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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 5


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Tonight, five undercover stars are determined to keep the judges stumped, and this week everyone’s wheels are spinning. Will the panels guesses get better with Gabriel Iglesias’s help, or will they be humiliated by another shocking reveal?


Nick introduces the panel and says so far, they’ve only guessed 1 out of 4 correctly.


First up is the banana. The clue package: I never knew how cathartic coming the banana would be, so making it to the group B championships is sounding more and more appealing.I don’t want to slip up, so when my team called me in for a meeting about my image, I was like Git r dun. I walk in and these guys are nervous. Like spit it out, you don’t gotta hold my hand. “Look we have some concerns about your shelf life, so we think you could use a re-brand.” Your worthy of your own bowl like acai, or star in your own show like that orange. I’ve heard enough, I may be high in carbs, I may have a few bruises, but I’m still here after all these years. So tonight, I’m embracing my flaws and rocking out as my authentic self. Group B champions, here I come! Clues we seen in the package were an alarm that said 2:13 PM, 6/18. He had cowboy boots on. There was a snake background on a computer and there were two posters one said Sons of Bananarchy and one said Banana “chips”.


Banana takes the stage and performs Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Gabriel says this is the craziest show he’s been on. He says he had him a good ‘ol time over here. Ken says this is what the show is all about. The banana’s favorite subject was art. It has gotten him through some of the toughest times in his life, and he’s had quite a few and he forgot some of the lyrics tonight, but he had a good time.


Ken says he was thinking Jeff Foxworthy last, but this week he heard in the clue package Git R Dun, and he think it’s Larry the Cable Guy. Jenny says there’s no way that body is Larry. Nicole agrees with Ken about a comedian, and she thinks there were some office vibes, so she still thinks Ed Helms. Gabriel says maybe Erik Estrada, but he thinks the person sings for real and he thinks it’s Billy Bob Thornton. Jenny thinks it’s a solid guess, but she’s still very perplexed Ken’s Larry the Cable Guy.


The mouse is next. The clue package: The stage is like her second home and she’s having a ball up there. So she’s more determine than ever to stay anonymous. But when she leaves her good job in the city, there’s no place like home sweet home. You’d think I ought to take a break, but I still have more stories to tell. And why quit something that still feels exciting and new? I truly cherish my rare time off by enjoying my favorite things: starting a good romance novel, a little needle point, her secret talent, and a little wine and cheese to bond with friends like you. Thanks for stopping by my mouse pad. But now it’s time for this hostess with the moistest to get her game face on because there ain’t no stopping me now. We seen in the clue package a photo of praying hands and we seen her doing needlepoint.


Mouse takes the stage and sings Everlasting Love by Natalie Cole. Robin says she makes every song her own and she has such an amazing tone and she really stands out. Mouse’s favorite subject in school was math. Her daddy told her to look at those numbers and to know they represent her money.


Jenny says this is someone with a successful career and she thinks it’s Tracy Ellis Ross. Ken thinks she’s right about the legend part. Ken think it’s a different legend, he thinks it’s Tina Turner. Nicole thinks they come from a religious background and she thinks it’s Dionne Warwick. Robin notes the gold clues and Dionne Warwick hosted Solid Gold. Nicole says her voice is beautiful.


Frog is next. Clue package: Last week, I felt like he got a new lease on life! But it makes him wonder, why hasn’t he felt like this before? From the beginning, I’ve sacrificed so much of myself to be all that in a frog eat, frog world. Always shooting to seen as the prince of my game. Upholding that image took its toll. I almost croaked. Last week showed him he could just be him and still be loved. So no more golden crown for this prince. I’d rather have the golden mask any day. We seen in the clue package a basketball, the letters S, C, and I from a typewriter, and there were some G.I. Joe’s.


Frog takes the stage and sings In Da Club by 50 Cent. Gabriel says that was a great performance. Nicole says he knocks it out of the park every week and he’s her favorite. Great job! Frog’s favorite subject in school was P.E. It keeps him in shape so he can bust those dance moves that make the ladies go crazy.


