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Show Type: Situation Comedy
September 17, 1964
July 1, 1972

Bewitched Ratings
  • Season 1: #2
  • Season 2: #7
  • Season 3: #7
  • Season 4: #11
  • Season 5: #11
  • Season 6: #24
  • Season 7: #34
  • Season 8: #42

Bewitched aired ABC Saturday mornings from 1971-73, generally color episodes themed around Tabitha.

Bewitched aired ABC weekday mornings 1968-1973, usually in color. Thereafter, syndication.

Bewitched was a sophisticated ensemble situation comedy (considered light and fluffy by some) featuring relevant cultural themes in a fantasy context. Well written and superbly performed, the show has run continuously for 40 years and proven to be timeless. Producer/ Director William Asher (I Love Lucy, Make Room for Daddy, Our Miss Brooks, Gidget, Alice), wisely created a show that focused more on character development than the occult. While the endless sight gags and breezy writing enhanced the shows appeal, it was the well -drawn characters and sublime comedic performances that made Bewitched a classic!

At the very center of this classic show was Elizabeth Montgomery's portrayal of a beautiful, good-hearted witch named Samantha, a character rare in 1960's television. A strong, independent woman with the world at her finger tips--or a twitch of her nose. Samantha was a clever role reversal of the women's rights movement. Her rebellion so strong, she disregards the wishes and ultimatums of her arrogant family and the terrifying Witches Council. Quite simply, Samantha enjoyed being a homemaker and raising a family, and had the strength of character to live her life on her own terms. Equally determined was her mortal husband Darrin Stephens, a talented advertising executive with McMann & Tate. He obsessed with leading a normal, conservative lifestyle, and fearless enough to stand firm against the most powerful witch or warlock.

The struggle would begin when Darrin and Samantha met, fell in love, and married during the first episode. Disapproving of mixed marriages between mortals and witches, Samantha's powerful mother, Endora, was determined to prove to Samantha that the marriage was a tremendous mistake. Endora would determine Samantha was steadfast, and directed of her attention toward making Darrin (Dick York) miserable. Over the shows 8 year run, Endora tried numerous spells, all creating humiliation and chaos in Darrin's mortal world, not to mention Darrin's new found paranoia. Darrin was in love, and continued to stand firm that he and Sam would have a normal, loving marriage.

This was not to be, however, as made apparent by the many trials and tribulations of being married to a witch. Samantha made her best attempt to tone down any witchcraft, but with constant visits from her family, it was all in vain.

And what a family it was! Besides the meddling, indefatigable Endora, the tv show featured an ensemble of eccentric witches and warlocks. Samantha's favorite aunt, Clara, was a lovable, bumbling witch. Due to Aunt Clara's extended age (possibly 1000 years old), she was suffering the loss of her powers and, hence, inadvertently wreaking havoc at the Stephens home. How does a mortal explain a polka dotted elephant in his living room, or Ben Franklin being summoned to repair an electric lamp? In addition to Aunt Clara, Sam's practical joking Uncle Arthur, and Shakespeare orating father, Maurice, dropped in from time to time. Elizabeth Montgomery also portrayed Samantha's chameleon, free-spirited, mischievous cousin Serena, herself often indulging in the mortal world of sex and rock & roll.

On the mortal receiving end of the seemingly hallucinogenic world of witches were the neighbors Gladys and Abner Kravitz. Gladys, first brilliantly portrayed by Alice Pearce, was immediately aware that the Stephens household was positively strange, and was certain that something "beyond this world" was at work across the street. Darrin's mother, Mrs. Stephens, faired no better, as she was forever on the receiving end of a "sick headache. Another primary character was Larry Tate, Darrin's boss, who exemplified the "anything for a buck" American mentality."

Many themes were used during the show's run. The first two seasons, filmed in black & white, generally focused on the difficulties of new marriage, in-laws, as well as introduced the world to the enchanting lifestyle of witches. Numerous episodes dealt with Samantha's good-hearted attempts to help the mortal world. The black and white episodes culminated with the birth of their first daughter, Tabitha. By the third season Bewitched had really hit its stride. Now dealing with Tabitha's uncontrollable "wish craft", more chaos and upheaval jolted the Stephen's household. These middle years featured an edgier, hipper show with a psychedelic feel. The last 3 seasons of Bewitched brought about the biggest change to the series as Dick York was replaced by Dick Sargent. This element of the show has become a cultural touchstone, many viewers debating their favorite Darrin. The shows cast was always revolving, however, and over the entire run, there were also two Louise Tates, two Gladys Kravitz, two Frank Stephens (Darrin's father), several secretaries named Betty, and a number of twins as the Stephens' children, Tabitha and Adam.

