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Who wants a transcript of the show?


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So far I have 9 pages writing down the entire June 21st show...does anyone want it here, it will show you what each hg said about others and themselves

I know I spelled show wrong.grrr

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why not? go ahead i missed the show that night

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I will post it here! OMFG I never realized how much writing I would be doing...so far I have 12 pages and am not done yet.........

ARe you talking Saturday night Dream?

Dream you are in the same province as I am.....waving..hi can you see me? lol

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Yes I am have been all my life...and my son worked in Halifax for awhile but moved to british columbia...more jobs out there and iit is gorgeous up there.

Are you in dartmouth?

*waves back....*

I will bill as soon as I am done writing it all down...

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Chicken George

BB1 Chicken George.."Beer drinkers of America"

BB! Chicken George."Wow!"

BB1 chicken George,.."Do you think I'm cool?"

BB1 Chicken George.."Are we messing with the chicken man today?"

NDR- George.." I got the name Chicken George because I was the one

that took care of the chickens."

BB1 Mike "Is our chicken dead?"

BB1 George." I don't know but he ain't looking too good.Maybe we can give him cpr or something?"

NDR.George."The big brother experience to me was it was fantastic! I was a contractor from a small town in Illinois."

BB1 George.."We are prepared for anything you can throw at us tonight Julie,"

NDR.George.." I had never really lived anywhere besides living with my

wife and my fanily. The family thing was really tough for me cause I

had never been away from them for a long period of time. That was so difficult, but I would give anything to

play the game again. When we did Big Brother 1 we were just a pool of people that really didn't quite know

what we were doing but now the game has changed an awful lot. I want to play the strategy

the backstabbing the lying. I'll do anything whatever I gotta do to make it to the end."

Julie "Chicken George is our first all star candidate whether or not he makes it could be up to you."

Bunky's Plea!

BB2..Bunky.." Fantabulous!"

BB2 Bunky..."allright all right all right!"

BB2 Bunky.."I get weird when I get tired."

NDR June 21st.." Bunky...I'm the bald gay guy from the South with a hairy back named Bunky that cried all the time."

BB2..Bunky " crying I'm sorry.."

BB2 Krista."Why you so sad Bunk?"

BB2 Will.."This is so not a big deal Bunky give me a hug."

NDR.Bunky " I'm a sensitive person and I don't think that people should be ashamed of showing their emotions."

BB2 Kent.." Where's your tupperware you were talking about?"

BB2 bunky," You must really think I'm a fag, bring my own tupperware, I brought my Mary Kay products but yeah,,"

BB2 Kent.."Is that what this is?"

NDR Bunky "I didn't like Kent at first especially when he came up to me

before I came out to him."

BB2 Kent."You know it used to be weirdoes, freaks and sickos. Now it's alternative lifestyles."

NDR Bunky "Then as days went by Kent ended up being one of the nicest people in the house."

BB2 Kent ."I admire the courage it takes to be who you are in the straight world. It takes a great deal and I respect you for that."

NDR Bunky.."Since being on Big Brother Kent is probably the only person I keep in touch with."

BB2 Kent."G'Night you ole homo."

BB2 Bunky."Good night you old grump."

BB2 Bunky to Hardy."Do we have concensus here? Do you want me to vote for Kent, or for Will?

NDR Bunky ." I made it to the final five because I tried to be a nice guyand let people have what they want so that they would like me."

BB2 DR Bunky."I'm just trying to stay in the game and I'm a puppet."

NDR Bunky."I'm not gonna give up my strategy right now.but um, I'm definitely gonna play the game differently. I think America should vote for Bunky to be in the Big Brother house so that they can see how I've changed"

Will's transcript

BB2.WIll."Half man half amazing!"

BB2 Will.Trampoline!"

NDR,,Will." Do you think it's easy being this good looking? It is easy!"

BB2..Nicole."You think you're ever gonna be human?"

BB2 WIll. "I look like a human on the outside, but it's just circuitry and wires."

NDR..Will." Well I'm best known in big brother for being ruthless."

BB2,,Nicole." Well at least we're fuckin honest!"

BB2 Will.."You are but I'm not!"

NDR.Will "Well, I was very honest with everyone I told them I was gonna lie!"

BB2 Will "Listen I am the evil person in the house. I said I was gonna lie from day 1, and I said I was evil from day 1!"

NDR Will.."My strategy was to make alliances with everyone I offered them my hand and told them hey don't worry about it!"

