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) by The Weeknd. John hits his button first. Blake hits his button right at the end. Cammwess is a 2-chair turn.


Cammwess introduces himself and Kelly says when she seen John turn she knew she didn’t have a chance. Nick says sometimes it’s good to just sing the notes so they can hear the melody and he thinks John can help him with that. John says Cam came in with his own style and he would love to work with him. Blake says everyone in the room right now all expect him to pick John. He’s willing to fall on his sword for him. He would love to be his coach and get him to the finale of the show.


Kelly asks Cam who he picks as his coach? Cam says he’s blushing, but he is so heavily influenced by John Legend…he has to go with John!


Next we have a blind audition we can’t see. They take the stage and perform Gypsy, Tramps, and Thieves by Cher. Nick is leaning forward listening closely. Nick is looking at the other judges and Blake shrugs and after another moment, Blake hits his block Nick button and turns. We meet Joei Fulco. Nick finally hits his button and he immediately sees he’s been blocked. Joei is a 2-chair turn, but she’ll be joining Team Blake.


Nick asks what Joei’s name is and she says she’s from Lancaster, CA. Kelly says her voice sounded so weathered. Joei says her heart is country and rock and she grew up in a family of musicians and they are a family band. Nick says he thought she was amazing, but his friend Blake decided to cut him off. Blake denies it and Nick says Blake will do his best, but it won’t be them. John says her tone was special and cool and unique. Blake says the Cher that’s in her voice is what had him and her sound will set her apart from everyone else.


Sara Collins takes the stage and sings Johnny and June by Heidi Newfield. Nick has his hand over the button and watching Blake. Kelly looks like she wants to hit and she does with Nick turning behind her. Sara is a 2-chair turn!


John greets Sara and asks her name. She’s from Baton Rouge, LA. John says he thought he heard a few pitch issues, but she has a cool tone. Blake apologizes for not turning around and he agrees with John. Nick says he thought he was a phenomenal performance and he thinks she has a similar voice to Maren Morris. He loves to write country music and he’s work with Kelsea Ballerini and Shania Twain. He says there were pitch issues, but he can help with that.


Nick says he would be honored to work with Sara. Kelly says she’s a big fan and she can’t believe she’s only 18. We see Sara’s intro package and she plays at ‘Ol Red, which is Blake’s club. Kelly says she loves country music and she’s won with a country artist. She’s very excited that Sara wants to be on her team and she has cute jackets.


John says Sara, who will you pick as your coach? Sara says they are both a part of her childhood, but she has to go with Kelly!


Clerida is our next artist and she’s from Long Island, NY. She plays the cello, but she thinks singing is her roots. Carson wonders if she’s going to play the cello while she sings. Clerida says her parents are very supportive. She takes the stage and sings Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae. She does not get a chair turn. Nick thought it was a unique performance style, but he didn’t think her voice was quite there today. Kelly says if she does shows like this, no one else is doing that and that’s rad. John says she does have a wonderful voice, but it only got to shine a few moments. Blake says next time give us your voice for an entire performance, and we’ll use the cello later.


Next is Samantha Howell and she’s from Virgina Beach, VA. She discovered she had a passion for music when she was 8. She taught herself guitar and she wrote her first song when she was 13. She went to California when she was 17 and recorded an EP, and she recently moved to Nashville. She takes the stage and sings Take It On the Run by REO Speedwagon. Kelly quickly hits her block Blake button and she turns. Blake turned and he is blocked. Nick turns and Blake says yes. Samantha is a 3-chair turn!


Samantha notices that Blake is blocked and Kelly says that’s unfortunate. Kelly says she only has one block this entire season and she used it for her. Kelly tells her not to look at Nick! Nick says she was phenomenal. Nick doesn’t think she’s limited to country. Nick asks what she likes and Samantha says she doesn’t consider herself a country artist. She likes everything, like singer/songwrite, someone like Brandi Carlile. Nick says he thought back to his first dance at his wedding and he thinks her voice has all the qualities to nail I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack.


John says she’s going to have a difficult choice. Blake says he’d like to speak with her for a second. He says this show is based on voting and coaching and voting comes on how they connect with the audience and the audience of the coach. He believes one of the biggest groups in the world right now is The Jonas Brothers, and they have a giant fan base. Nick says that was kind of dirty but he’ll take it. Kelly says please pick me.