Bewitched earned nearly two dozen emmy nominations during its run. Marion Lorne and Alice Pearce won well deserved awards, as did director William Asher. In 1970, Bewitched presented a Christmas episode regarding bigotry and racism, and received a special Emmy award, the Governor's Award, for the landmark episode (Sisters at Heart), not coincidentally, Elizabeth Montgomery's favorite episode. Beyond the themes of mixed marriage, adultery, and bigotry, Bewitched explored cultural issues of consumerism, materialism, human vanity, women's liberation, and mass hysteria, always within the shows fantasy concept. To the viewing public, Bewitched will forever be remembered as the hysterical yet charming sitcom starring one of tv's all time great ensemble casts.

TOP 10 Bewitched Episodes
Voted by TV Tome visitors May 2005

Rank and Episode
  • 41
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Guest ranster627

Cast List:

Mabel Albertson - Phyllis Stephens
Maurice Evans - Maurice (1964-1972)
Bernard Fox - Dr. Bombay
Alice Ghostley - Esmerelda
Sandra Gould - Gladys Kravitz #2
David Lawrence - Adam Stephens (1969-1972)
Greg Lawrence - Adam Stephens (1969-1970)
Marion Lorne - Aunt Clara
Paul Lynde - Uncle Arthur
Elizabeth Montgomery - Samantha Stephens/Serena
Agnes Moorehead - Endora
Erin Murphy - Tabitha Stephens [ seasons 3-8 ]
Diane Murphy - Tabitha Stephens (1966-1968)
Alice Pearce - Gladys Kravits #1 (1964-1966)
Roy Roberts - Frank Stephens (2) 116-188 (4 episodes)
Kasey Rogers - Louise Tate [seasons 3-8]
Dick Sargent - Darrin Stephens [ seasons 6-8 ]
Robert F. Simon - Frank Stephens (1) 14- 228 (6 episodes)
George Tobias - Abner Kravitz
Irene Vernon - Louise Tate [seasons 1 & 2]
David White - Larry Tate
Dick York - Darrin Stephens [ seasons 1-5 ]

Harry Ackerman - Executive Producer
Sol Saks - Creator
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Guest ranster627

Remembering Elizabeth Motgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery was born in Los Angeles on April 15th 1933. Daughter of movie actor Robert Montgomery and stage and screen actress Elizabeth Allen. Elizabeth was a privileged child, she and younger brother Skip (Robert) had all the comforts of upper-class raising. Fine schools, horseback riding and celebrity company. She attended the Westlake School for Girls for 11 years, an exclusive Southern California establishment. She was shy, however her passion to act started at an early age. Discouraged by her father to give up if you do not intend to "give it your all," she went on to perform in her first television drama, Top Secret an installment of her father's TV program Robert Montgomery Presents. Liz was nineteen.

She also tried her hand at Broadway, Late Love was her debut. She married at the age of 21 to TV director Frederic Cammann and continued to act on television in her father's and other TV shows. Her marriage, unlike her career, did not last. She did many television appearances, around 250. She made her big screen debut in The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell in 1955, starring Gary Cooper. Liz would often say "I've always been a TV baby" and that she was. In 1960 Elizabeth portrayed the southern prostitute Rusty Heller in an episode of The Untouchables, and received her first Emmy nomination. It proved to be the first in a string of many nominations that would elude a statue.

In 1956 she met her second husband actor Gig Young, 14 years her senior, and an abusive alcoholic. They were divorced in time for her to marry producer/director William Asher in 1963. Liz and Asher met while filming Johnny Cool, a B movie, and fell madly in love. She was a vivacious and beautiful young woman. He was a strong energetic figure. Their union produced three children, William, Robert & Rebecca.