BB2 Hardy..You shook on that one.."

BB2 Will.."Sucker"

NDR Will.."I kinda look over the stage and play the marionette. You have to backstab to win.That's what it takes!'

BB2."Krista."You be trayed me."

NDR Will."People were really trying to evict me and I was in the hot seat very often."

BB2 Hardy.."Will I nominate you."

BB2 Hardy.."Will I nominate you."

BB2 Hardy : Not nominating you would be like christmas without presents."

BB2 Will.."I was nominated?"laughs

NDR Will."How did I survive it?"

BB2 Will to kent.." It makes sense keeping me around because I'm so hated anytime I could go out."

NDR Will." I absolutely pioneered the strategy of being evil and hoping to make it to the end"

BB2 Julie."Congratulations Will You are the winner of big brother 2."

NDR WIll."I wanna get back in there because I have a big ego and I wanna mix things up and make people realize that there's no-one safe"

Mike Boogie's Plea!

BB2...Mike.."It's hot out there, we'll chill in the sun, pick me or her,we're still gonna have fun."

BB2.."Let's dance, you know what I'm saying?"

NDR.." When I came into the big brother house, um I very quickly gravitated to the chilltown alliance.

BB2 Girl?? He's intimidayed by vainity intelligence and powerand we possess all three of those things.

NDR Mike.." It was kinda like the Brat Pack. Chilltown was better looking, um, cooler than everybody, like people you'ld wanna spend time with as opposed to buying an insurance policy."

BB2..Krista.." Boogie I'm looking out for you."

BB2.Mike."Yeah I know."

NDR..Mike."I fell for Krista who I personally thought to be an amazing person. I was able to listen to a female speak and not make it all about myself."

BB2..Mike.." Will you marry me?"

NDR..Mike.." Krista and I never got married, but we were engaged for awhile, um, we separated and I haven't spoken to her in a couple of years."

BB2,,Kent." I nominated Mike and I nominated Krista."

NDR >.Mike."Falling in love with Krista clouded my judgement in the game and made me a little more of a target."

BB2..Mike," It's like being in a movieand the extras and stand-ins have taken over and the stars are out. I'm a fuckin star and he's an extra..." referring to kent.

NDR .Mike."And I kinda felt stupid, ya know especially fairly duped by people who are not as smart as me, quite frankly."

BB2 Julie." Mikeyou are evicted from the big brother house."


NDR.Mike."Well, I am very good friends with Will.but it will be a nice tout de pas?? to show him Mike Boogie is just as smart as he is. I would like to take a shot at it. I could be a very smart player and that could very dangerous in this game."

Monica's Plea


BB2 Monica...I'm an angry black woman, yes!"

Bb2..Monica."Baby it's on!"

BB2.Monica It's gonna be on!"

BB2,,Monica." It's on!"

NDR.Monica " If I say it's on something is getting ready to jump off."

BB2 .Monica.' Boogie you got something to say?'Kent you got something to say to me?"

NDR.Monica" I was honest, I played a good game, I kept it real."

BB2.Monica" Act like fuc**** grown ass people, and not like fuc@@@ kids! I will not talk behind your back. Anything I got to say to youI will say it to your face and Kent if you wanna talk let's get down!"

NDR..Monica" At that point I was just pissed off, I had had enough!"

BB2.Monica."I will bust all your a$$es if you fu** with me like this again!"

NDR Monica." When I made it to the final 3 I was a little surprised that I made it that far without a real strategy. I can't tell what I'm going to do different if I get on the show but I'm gonna continue to be Monica I'm gonna continueto keep it real and if you cross the line it will be on, you can best to believe that."

Julie." Monica Bunky Mike Boogie will join Chicken George in our top 20. Will any of them become a big brother all-star your vote could make the difference. When we come back I'll give you a peak at the big brother all stars house and who will be the candidates from big brother 3. Stay with us."

Here is mu boy Marcella's transcript...

BB3 Marcellas.." I love looking at myself"

BB3 Marcellas " I'm not the brightest boy on the face of the earth I'm not trying to pretend that I am I'm just really cute! I'm like the most beautiful boy in this house.

BB3.Marcellas.."These boys are already cracking they've been here to long."

BB3 Amy " Hell Marcellas, I've gotta paint my nails after we do this."

BB3 Marcellas."Yes Miss Amy I'm coming right now."

