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The Voice Season 18-Blind Auditions 2


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The judges take their seats and we’re off for the second night of blinds and Kelly and Nick banter over blocking each other.


Our first artist of the night is Arei Moon and she’s from Boston, MA. She’s a first generation American. She had an opportunity to open for LL Cool J when she was 12 and that started her love of music. She is going to perform Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson. John looks down at Kelly. Nick turns and he blocks Kelly. Kelly turns right behind Nick. Arei is finishing the song and Kelly has just noticed she is blocked. Arei is a 2-chair turn, but she will be joining team Nick!


John welcomes Arei to The Voice and Kelly says she didn’t notice until the end! Arei introduces herself. John says Nick effectively used his block. Kelly wants a chance to talk since she got blocked. She says the fact she chose that version of the song means that she has fire. She did so good. John’s favorite part of the performance was the higher notes and she electrified the whole room. Nick says what a voice! He can’t wait to get to know what inspires her. Nick wants to meet her family and they are brought out to the stage. Kelly greets them and Nick des as well.


Next we hear an artist take the stage and this is their first audition and they don’t really perform. They perform Soul Sister by Train and the judges listen carefully. Blake seems interested and he looks down at the other judges. Blake hits his button and turns and we meet Levi Watkins. Levi is a 1-chair turn!


Blake is excited. Blake says he had to work hard to not react when he turned around. Kelly thought Levi was a female in her twenties. Kelly says Levi has a really cool vibe. Nick says they have a really developed voice. Levi is the youngest of four sons. He plays guitar, mandolin, drums, and he’s from Birmingham, AL. He mows lawns with his older brother. He finds a lot of joy in music. Blake says that was an incredible vocal and what a cool version of that song. John loved how interesting and inventive his intro was. He put his stamp on the song. Kelly says Blake is so lucky.


Cassidy Lee is up next and she’s from Jacksonville, FL. She got a guitar when she was 12 and she started singing at a bonfire and that’s when her parents realized she could sing. Her dad helped get her started in music and worked with her. Her father passed away in 2017. Cassidy takes the stage and plays guitar and sings Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac. The judges are all dancing and listening closely. She does not get a chair turn.


Blake asks Cassidy to introduce herself. She was a big fan of the Jonas brothers. John says Nick could have turned for her and made her life. He asks what her favorite song is and she says Please Be Mine. Nick says she carries all the emotion a songwriter needs, and she should pick a song that allows her to do that. Kelly says she has a really cool tone and she’s really talented.    


The next artist steps on stage and begins their performance and John says this is my jam! The artist is singing Weak by SWV. John hits his button and we meet Zach Day. Kelly finally hits her button to turn. Kelly is shocked. Zach is a 2-chair turn!


John says amazing! Kelly says you’re white! Zach introduces himself and he’s from Stearns, KY. He was raised on a farm in a really small town. He’s never fit in living in his small town, but his family and friends are very supportive. He performs at weddings and coffee shops and he’s so happy to be here. Nick says he’s excited for him. Kelly says she loved his voice. His runs were incredibly cool and impressive and she’d love to work with him. John says impressive is not the adjective we use for the performance he just had. He says mind blowing, other worldly, amazing, stunning. He’s so excited to coach him. Blake thinks that was an incredible performance.


Blake says Zach, by the power vested in me by NBC, who do you pick as your coach? Zach says he thinks he’s going to go with John!


Our next artist is Chelle from Bargersville, IN. She collects rocks. Her favorite rock is a geode because it looks ugly, but then you crack it open and it’s beautiful crystals on the inside. She’s an introvert, but music was a relief for her. She takes the stage and performs idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish. Blake immediately hits his button. Nick hits his button a bit later. Kelly hits her button at the end. Chelle is a 3-chair turn.


Nick says Chelle’s voice hit him and made him emotional which is hard to do. Nick says she is the kind of singer he would die to write songs for. Nick says they are probably the logical choice, but he’s fresh blood and he’s eager to dive in with her and help her win. Kelly says she was her age and over thought everything. She says quit trying to be perfect and she just needs to let go. Blake says she had incredible instincts and he thinks she had perfect pitch, which they don’t hear often on the show. Blake says Nick started in movies and Kelly is a talk show host, but he started in music and he’s won the show six times and lives and dies by music. Nick says if he had read Wikipedia, he would have seen that he started on Broadway when he was 8. He believes there’s an artist with in her that needs uplifting.


John says well Chelle, who do you pick as your coach? Blake does his finger point and Chelle giggles and says she thinks she’s going to have to go with…Kelly! Chelle brought rocks for each of the judges. She gives Nick limestone, because it’s the strongest rock out there. She got John marble because it’s so smooth. She got Kelly amethyst because she’s so beautiful. For Blake she got fool’s gold.


Our final artist of the night is Toneisha Harris and she is from Roswell, GA. Her family traveled the east coast and sing gospel. She wasn’t allowed to listen to other music and she had to sneak listening to Anita Baker and Whitney Houston. Her son was 12 and diagnosed with cancer. She was supposed to audition for The Voice but she put everything on hold. He was on treatment for three and a half years and he is doing well. He’s a full time college student and she’s grateful that he’s here. She takes the stage and performs I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner. John hits his button when she gets to the chorus. Nick hits his button. Blake hits his button. Kelly is the last to go. Toneisha is a 4-chair turn!


Nick says the runs were all perfect and there wasn’t one note out of tune and Toneisha was phenomenal. He’d be honored to work with her. Kelly says her voice is a blessing. Kelly says she’s so glad she’s here. Blake says she was incredible. He was a coach when she was supposed to audition and experience goes a long way. John says she has something really special and she doesn’t need any of them to do well on the show. He’d like the opportunity to work with her.


Nick says it’s decision time for Toneisha. Who does she pick as her coach? Toneisha says she thought about this moment and she doesn’t know what to do. She says you know what? I’m actually going to pick Blake.

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