Jenny says season 2 winner Wayne Brady was a triple threat and she think we’re looking at a triple threat. Jenny seen the basketball and heard the prince references and she thinks it’s Alfonso Ribiero. Gabriel agrees. Ken says it’s an amazing wrong guess. Ken thinks it’s Kevin Hart and there was a star in the package and Kevin just got a star on the Hall of Fame. Nicole says it could be him. Robin thinks maybe it could be Omarion.


Taco is up. Clue package: So here’s the news update. He felt like he was cooking on that stage and loved breaking out of his shell. Time to celebrate making it to the playoffs, so first round of nachos on the house. You may think of me as a buffed up mild type, but I used to be a hot head, until I met the most stunning taco in the galaxy. His jaw dropped, his heart buzzed and everything change. She made him the taco he is today, a softer taco filled with love and blessed with a rich career he can’t even believe is real. So tonight, honey, this one is for him. We seen in the clue package a whoopi cushion, and we see some constellations, and some hair pieces.


Taco takes the stage and performs Bossa Nova Baby by Elvis Presley. Ken is confused. Nicole says that performance was spicy. Muy caliente. She is even more confused now and Robin says he is too. Jenny says he can change his voice from one week to the next. Taco’s favorite subject in school, he was a class clown. He had to sit in the closet for bad behavior and he loved it.


Gabriel says this isn’t the first taco to confuse me. Jenny says last week she got Harry Connick, Jr vibes. Jenny says it could be Seth McFarlane. Gabriel seen the whoopi cushion and maybe Ted Danson. Ken says this may just be a great actor who can do comedy and who can sing, maybe Alec Baldwin. Nicole says it could be Alec Baldwin. She thinks it’s a good guess.


Kitty is the final artist to take the stage. Clue package: Performing as the kitty for the first time was a veritable fantasy, like I’ve been waiting for this moment forever. But it’s also a bit overwhelming so she’s taking a second to regroup. Sewing is one of her favorite things to do when she needle’s a little time alone. Whether a pillow for someone special or a modern dress for a family member’s ball. She draws on all that inspires her and as the fibers intertwine, it’s like magic. Maybe there’s something about watching transformations that rings a bell. She’s never felt more like herself underneath her mask, but at the same time she can feel herself growing into something brand new. Tonight, this kitty is showing off a new side of herself and giving it everything she’s got to make it into the championships. We seen fabrics and a sewing machine, and there were some sketches and a little red riding hood cape.


Kitty performs Mercy by Brett Young. Gabriel says that moved him emotionally and this show has taken him all over the place. He was blown away. Robin thinks she’s one of the favorites because of her overall personality and they haven’t seen her open it up yet. Kitty’s favorite subject in school was English. She’s such a bookworm and she used to write her own books and sell them for quarters.


Jenny says her voice reminds of her the girl for stranger things, she thinks it’s Millie Bobby Brown. Gabriel says he saw in the clue package there were a lot of references to Little Red Riding Hood, and he thinks it’s Amanda Seyfried. Ken says she reminds him of Sarah Hyland. Nicole doesn’t think that’s right. Ken and Nicole argue if this could be her.


The singer who must unmask tonight is…the mouse!


Time for final guesses: Robin says if this is who I think it is, then it’s such an honor. He mentions the 1979 on the football players and he think it’s Dionne Warwick. Nicole mentions the prayer hands and she agrees with Robin, Dionne Warwick. Jenny was thinking legend adjacent, but after the clues and listening she thinks Robin and Nicole are right. Ken thinks this is someone who is an icon and someone very elegant, and he thinks it’s Tina Turner. Gabriel jumps on board with Dionne Warwick.


The mouse is unmasking and it is…Dionne Warwick!


Mouse’s clue answer: The prayer hands in Mouse’s package are a clue to Dionne’s hit song “Say a Little Prayer For You”. Mouse’s mention of “anything less than gold” is a nod to Dionne hosting the hit TV series “Solid Gold”. 20 years ago she was made an honorary coach of the raiders. The brazil nuts in mouse’s package are a clue to Dionne’s years living in Brazil.

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