NDR.Marcellas." Amy and I were two ourcasts that were definitely used to being the most popular people and I understand Amy as well as I feel like I understand myself."

BB3 Marcellas." Are you sure you ain't black under there?"

BB3.Jason " I nominated Marcellas and Amy."

NDR Marcellas." That made one of the most memorable clips in big brother history! I competed for the golden veto and I won it and I could have taken myself off the block"

Julie.."Please reveal your decision now"

BB3 Marcellas."I'm not gonna use it, I don't want you to have to decide between them. Amy I love you, so much."

NDR Marcellas," I really trusted Jason. I really thought that he put me up against Amy because he wanted Amy to go."

BB3.Jason." You should have used the veto. I'm sorry but I vote to evict you Marcellas."

NDR Marcellas." It was almost like this greek crazy tragedy where you know you shouldn't do something but you have to see how it plays out. The first interraction I had with Julie Chen who smacks me upside the head."

Julie..."What were you thinking?"

NDR.Marcellas." I know you can't erase something in the past, but, this is a chance to go back and correct an error."

Lisa's Plea

NDR Lisa.." I was the pretty girl in the bathing suit all the time. I think I am best known for the peanut butter bikini!"

BB3 Lisa.."I'm gonna melt..we're gonna melt."

NDR Lisa,." I formed a relationship with Eric the fireman."

BB3 Lisa.."I can orgasm just from my navel being touched the right way"Eric.."Are you serious?".

NDR Lisa" But I have to admit, that part of my gut feeling knew that he would be seen as the stronger player..so, thee week that we were put up to be evicted, I kinda knew just in my gut that he'ld be going home. It was definitely a hard separation."

BB3 Lisa.." I keep my mouth shut and my eyes open."

NDR Lisa.." I think that was easy for me to make it to the end of that game."

BB3 Danielle." He came out the freaking bathroom and he did not wash his nasty hands!"

NDR..Lisa." I just sat back and I just watched every single person hate on each other."

BB3 Girl? "And how exactly?"

BB3 Marcellas." You ran out there and ran out there screaming at her treating her like sh!t!"

NDR Lisa." As long as I stayed out of the way, I wasn't getting into any trouble."

Julie..."Congratulations Lisa you are the winner of Big Brother 3.

NDR Lisa." There are a lot of people who look at me and sayokay she just rode coattails. ..and I did! I can't lie about it, it was a fun ride. I'm very grateful for their coattails but this time, it's time to play the game."

Danielle's Plea!

BB3,Danielle." Ahh"

Bb3 Danielle," Why? Why? Why? "

BB3 BB3.Danielle."that's not two-faced! What's black and white? you do it okay, you don't do it!"

NDR Danielle." People either love to hate me or hate to love me"

BB3 Danielle." Happy?" Girl."Yeah".Danielle."Good!"

BB3 Marcellas." You work on this and you screw me Ill come after you."

BB3 Danielle." Whatever!"

NDR Danielle." My biggest regret for big brother was ah, the diary room, cause I was so real and raaw."

BB3 ODR.Danielle." Yeah I lied!" You ain't fooling nobody!

BB3 Danielle.Whoopie doopie on a poopie."

ODR Danielle." 2 down 8 more to go. 3 down. 4 down. 7 down.4 3 2 1 more to go!"

NDR Danielle." The countdown was something not to be arrogane,but it was something for me to focus on the goal."

ODR Danielle."It;s all about the money 500 G's"

NDR Danielle." I had a strong alliance, a secret alliance with Jason and we kicked butt in that houseand it was phenominal!

BB3 Jason."You alright? to marcellas

NDR Danielle."Jason would work some poeple on one side of the house and I would work with some people on the other side of the house and what we did was we'ld sit down and compare notes."

BB3 Jason." We have to even appear like there's a problem between us. We might have to stage a fight at some point."

NDR Danielle." No-one had any idea ya ya they'll talk and say they knew all along, .they didn't know cause Jason and I made it to the final 33 .never even nominated!"

BB3 Danielle." Final 3!" Lisa "Final 3!"

NDR Danielle." I played the game smart, but not smart enough.

Julie." Congratulations Lisa you are the winner of BB3."

NDR Danielle." Why do I wanna go back in..one word..redemption

Erika's Plea!

NDR.Erika.. I came into the house on Big Brother 4 and it was all really great and we were all having a great time. Ten minutes later, my ex-boyfriend walked in the house."

BB4 David"Robert, you go by Robert?"

