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The Voice Season 18-Blind Auditions 1


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Season of 18 of The Voice is about to begin now! The four judges this season are Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Nick Jonas.


Our first artist is taking the stage and his name is Todd Tilgham and he performs We’ve Got Tonight by Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton. Nick immediately hits his button with Blake and Kelly very quickly behind. John hits his button at the end of the chorus. Todd is a 4-chair turn!


Todd is from Mississippi and he’s been married for 20 years and he has 8 kids with 2 of them adopted. He says Meridian, MS where he’s from offers very little musically. John loves his spirit from his performance. Todd says he’s a pastor from a church. Nick says he’s a pastor’s kid. Joe and Todd sing a gospel song. Kelly says she sang in a church too and she has 4 kids and it’s hard parenting and trying to do this too. Blake loves his voice and his range and he has a great hop. Blake says he’s so amped up and it reminds him why he wants to continue as a coach.


John says they all love him, none more than John, but it’s time to pick a coach. Who does he pick as a coach? Todd says because he thinks they will relate with their personalities…so he picks Blake!


Nelson Cade III is next and he’s from Anaheim, CA. He has performed in a local club and Stevie Wonder was there and wanted to perform with him and we see the clip. Nelson takes the stage with his guitar and plays Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughn. John immediately hits his button and has used his block. Kelly hits a moment later and turns. Nick turns right after Kelly and sees he’s been blocked. Blake hits his button. Nelson is a 4-chair turn but may not select Nick as his coach.


Nelson introduces himself and Nick says he can’t say much because he’s been blocked because of John. He says he’s jealous that he can’t fight over him. He says he wrote star and wow on his notepad and he could win this competition. John says he turned quickly. John says wow! You are a star! He says his voice has a raspiness and a golden honey-dipped vibe. He says it rocks and has a blues vibe. They talk about Stevie Wonder and John says he could reunite them.


Kelly says she loves Nelson’s vibe and spirit and his personality will shine through on the show. Blake says the intro was such an amazing guitar part and he wasn’t really sure what his lane is, but he could run the gamut and he’ll have a heck of a run on the show.


Nick says we love your smile and your voice, Nelson who do you pick as your coach. Nelson says he has to pick a personal hero. He started off as a classically trained pianist so he has to pick John Legend!


The next artist is Tate Brusa and he’s from Salt Lake City, UT. He’s fangirling over Nick. He performs Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Nick hits his button right towards the end of his performance with Blake right behind.


Tate introduces himself and Blake says he thought that was an incredible performance and he was trying to play it cool until Nick turned. John says Tate has the wily veteran and the new guy Nick. John thinks Nick would have a lot of great advice for him. Kelly says she could tell he was young and there’s room to advance to. She thinks he’ll do well with both. Nick says he wrote the word fight because he could hear the fight in his voice and he would have a good time coach with him.


Nick goes up to the stage and and takes his guitar and begins coaching Tate on posture and trying to use the vowel sounds and opening up a bit more. Nick then plays while Tate sings. Blake says he feels like he’s at a disadvantage and he has someone bring him a puppy. Blake says if Tate doesn’t choose him as his coach, that puppy is going to go straight back to the animal shelter. He says he’s been doing this show for…Nick interrupts and says what is wrong with you?


John asks Tate if he picks a coach…or the dog? Tate says sorry Blake, I have to go with Nick!


Carson goes to see Taylor Green from Los Angeles, CA and she works at a show with her brother that repairs shoes. She’s worked a lot of odd jobs to give herself a chance to make it. She’s going to perform Issues by Julia Michaels. Kelly hits her button pretty early. Nick turns after the chorus. John is dancing in his seat. Taylor is a 2-chair turn.


Blake asks where Taylor is from and John loves that her shoes and her hair and last name are coordinated. She likes how she did her melodies. Nick asks who her musical icons are and she says Mariah. Nick says as soon as he heard her hit the high notes he knew she would do well. He’d love to be her teammate in this competition. Kelly says her whispery stuff was very pretty and it shows she had control and she can work with her on supporting the higher notes. Kelly has a blue jacket for Team Kelly. Nick says he can get her a green jacket. Kelly says she’s super talented.


Blake says ok Taylor, who do you pick as your coach? Taylor hesitates and Carson asks her family who she’s going to pick and a few say Kelly, but one thinks she’ll pick Nick. Kelly says she has Mariah’s entire discography, but no pressure. Taylor says she’s going to go with…Kelly!


Ashley Plath is next and she’s from Middletown, NJ and she’s a meter reader. She’s also in a duo called Nick and Ashley. She takes the stage and performs Baby It’s You by The Beatles. Kelly says she was close. Kelly says she has a huge range, but she hesitated because it wasn’t consistent. There were perfect little moments, but it wasn’t connected. Nick says her control is incredible and range is awesome and maybe she should pick a better song to show that off. John says she was so close and she didn’t seem like she was in her zone until later in the song.