Together they were responsible for her most famous portrayal - Samantha Stephens, the nose twitching sorceress married to a mortal. Bewitched lasted eight seasons on ABC, being one of the top rated shows of it's time. It garnered the cast and crew numerous Emmy nominations and awards, five alone for Elizabeth. The magic of Bewitched ended in 1972 and so did the Ashers' marriage. Liz and Bill were divorced in 1974.

After Bewitched, Liz went on to make many memorable TV movies. The Victim was her first, Mrs. Sundance followed soon after and so did her romance with costar Robert Foxworth. They met in 1973 and became partners in a relationship that would last until the end. The year 1974 brought A Case of Rape a milestone for the small screen, and watched in more homes than any other TV-movie in television history. This film also graced Liz with another Emmy nomination. The following year, Liz portrayed perhaps her most famous character other than our favorite witch, Lizzie Borden in The Legend of Lizzie Borden. Again another Emmy nomination.

Her remake of Dark Victory in '76 can still make one sob with tears. During all this time Liz was also keeping busy on the gameshow Password and Password Plus. It was her favorite fun pastime. She worked with her friend Allen Ludden, her love Robert Foxworth and many TV stars. Ludden often referred to her as "The Queen of Password."

Again in 1978 an Emmy award escaped her. The Awakening Land was a 7 hour mini series which showcased the great range Miss Montgomery had developed as an actress. More TV movies followed, and even some talk of a Bewitched reunion. Elizabeth would have nothing to do with it. For her it was forward and not back. She costarred twice more with Foxworth in two made-for-TV movies, Face to Face (1990) & With Murder In Mind (1992). Still living with Foxworth in 1992 when asked why they were never married he replied "I know a lot of couples who lived together and then once they get those papers it's over." They were however married in 1992 in a private and unpublicized ceremony.

In 1993 Liz narrated the Academy Award winning documentary Panama Deception, uncovering the Iran Contra affair. On a lighter note she also narrated 2 audio installments of The Erotic Adventures of Sleeping Beauty, proving to us that she was not that sweet as pie housewife she used to portray. Elizabeth Montgomery was not only a versatile television actress but also an AIDS and Gay Rights activist. Back on June 28th 1992 Dick Sargent had his Samantha right there by his side, as grand marshals of the Gay-pride Parade in Los Angeles, California. Her Bewitched costar had her complete support when he choose to "come out" publicly.

Always the stout fellow, in 1995 Liz ignored her feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. She chalked it up to the flu and overwork due to her busy schedule. She was portraying Miami crime reporter Edna Buchanan in the TV production of Deadline for Murder. Sadly Elizabeth Montgomery would succumb to cancer on May 18.1995. With her children and husband, Robert Foxworth waiting in the next room she left us quietly and with dignity at her home in Beverly Hills.

She was beautiful, bashful & bawdy. But always bewitching. We will miss you Elizabeth Montgomery.

Victor Mascaro

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bewitched Marathon on WPIX

12 noon to 6 p.m. ET

Join the magical gang of Bewitched on WPIX on June 18 for an afternoon of magical moments. And don't forget to watch the new Bewitched movie in theaters June 24. And the original first season of Bewitched is on sale on DVD on June 21. http://mortysmall.com/bewitched.shtml

12:00 PM Bewitched "I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha"

12:30 PM Bewitched "The Joker Is a Card"

1:05 PM Bewitched "Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things"

1:40 PM Bewitched "I'd Rather Twitch than Fight"

2:10 PM Bewitched "No Zip in My Zap"

2:45 PM Bewitched "Double Double Toil and Trouble"

3:15 PM Bewitched "Ancient Macedonian Dodo Birds"

3:50 PM Bewitched "My, What Big Ears You Have"

4:20 PM Bewitched "Samantha Loses Her Voice"

4:55 PM Bewitched "Okay, Who's the Wise Witch?"

5:25 PM Bewitched "Samantha's Old Salem Trip"

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Ask the Televisionary

Question: Every TV fan who knows anything knows Dick Sargent replaced Dick York on Bewitched. But why?

Televisionary: The late York, who played put-upon mortal hubby Darrin Stephens on the ABC hit for the first five years of its 1964-72 run, suffered from serious back problems dating back to an injury he suffered while filming 1959's They Came to Cordura. From that shoot on, he struggled with chronic pain and addiction to painkillers, problems which eventually led to his leaving the show after he collapsed on the set and decided he couldn't continue with the work.