BB4 Robert."Yeah."

BB4 David."all right man."

NDRErika That very moment I'll probably remember as long as I live."

BB4.Robert.." I can't F'ing believe this!"

NDR Erika."I was kinda an emotional mess.."

BB4 Erika." I just wanna apologise for any of the stuff I said in here."

Bb4 Robert." Omg that means so much to me"

NDR Erika." I was actually really thankful that Robert and I reconcilled in the house."

BB4 Robert "So what do you think? You wanna get back together?" Both laugh Robert . "I had to throw it in"

BB4 Jack." When was the last time you were negotiating with a bunch of kids?"

NDR Erika."I had an alliance with Jack pretty much from the very beginning of the game."

BB4 Erika." That's how we win it Jack, me and you to the end."

NDR Erika." Jack and I still remain very very close he's definitely a father figure to me.I actually played a perfect game in terms of who I aligned with. My worst game wove was not winning the diamond veto.I think if I had won that I would have gottten the win.

BB4 Alison.I choose to evict you Erika."

NDR Erika." But I would really love the chance to redeem myself because I can really win it!"

Dana's Plea!

BB4.Dana "C'mere ya little B!tch! Let me spank you>"

BB4 Dana "It pisses me off."

BB4 Dana."I'm so pissed off right now!"

NDR Dana."I'm a spicy personalitya know, it's real easy to set me off."

BB4 Dana..Ya'll see that it was a move that no other f'ing guy or girl in this house had the balls to make."

NDR Dana." When I went into the Big Brother house we went in only eight of us, we figured good strategy the eight of us stick together."

BB4 Dana."I think we're good."

BB4 Alison."Ya can't break this."

BB4 Dana."Absolutely we're eight strong right now."

NDR Dana." But when the exes came in and none of them were my ex I was like this is kinda cool.Justin was Alison's ex-boyfriend."

BB4 Dana to Alison." It's not I want your man"

NDR Dana."He was so cute, it was like I was blinded by his hotness."

BB4 Dana." You have nice lipsbut I told you that already though". Justin.."Thank You."

BB4 Dana."They're voluptuous."

NDR Dana ." That's when I lost sight of the strategy. I blew it! I was the first person to turn my back on the original alliance, the elite eight."

BB4 Dana."I nominate Jack and Alison for eviction this week."

BB4 Nathan."I think you betrayed everyone."

NDR Dana." It all came back to bite me in the ass the very next week when Alison won HOH."

BB5 Alison."As HOH I nominate you Dana , an eye for an eye."

Julie," Dana you are evicted from the big brother house."

NDR Dana." Hiindsight being what it is I should have you know thought about things a bit more before I switched sides. I made that mistake once! I wanna play the game this time 100% game! I'm not scared or intimidated by other people so to me, bring in all the best players and let's really have a game."

Alison's Plea!

BB4 Alison."I'm gonna kick your a$$!"

BB4..Alison "Fear me now."

NDR Alison."I'm probably best known for being a hooker in the house, manipulating the men was definitely part of my strategy!"

BB4 Nathan " You've hooked up with almost every guy in the house."

BB4 Alison.:I did not!"

BB4 Alison.:Let's hide from those guys."

NDR.Alison."A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do."

BB4 Nathan.." Take it off."

BB4 Alison." I could just fall in love with you could you just stand there all night?"

NDR Alison." When I saw Nathan in the house he was obviously very naive and gullible. "

BB4.Nathan."Golly.Golly, Golly"

ODR Alison."Nathan doesn't even smell appealing, he smells like ahh drives me crazy aghh"

BB4 Nathan."Come to daddy."

NDR Alison." I knew I could just, (imitates a whip)

BB4 Justin."You looked me right in the eye and you lied to my face."

BB4 Alison." Actually, that's a bunch of bullsh**"

BB4 jun " Put up Ali and get her out of here."

BB4 Jack."Put Alison in there we vote her a$$ out of here."

NDR Alison."It got to the point where everybody hated me and everybody wanted me out so I told them what they wanted to hear."

BB4 Alison.to Erika." You're the only one I have an alliance too"

BB4.Alison to Robert." If I win the final HOH I'm taking you."

NDR Alison."And that's how I made it to first runner up.I got one vote from the jury"

BB4 Nathan "I vote for Ali."

Julie."Congratulations Jun you are the winner of Big Brother 4."

NDR Alison." The first runner up, first loser crap is not good enough for me, so I'm coming back with a vengenance!"