Darious Lyles is our next artist and he’s from Chicago, IL. His mother was a hair stylist and his dad was a pastor. He found out he was adopted when he was 18. He lost both of his adoptive parents in the last four years and his biological mother is there for him. He’s going to perform How Do You Sleep by Sam Smith. Kelly says nice and John hits his button with Kelly right behind. Darious is a 2-chair turn!


Blake congratulates Darious and says he didn’t hit his button because he could tell there was a home for him on one of the other two teams. John says he loved his low range and he did some tight runs. He had a few pitch problems, but a good coach can help him with that. Nick asked if he ever thought he’d be right here right now? Kelly says most singers have runs that go down and his went up and she thought it was really tasteful.


Blake asks Darious who are you going to pick as your coach? Kelly says she has really cute jackets. Darious says he’s going to pick…John!


Megan Danielle and she’s from Douglasville, GA. She’s a waitress and she works with her mom, her grandmother, and her sister. She’s done small open mic nights and she’s never been on a plane before this so this is her biggest performance. She takes the stage and sings Remedy by Adele. Kelly notes she has good control. Kelly moves to hit her button and hesitates and then hits her button. Nick looks like he wants to turn, but then he doesn’t hit his button. Megan is a 1-chair turn.


Kelly says she doesn’t know what’s wrong with them. Megan introduces herself and she says Kelly is one of her musical influences. Kelly says she thought she deserved four chairs. She says her tone is incredible. Megan says she’s disappointed in Blake. Kelly can’t wait to work with her. Nick thought she was phenomenal and he is wondering how she’s going to balance working, high school, and The Voice. He says it’s a lot of work and he hopes she doesn’t make some of the mistakes he did and she should enjoy every moment right now.


John says he loves the tone of her voice, the growl in it, the twang in it, he thought it was cool. He thinks she’ll benefit greatly from being coached by Kelly. Blake says Megan sounded like someone who thought of him as second best. He really does love her voice and he thinks she’ll do great on the show and he thinks she has a great coach. Kelly says she is so excited to work with her.


Next, Chrissy Joly is up and she’s from Brooklyn, NY. Her father is the reason she got into music. Her parents were born in Haiti. Her father left their family shortly after they arrived here and moved to Atlanta and started a new family. She performs Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers. She did not get a chair turn.


Chrissy introduces herself. Kelly says there were parts that were pitchy and that’s what kept her from pressing her button. Nick says control was lost because she was nervous. John says she has a powerful voice and her tone is gorgeous, but she was pitchy in the lower parts. He thinks the voice she has is special.


Our next artist is on stage and sings Jukebox Here by Foreigner. John hits his button and we see Todd Michael Hall. Blake hits his button and says he’s going in. Todd is a 2-chair turn. Nick says he pushed himself. Kelly says she thought he was incredible. Her mind was blown the entire time. Kelly think he could nail Ann Wilson.


Blake says he didn’t choose rock because he sounds like he does. He says Todd is incredible and that took him back to the hair bands and a direct path to the finale. John says he was hitting the high notes in the stratosphere and he hit the low notes too. He says that was impressive. Blake says his first two albums were Twisted Sister and Ted Nugent. He says Todd likes to rock and he likes to party, so let’s put it together. John says Blake has never beat him on the show. He thinks he can win the show together.


Nick says who do you pick as your coach? Todd says they are making it tough on him. John says he turned for him first and Blake says he turned for him most recently. Todd thinks he’s going to go with Blake!


Next we have Emily Bass and she’s from Magnolia, TX and she was on last season. She’s a sketch artist and she drew all the coaches. She’s worked hard in order to come back. She takes the stage and sings Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. Kelly says cool. Blake seems like he wants to hit his button. Emily does not get a chair turn.


Emily introduces herself and says she drew them last season and her sister has something for Nick. John says sometimes they can tell when someone is young and the polish isn’t there, but that doesn’t mean it will not be there. Kelly says she’s so young and please don’t let this discourage her dream. Nick says this is the toughest part of this job and he knows it hurts, but please don’t get discouraged. Nick says he’s a notoriously bad drawer but he drew a picture for her.


Next up is Joanna Serenko and she’s from St. Louis, MO. Her mom and grandmother are nurses and she thought she might be, but she is happier in music. She is closest to her mom and she has some good friends who support her. She performs at a club called Blueberry Hill where Ed Sheeran and John Legend have performed. She likes to put her own spin on things. She takes the stage and sings All My Loving by The Beatles. John and Kelly immediately hit their buttons and Nick is right behind. Blake listens intently and finally hits his button. Joanna is a 4-chair turn!


Blake doesn’t know what season they’ve heard such an effortless, powerful vocal as Joanna, and he had to hit his button for someone that good. John says she gave them chills and it’s very surprising she’s only 18 and she had such control. He hopes he can be her coach. Nick has to agree with Blake, but she blew him away. It was effortless and thanks her for letting him hear her sing. Kelly says she has a great voice, one that you want to listen to on a rainy day with a glass of wine. Maybe not her.


Blake asks who she picks as her coach and Nick says he has something to say. He says he wants to fight for her. He wants her on his team and he’s new and has something to prove and he wants to fight for her. Blake says it’s time. Joanna takes a deep breath and she picks…Team Nick!

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