So they brought in Sargent as the new Darrin and figured the audience would just go along with it. After all, poor York, for all his comic ability, always worked in the shadows of star Elizabeth Montgomery, who played witch-wife Samantha Stephens, and Agnes Moorehead, the distinguished actress who played nightmare mother-in-law Endora. "The two witches are by far more spectacular than I am. I'm just a human being," York told TV Guide in 1965. "I guess it's a lot more exciting to identify with someone superhuman than with someone normal. Maybe it's me. I don't think so, but the only way to tell if it's me or not is to kill me off in one show, give the witch another husband and see if I'm missed."

Turns out he was

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The Characters!


On the surface Samantha appears a typical suburban housewife, mother of two and wife of Darrin. But looks are deceptive. Samantha is a young witch (not more than a few centuries old) who became bored with the life of a carefree globe flying witch and decided she wanted to live "in the everyday Mortal way". Normalcy came in the form of Darrin, who she literally "bumped" into one day, and the life of an ordinary young wife out in the suburbs. Samantha (known as "Sam" to her mortal friends) coming from a large ,slightly eccentric tight knit family found it hard to become the paragon of suburbia. Especially with relatives such as her Mother, Endora, and Aunt Clara creating havoc by"popping" into her beloved Morning Glory Circle house every so often. But, ever resourceful, she coped with her Mothers dislike for her husband, Darrins dislike of her Mother, Darrins temperamental boss, and making dinner and getting the kids to school on time. Samantha, acting on Darrins wishes, gave up her supernatural powers , but couldn't resist turning on the magic (with a twitch of her nose) every so often. A very intelligent witch, who was once crowned "Queen of the Witches" by the Witches council, Samantha often came to the rescue when Darrin and Larry were stuck for ideas for there latest advertising campaign. In fact if Larry was as shrewd a businessman, as he often boasted, then he would have made Sam a partner in Mcmann and Tate and have made Darrin stay at home and look after the kids !


Rising young Advertising executive with "McMann and Tate" on Madison Avenue, Darrin Stephens' life would never be the same after "bumping" into Samantha one fateful day in Manhattan. On their wedding night Samantha told Darrin that she was a Witch. He reacted in typical style - he freaked ! After much soul searching he decided the only way to cope with life with a witch-wife was to lay down the rule of "love, honour and no Witchcraft". Very much a self made man, Darrin seriously resented his wife's occasional supernatural assists in his life and career. Prone to temperamental outbursts he nonetheless loved Sam and put up with all the magical shenanigans. Wanting only to provide for his family and live a normal life, Darrins idea of normalcy was often threatened by Endora. Resenting his glamorous, high living Mother in law , he was often quick to insult Endora, often getting himself into more trouble. A proud individual, the attach
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The Characters - part 2




Endora is an ancient (she admits to 1000), extraordinarily beautiful, wise, and very very powerful witch-goddess. Married to (and now separated from) the warlock-turned-Shakesperian-Actor Maurice at a young (for a witch) age, she has one child, Samantha, who is the light of her life. Samantha's marriage to a mortal named Darrin Stephens is most upsetting to Endora, who envisioned far greater than diapers and dirty dishes for her sole offspring. Red haired, blue eyed and with a perfect figure, Endora is not a woman who is content to coast through life on good looks alone. She is intelligent, highly original, charming, witty, sophisticated, glamourous, tempestous, outspoken and a welcome (except by Darrin) addition to ANY social gathering. Endora speaks every known language in the universe, designs clothes for her couterier, is a sought after lecturer on the Witches Council Convention circuit and commands much respect in both the supernatural and the natural world, impressing (and intimidating) even the likes of Larry Tate! Endora is also a loyal mother and friend, but when crossed (which Darrin does on a regular basis....some people never learn) she is capable of anything and everything from pulling a chair out from under someone to turning them into a toad! Besides tormenting Darrin, Endora enjoys hanging out with gurus, mountain climbing, camel polo, surfing, performing recitiations of her original poetry works (the most famous of which is "Twas the Night Before Halloween") lunching and shopping around the world, reading Harpies Bizarre, and spending time with her daughter and grandchildren.