Jase's Plea!

BB5 Jase "You are eliminated!"

BB5Jase I know I'm not crazy! Meh Meh Meh"

BB5 Jase "Ultimate betrayal!"

NDR..Jase " "I formed an alliance in BB5 called 'The 4 idiot horseman"

BB5 Jase " Scott that's a hot picture dude!"

NDR Jase.." We were just a group of guys at the time with no shirts on and I thought Hey this looks right...this feels right!"

BB5 Jase " I would just like to say,those of you who conspired against me this week to vote me out of the house, two words, kiss my a$$!"

NDR Jase " The fateful day I remember"

BB5 Jase." It's on Scott!"

NDR..Jase " I was looking at Adria cause she had said (mocking Adria.crying .lol) "i would never do that I'm just a poor girl from Alabama."BB5 Jase to Adria . "You're the biggest liar, you were in the HOH room , everybody knows it."

NDR Jase" I'm calling her a liar and I'm throwing holy water at her, it's getting crazy, there's fire and demons in there and then...."

Julie....One of your housemates has been playing the game with an identical twin."

out walks Naralie and his face drops.lol

NDR Jase...She morphs into two people and that....that was not from Jesus!"Adria and Natalie.."Twin power., avtivate!"

NDR Jase.." I was like a rat on aa sinking ship at that point, they knew that Jase was out the door."

BB5 Jase..."looking for a few good ladies for my alliance, maybe a couple of twins?"

Julie Jase yu have been evicted from the big brother house."

NDR Jase " Jase will be back and Jase will be wearing headgear..Will it be a bandana? I don't know, you just have to wait and see."

BB5 Jase.."Born again baby. I ain't leaving this is my house!"

Michael's Plea!

NDR Cowboy."I am the only cowboy that's been on Big Brother. I think I'm a lot different than most houseguests."

Julie.." Michael is the half-brother of Jennifer, they have the same father. Both are completely unaware that the other exists."

BB5 Holly." Nick what's your last name?"

BB5 Nakomis.."Deadmon."

BB5 Holly "Deadmon, really?"

NDR Cowboy." When Nakomis ya know said her last name t was a very shocking situation."

BB5 Cowboy to Nakomis." We have the same father."

BB5 Cowboy reading the letter from his father.

NDR Cowboy." To find out I had a sister and a dad ya know it was a piece of the puzzle that finally came together."

Julie."The winner of Big Brother 5 is Drew!"

NDR Cowbot." When you get so close to a hlaf-million dollars like I did you get a taste of what it's like ..you want that money so bad that if it takes coming back on the show to win a half-million dollars I will give a good fight!"

Nakomis's Plea!

BB5 Nakomis."Freaking house I hate it!"

BB5 Nakomis."That's just wrong!"

BB5 Nakomis." Nakomis is the name I got when I was 15 it means daughter of the moon."

NDR Nakomis." The craziest thing that ever happened to me was finding out I had a brother that I never knew that I had."

BB% Nakomis reading letter from dad.

NDR Nakomis." My relationship with Michael is very on and off again.We understand that we're related to each other, but we have so little in common."

BB5 Nakomis.."He!! Yeah."

BB5 Nalomis."I got a fetish, it's like people who have their nipples peirced with clamps on them and like ask you to spank them." Drew looks horrified!

NDR Nakomis." On BB5 I think I was definitely misunderstood and that people didn't take me serious as a game player."

BB5 Scott."Who do you think will be first to go?"

BB5 Diane."Jennifer"

NDR Nakomis." I was definitely trying to be a snake in the grass..let people start forming their alliances and see where people are lying. The only regret that I have is the single vote that got me out of the big brother house was my broher Michael's."

BB5 Michael."I do choose to use the veto to save you Diane."

Julie "Nakomis you have been evicted .."

BB5 Nakomis."Have a good one guys."

NDR Nakomis." If I get back in the big brother house I'm definitely gonna bring a lot more game. I'm gonna plan for the future instead of the right now, and hopefully win this thing."

Diane's Plea!

BB5 Diane." When I want something I get it."

BB5 Diane." I'm not gonna walk around and kiss everybody's ass in this house cause it's not the type of person I am."

BB5 Diane." I'm gonna pretend I'm at t he bar."

BB5 Diane." I said you're not dumb, and neither are we, that's all I said."

NDR Diane." I feel like being a tough ruthless b!tch is being a good player."