We’re back from commercial and John says what are you going to do Samantha? Who do you pick as your coach? Samantha says she’s so sorry…she has to go with Kelly!


Next up is Jamal Corrie and he’s from San Francisco, CA. He’s been street performing for 4 or 5 years. He supports his brothers and his mom. His mom has TIA and his brothers are autistic. He’s travelled and branched out performing. He’s never played inside in front of thousands of people and the producers say there are millions watching. He sings Be Alright by Dean Lewis. Blake hits his button and Jamal is a 1-chair turn. Kelly says she was hesitant about turning because she wasn’t sure he was all in. John thinks he has a lovely voice and when he opened up it sounded glorious. He says it felt like he was a little tight for other parts of the performance. Blake says he hit his button because he believes in him and he is proud to be his coach.


Ruby G is up next and she’s from Brooklyn, NY. She takes vocal classes in NY and she’s been working really hard to make it in music and she’s ready to show the world what she has to offer. She takes the stage and sings Hard Place by H.E.R. She does not get a chair turn and John greets her. John says that’s a tough song to do on this show because so much of the song is in the lower register and it didn’t showcase what she can be. Nick agrees about the song choice, but there is so much there and it’s so rich. Blake tells her to come back and swing for the fences next time.


Samuel Wilco is next and he’s from Fort Knox, KY. He’s in the army and he’s been deployed 3 times to Kuwait. He’s an instructor but he’s close to retiring and he loves to sing. He takes the stage and sings Lately by Stevie Wonder. Kelly finally hits her button and Nick turns a moment later. Samuel is a 2-chair turn! The chairs turn back around before they can greet him. The chairs are broken. Blake peeks around and says congratulations.


Samuel introduces himself and Kelly says if she ever auditioned for The Voice, that song would be her audition song. She says it’s a smart song to pick as a singer and she thinks he will fair really well with song selection. She loves his voice and she felt a connection. Nick says that performance was unbelievable and thanks him for his service. He says he performed with such ease and he would like to hear him sing some of John’s songs. Nick says he blew him away and he really believes in him and he hopes and prays he picks him.


John asks what kind of gigs does he do? Samuel says they do cadences, but that’s it. Blake says his brother was based in Fort Knox and his brother was in trouble for something and the drill sergeant asked if he had brain damage and he thought that was awesome. He thinks Samuel did great and that was quite a moment.


John says you have a decision to make my friend and Kelly asks who he picks as his coach? Samuel says this is his wife’s favorite show and she’s the one who got him into this and he loves Kelly and what she does with her artists, but his kids love Nick Jonas. He’s going to go with Nick!


Next we have Hawk McIntyre and he’s from Boone, IA. He’s going to sing the blues and we hear him talk about being raised by a single father. His dad taught him to play guitar and he’s Hawk’s manager and roadie. Hawk takes the stage and sings Lie to Me by Jonny Lang. He did not get a chair turn. Kelly says she felt like she was a Texas bar and she was waiting to hear more of his upper range. Nick says he was just waiting for it to go up a bit too and he advises him to come back and wow them in the first couple of seconds. Blake says that song doesn’t expand and he didn’t learn much about him as an artist.


Next we have Thunderstorm Artis from Haleiwa, HI. His parents gave all of their kids unique names and his dad was the glue that held them all together. They are a very musical family. His father died when he was 13 and he played as a duo with his brother. He takes the stage and performs Blackbird by The Beatles. John, Nick, and Kelly all hit their buttons almost at the same time. Blake hits his button and Thunderstorm is a 4-chair turn.  


Nick says that was what this show is all about. Thunderstorm introduces himself. Nick says his vocal control was perfect and he would love to be have him on his team. Kelly asks if that was his given name and Thunderstorm says there are 11 kids, 6 boys and 5 girls. Kelly says he could win this competition. Blake congratulates him on being ridiculously talented. He says he could tell that the guitar was important to the performance and he said it sounded like that was pre-recorded.


Nick asks Thunderstorm if he’s a songwriter and he says yes. John says he’s notoriously stingy, but when he turns, he turns fast. He says his voice was magical and he knew he belonged on The Voice and he would love to coach him. It’s time for him to pick a coach and he says they didn’t make it easy. Thunderstorm says he has to go with John!

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