Endora was profiled by Jone M Devlin

Endora was portrayed by Agnes Moorehead


Poor dear Aunt Clara !. Age has played havoc with her supernatural powers, causing her a life of walking into walls, forgetting incantations, and stern criticism from the Witches Council. Older sister of Endora, Clara seems to have been cut from different cloth. Favourite Aunt of Sam's and one of the few of her relatives to actually use Darrins proper name ! Clara often acts as baby sitter. Aunt Clara loves Sam and Darrin who she "drops" by to see on a regular basis, often raising Darrin's temperatures into the bargain. Clara may have problems with the basic ABC's of magic (basic manipulation, popping out, turning herself into a pot plant) but when her magic works it is every bit as powerful as her younger sisters. Who else could black out the entire Eastern seaboard, albeit when she was trying to turn the lights on at the Stephens ! Not one to be put out to pasture, Clara keeps herself busy by collecting doorknobs, visiting Sam and spending time with her errant boyfriend Ockie.

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The Characters - part 3


Identical cousin of Samantha's, Serena was a free spirit, living live to the full and hopping around the cosmos on the slightest whim. A creature of the times Serena often changed her "look" to suit the latest trends. Her wildest transformation was that to Hippie, in the sixties, where she took part in "love ins" , peace rallies and writing ballads for popular recording artists. Not one to let the grass grow under her feet, Serena was never in one place too long. Or with any one person too long. Her list of boyfriends is legendary. She once decided to "find a mortal and marry it", however he turned out be an egotistic Warlock in disguise. Temperamental - boyfriends who have crossed her have been transformed into a variety of creatures and inanimate objects ( anything from an antique bedwarmer to a large scaly monster living at the bottom of Loch Ness). She does possess "a sweet forgiving nature", however, especially when "the planet Icarus is passing between Jupiter and Venus". So , whenever this may be it's probably the best time to meet up with her !


Sam's practical joking Uncle Arthur was an outrageous Warlock forever playing the clown. ! Endora's younger brother, Arthur never got on with his older sister. Endora distrusted him and never appreciated her brother's taunts and jokes - especially when they were at her expense. Doting on Samantha ,and not bothered about her "mortal union" Arthur stuck by Sam through thick and thin. Often advising Darrin on how to get the better of "the Madame La farge of the broomstick set" otherwise known as Endora. Arthur was addicted to practical jokes and once tried to give them up for the benefit of his beloved Aretha, a witch snob with no sense of humour. He couldn't and she left him. So Arthur returned to being the Prince of funnies , dispensing "hot foots" (made with real lightening) throughout the cosmos.


Debonair, bombastic and Shakespeare quoting Maurice was a Warlock of great power, status and ability - but to Sam he was just plain "Daddy". As violently opposed to his daughters marriage as Endora, Maurice would never miss a trick when it came to insulting his son in law "Dustbin". Prone to violent outbursts, Maurice is quite a threat to the domestic harmony of Sam and Darrin. Maurice stopped at nothing to taunt his son in law - blowing him up, trapping Darrin in a Mirror, attempting to transform him into a leaping lizard and other such supernatural misdoings. However, Maurice loved his daughter and took great pride in being a Grandfather, materialising every so often in his Rolls Royce to visit them. A member of the prestigious Warlock Club Maurice loves to recite Shakespeare to anyone who will listen. Ofcourse Maurice will have you believe that he dictated all of Shakespeare's plays to "Bill" and so has every right to quote from them - repeatedly !


"From Tripoli to Timbuktu, I beg I plead, I beseech of you , a moment longer do not stay , come to me come to me, Doctor Bombay !!" A familiar refrain in the Stephens' household upon calling for the ultimate in Witch doctors - Doctor Bombay. Known for his eye for the ladies and his sloppy diagnosis ,Bombay has been Sam's family doctor for centuries . Possessing the bed side manner of an orang-utan (as Uncle Arthur once put it) a check up from Bombay is likely to include hair pulling , dust blowing and tuning fork tapping. Whenever "Bombs-away" one of his many attractive, female, Nurses would stand in for him - none of which would know much about medicine as that's not what they've been trained in ! Devoting a lot of time to his "sporting" activities Bombay never seems to show when needed. Sam once had to go to the top of Mount Everest to find him. Not because he was the best but as Sam put it once "lay off him , he's the only one we've got !"