BB5 Diane."Girls like me don't give guys like him the time of day."

BB5 Scott (Inaudible to me)." Trailer trash."

NDR Diane." I'm tough, I'm a fighter, I'm not a pansy a$$."

BB5 Diane." Jase and Scott I nominated you two."

NDR Diane." I was the best player in BB 5, but, I got wrapped up in a stupid boy."

BB5 Diane."God I'm in love with Drew."

BB5 Diane." Drew is like sent from heaven. I don't even know if they make men like him on the earth."

BB5 Diane." I had my eye on you since that first day.that I sat next to you on the couch. Do you wanna be my boyfriend?"

NDR Diane. And he s**ewed me at the end."

BB5 Drew." I got to choose between a girlfriend and a best friend and at this time I choose to evict you Diane."

NDR Diane." I regret it every day of my lifebecause being with him cost me the entire game.We all know I would have won. I wanna go back in and I'm playing for money and that's it! I don't give a shit about anybody else that's in there but me, that's why I wanna g o back in."

BB5 Diane."Nobody brings me down."

Howie's Plea!

BB6 Howie."I'm good-looking!

BB6 Howie "Ahh" (looking at a behind..lol

NDR Howie." I'm the best looking guy in BB history! I'm ripped I'm athletic, I'm mobile, I'm the most over the top person in BB history."

BB6 Howie talking to April." Yeah you're so stuck with your fat hubby and your ugly dog, yeah I'm jealous honey."

NDR Howie." Busto was threatening me and I thought it was timefor the hurricane to start hovering around here."

BB6 Howie."How do you feel that America hates you April? They probably hate you! The big buson blonde, Busto for short. Busto why do you have to start up again Busto?"

BB6 April." I don't care."

BB6 Howie."You suck! Too bad too bad to waste an HOH week. I'm the best looking guy in the house, I'm the star of the show, don't talk like that to him."

BB6 Howie." The force was not with me tonight Master Yoda,"

NDR Howie." I'm always studying to be a Jedi, my skills have doubles since I left the BB house. Ya know look out! I feel sorry for those houseguests. Big brother without Howie is like a day without sunshine."

BB6 Ivette." We love you Howie."

NDR Howie." Let's just vote, get it done, get me in there and let me find a new Busto."

Kaysar's Plea!

NDR Kaysar." I was the first Muslim in the big brother house.and the point I was trying to make the first time around was to take down stereotypes and.."

BB6 James."You have to pray 5 times a day right.?"

BB6 Ashlea," I have a problem remembering once."

NDR Kaysar."But the friendship they were treating me as if I was some guy who they thought they could take advantage of."

BB6 Howie."I don't think that's in the Koran anywhere but we'll go with it you know you're a dirty plauer."

NDR Kaysar."At that point it was time to really say enough."

Julie..Congratulations Kaysar you are the new HOH."

NDR Kaysar." And that's when I started to put my plan into action."

BB6 Maggie."You sealed my fate."

BB6 Kaysar."No, I sealed your partners fate."

Julie."Eric you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."

Announcer."Its America's Choice. Which evicted houseguest do you want back in the BB house?"

Julie." Kaysar is back in the game after receiving an overwhelming 82% of the vote."

NDR Kaysar." It was an amazing feeling.I'm back, I'm with my team, game on let's play! It comes down to me and Jennifer in the HOH competition."

BB6 Jennifer." I'm telling you you're safe, you won't be nominated!"

BB6 Kaysar."Swear on your life?"

Bb6 Jennifer."Swear on my life." (She winks at someone?)

NDr Kaysar."It was a gross miscalculation!"

BB6 Jennifer."I nnominate Kaysar!"

Julie."Kaysar, you have been evicted from the big brother house."

NDR Kaysar." In the end I trusted the wrong person. That costed me the game. I wanna go back in the house because I was evicted way too early and it's not gonna happen again. This time I'm here to win!"

Ivettes Plea!

NDR Ivette." I'm latin and I can get really loud."

BB6 Ivette."i'm gonna get Cuban on his a$$."

BB6 Ivette." You know what the problem is, you have no respect for women, no respect for women."

BB6 Beau." Sit down!"

NDR Ivette." I coulda probably toned it down a bit."

BB6 Ivette."April you want the veto you can shove it up your a$$!"

NDR Ivette." I am who I am and I'm gonna open my mouth regardless, I have no control of it." We started the friendship alliance then the whole house became divided."