During Samantha's second pregnancy, Endora decided it was time to find her daughter a maid. Mainly because "El Cheapo", Darrin would not hire one. So came Esmeralda to the Stephens. A shy, retiring witch , who had lost most of her powers, Esmeralda was looking for a "safe little harbour" where she could feel needed and get some of her confidence back. Unfortunately when her confidence levels dwindled Esmeralda would , quite literally, "fade" from sight. Her romantic dalliances often ended in disaster. She used to play a game of hard to get with much sought after beau Ramone Verona (a salad chef at the Warlock Club). However he'd play hard to get and she'd play a cinch. Esmeralda suffered from allergies and bouts of hiccups. When such an involuntary act would happen it would activate supernatural powers which would materialise the thought closest to her cerebellum (her words). So it wasn't unusual to find Mother Goose, goats, performing seals, Julius Caesar or Santa Claus in the Stephens living room. She finally found happiness with her old boyfriend Ferdy, who was every bit as inept as her !


That "Son of a Gun" Larry Tate !. Darrins's boss and best friend, Larry was a greedy, manipulative, adman who could change his opinion,to suit a clients, mid sentence, if required. Money wasn't the only thing on Larry's mind though he would daydream about ruling the world and controlling the National economy !! Larry seemed to sack Darrin at least once a week and would go to extraordinary lengths to appease a new client. Relying heavily on Darrins talents, Larry presided over Mcmann and Tate with a firm hand. Larry did care about Darrin and Sam, in his own way, but wouldn't think twice about holding a dinner party , for a client , at the Stephens' ,at the drop of a hat. Vexed by his wife - Louise, Larry lead an ulcer creating life - always after his ten percent commission. A favourite with Serena - who referred to him playfully as "cotton top", Larry could be charming whenever there was a whiff of a client signing a contract in the air !

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The Characters - part 4


Louise Tate, Sam's best friend and wife of Darrins boss ,Larry. Louise often had to act as Larry's conscience - especially when he would fire Darrin! Quick to dispense relationship advice to Samantha, Louise tries hard to get Larry to become more generous - especially when she needs money for new outfits ! Louise uses her trademark "Larry" wail, when her husband steps out of line, Louise was the ideal wife for Larry, as she was, more or less, in control, and would not shy away from confronting her husband should he insult her Mother, her dress, hair......"Miss AT and T" was the necessary antidote to Larry's brusque ways and a good, if tell tale, friend of Samantha's.


Poor Abner, all he wants is to sit and read the paper, play chess, or listen to the game on his radio. What does he get? - his wife Gladys pestering him about that witch of a neighbour of theirs. Abner thinks Gladys is cracking up ! He doesn't believe he lives next door to a Witch, in fact he's always found Mrs Stephens to be "charming"The love seems to have faded between Abner and Gladys. Once Gladys left Abner and moved into the Stephens'. Not that Abner was bothered. He literally developed a spring in his step! What with Gladys on one of her health kicks at the time , it was a relief for Abner to eat cold cuts and drink beer with his poker buddies. Although when it comes to defending his wife's honour, he's right behind her, when he thinks she's acting like a fruitcake, he's well away from her! What a well balanced relationship!


Who would want a neighbour like Gladys Kravitz? Nosey, suspicious, borrowing sugar at the drop of a hat? Gladys had good cause though as she lived next door to a witch ! No one believed her ,or saw the amazing sights she witnessed but this didn't stop her. From furniture popping back and forth to houses appearing and disappearing, Gladys witnessed it all. She was probably the most perceptive person in Morning Glory Circle, after all how many other people in that unusually quiet neighbourhood, realised they were living with a Witch across the street? One of Gladys's goals in life was to get Abner to believe her. She was once , accidentally, transported back to 17th Century Plymouth Rock. Thinking it was all a dream, until she arrived back dressed in 17th Century apparel. Running back to Abner she was distressed to find her clothes revert back to regular upon reaching her house. Gladys awaits the day she can turn the tables on Samantha and get the whole world to believe her about the witch in Westport.

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I must have been in a good mood on April 16, 2006 because I can't handle watching Bewitched for even a couple minutes. When I want to torture myself, I see how long I am able to watch an episode before I can't stand it any longer. I rarely last more then a few minutes. In part because their special powers have no coherent rules\boundries; in any given episode, they can\can't do whatever so it fits the story, which often is in controdiction with what was possible\impossible in previous episodes.

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