BB6 Ivette to Maggie." Everything I hate in this world, is in this house."

NDR Ivette." My only regret is sticking with the people that I did ya know my gut instinct told me they were no good and I knew it."

BB6 April." I will vote Ivette off."

BB6 Jennifer."we need to nip it in the bud now"

NDR Ivette." Ya know, my dad did not let me think about it. The second I walked out he was yelling in my eartelling me how horrible they were. I was like.enough!"

BB6 Ivette."I'm not gonna get down in the dumps about it."

NDR Ivette." The friendship is no more."

Julie." Congratulations Maggie you are the winner!"

NDR Ivette." Kinda hard to get that close to the money and not get it cause I need to get back in there and really play the game. I'm no longer part of the nerd herd..don't relate them to me..let me play as an individual!"

James Plea!

BB6 James "I's all part of the game baby!"

NDR James." There's not a person whose more feared and hated than me."

BB6 James to Ivette." She pinky sweared the sympathy vote."

BB6 James.to Kaysar." You do that, you save yourself"

NDR James." My strategy was playing both sides."

BB6 James."You know they'll just turn on you next week."

NDR James." I kinda lied a lot."

BB6 James to Ivette." You have my hand on the bible"

BB6 Ivette." Promise?"

BB6 James to Howie." There's no swearing on the bible! Do you think I swore on the bible?

NDR James. Yes! I swore on the bible, yes I was lying, but, it turned around to bite me on the rear."

BB6 Howie." James, you're a dangerous dangerous player."

BB6 Kaysar." I nominate James for eviction."

BB6 April." I nominate James for eviction."

BB6 Maggie."I nominate James for eviction."

NDR James." I had to win the vetoes to save my a$$ or go home."

BB6 "Power of veto goes to James."

NDR James. "I got nicknames the veto king because I won 4 veto competitions."

BB6 Howie."If you guys have hopes of winning this one day, ya gotta get him out of the house."

NDR James." The house decided to come together to get rid of me."

BB6 "The whole house is against him and he knows it."

BB6 April."Yeah."

BB6 Howie." I don't want him, whether he's on this side, my side, he's dangerous."

NDR James." This time they were more efficient."

Julie.."James you have been evicted."

NDR James." I'm gonna go back in there with the same tenacity that I had before. You know I'm gonna play and I'm gonna win."

Janelle's Plea!

NDR Janells." Everyone knows pretty much that I'm the tall buxom blonde."

BB6 Janells." What are you staring at?"

BB6 Michael."Your face."

BB6 Janelle." Why?"

BB6 Michael." Because I like too."

NDR Janelle." Last summer Michael and I became really close."

BB6 Michael."You ever watch Spider-man?"

NDR Janelle " He kissed me upside down, how embarrassing."

BB6 Michael." I love that giggle of yours."

NDR Janelle." I thought I liked Michael a lot but then out of the house I realized I didn't like him at all."

BB6 Jennifer." I nominate Kaysar."

NDR Janelle." When Jennifer broke her word, and then she nominated Kaysar, that's when the hatred started."

BB6 Janells." Rachael you're so beautiful. Maggie you're such a b!!ch!"

NDR Janells." They were a bunch of dirt bags."

BB6 Janelle."Jennifer you look like a clown....gold-digging b!!ch!"

NDR Janelle." They already hated me so I called them ya know, what I thought of them."

BB^ Janelle." Hore you date older men...."

NDR Janelle."Beau and I got into a very heated arguement."

BB6 Beau."You polyester hair b!!ch! I hate you!"

NDR Janelle." I really upset the nerd herd. "

BB6 April." She doesn't even deserve to be here, period!"

BB6 Ivette."Relax."

NDR Janelle." They were always after me, so I tried to win all the competitions and I tried my hardest to win everything, to keep myself safe."

BB6 Janelle."Power of veto."

BB6 Julie."Congratulations Janelle you are the HOH."

BB6 Janelle."Give me that key b!!ch! Give me that key."

NDR Janelle." People always assumed I was dumber than a rock, but, I am a competitor. I will do anything to win I really really really wanna go back in the big brother house because I wanna play the game again."

BB6 Janele."Bye bye b!!ches!"

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Sorry to anyone who is waiting for this to get done if anyone is...I have not had a chance to be on the computer long enough in the past week ...my son needs it, and I have 2 hg's left to type up I can do the last of it tomorrow, I hope.

I am done !

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