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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 4


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Tonight, we will meet Group B for The Masked Singer! We’ll meet Banana, Frog, Elephant, Kitty, Mouse, and Taco.


Kicking off Group B is the frog whose strength is leg for days and weakness is warts. Frog’s clue package: Newsflash: my metamorpohisis has been anything but typical. He started as fast as a lightning bolt and he never had a chance to evolve his image and do it his way. He was slithering with the big frogs from jump jump,  and he had to fit in to survive. But now he can write his own masterpiece, showing this new side gives him butterflies in his stomach. He’s about to drop the hammer and sing his face off. The clues we seen was a 1996 Olympic poster, hush puppies, $106, and we see a lightning bolt.


Frog sings U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. The judges have noticed he is a little guy. Jenny says who is this?!? Robin says that was teribbit. Frogetaboutit. He killed the dance moves, he killed the rap. At first he was thinking it might see someone older, but he sees young knees. Frog says he feels free baby and he came to win it all.


Jenny says there was a poster of the 1996 olympics in the clue package and he thinks maybe Michael Johnson. Ken says Carl Lewis can sing. Nicole doesn’t think it’s an athlete and she feels like it’s someone she knows. But she doesn’t know who it is. Nicole suggests Ray J. She saw some hush puppies in the clue package and Ray J is from Mississippi.


And now it’s the Elephant and his strengths are thick skin and weakness is tight spaces. Elephant’s clue package: Here’s the story of how I became the biggest animal in the kingdom. I was a calf when I found my calling, and with hard work turned my passion into a one man show. Stop! He went from canvasing park benches and took charge of leading a massive movement, even parading through white houses. And now I’m ramping up to a new calling, so to sum it all, go risk it all for what you love and what everyone says is irrelevant. The clues we seen were a bicycle poster, a pink rose, drums, and two bluejays.


Elephant takes the stage and performs Friday, I’m in Love by The Cure. Elephant says he doesn’t do dance choreographer at all, but the costume and mask gives him the confidence to go for it. Jenny feels like he’s courageous and brave and his permance gave her confidence.


Jenny seen the bicycle poster, maybe tour de France, maybe Lance Armstrong? Nicole seen some drums and bicycle and maybe Travis Barker or Tommy Lee. Ken says maybe a candidate who ran for president and dropped out, maybe Beto Rourke.


Next up is Kitty and her strengths are 9 lives and her weaknesses are hair balls. Kitty’s clue package: In all my wildest dreams, I never imagined I’d be here, where I feel at home among the weird and the wonderful. It’s almost like the show was made for me. A little bit of heaven where I can wipe the slate clean as the purest snow. Sometimes it feels lonely because people don’t think of me as the person ive become, but the person I once was. But now under these lights among the cream of the crop, I get to start from scratch. And just like a kitty will always find a way to nuzzle into your heart. Tonight, I’m going for high drama while I show you why I’m the pick of the litter. We see references to black and white old style movies, a telescope, and pirates movie in black and white, and rose.


Kitty takes the stage and sings Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Jenny says she is a singer. Robin says she’s already a fan favorite, she did a great job with the vocals and she moved great. Ken says this is a fun batch of contestants. Kitty says she is being somebody no one has ever seen before who has always been inside of her. It’s great! Nicole was getting Burlesque vibes and she’s thinking Julianne Hough or maybe Paris Hilton. Robin says she’s been mostly known for one thing. Ken suggests Nicole Ritchie. Jenny says where do you get the stage fighting and pirates and wizard? She has no idea who she is.


Taco is out next and his strengths are beefy and his weaknesses are can cause indigestion. Jenny says he dances a bit like an older guy. Taco’s clue package: Being the comfort food I am, I’ve been a comfort for part of your lives for decades. He’s got plenty of seasoning and he’s in a good place, but his routine can get a bit mild, so he’s here to bust out of the buffet and spice things up to enchiladas and beyond. Here he goes as fast as he can. He wants to be the last mask standing, he just hopes he doesn’t fall apart up there. Time for taco Wednesday. We seen VHS tapes, an anchor, a Rubik’s cube, and a trolley.  


Taco takes the stage and performs Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. Jenny says Taco can sing! Nicole says she feels like she should know that voice, but she doesn’t know who they are. That was beautiful and effortless. Taco says this is how he dresses normally. The weirdest thing about this experience is being ignored because they don’t know who he is. For the first time he feels…invisible.


Nicole says they’ve been around for a minute and decades, maybe Regis Philbin. Jenny says he’s been comforting people for decades. Ken thinks it’s an idol of his, he thinks is Martin Short. Robin thinks the video tapes are an important clue, maybe funniest home videos and maybe it’s Bob Saget.


The mouse is next and her strengths are mighty and her weaknesses are cheese. Mouse’s clue package: Just like a mouse, she’s small and cute. Don’t let her size fool you because her presence is larger than life. She’s always been a leader in her field. Really. I wrote the playbook. But as much as she loves calling the shots and showing everyone who’s boss, she loves having a walk on role to play. They say don’t sweat the small stuff, but now that she’s putting herself in, you should because she never accepts anything less than gold. So to all my competitors, you better watch out. We seen jerseys with the numbers 1979, it was on a football field and had lots of football references. There was a bang bang formation, and references to gold.


Mouse sings Get Here by Oletta Adams. Nicole says the tone, the texture, so graceful. She thinks they’re in the presence of greatness. Mouse says not being able to talk is different and she’s a chatter box and she can’t talk to anybody! Nicole seen a clue about a leader in her field and she’s thinking Darlene Love. Robin noticed the gold and the reference to Olympics, so maybe Gabby Douglas or Dionne Warwick. Ken thinks we’re getting fooled. He thinks they are someone who is good at doing impressions and she thinks its Maya Rudolph.


The last singer is Banana and his strengths are splits and his weaknesses are brown spots. The judges notice he’s tall. Banana’s clue package: Oh no! He’s late for the stage! He can’t believe he overdid it last night. You’d think this was his first rodeo. He’s a banana because he’s tough on the outside, but a total smoothie on the inside and a hoot to have at parties. He can’t wait to peel back his layers and show he can use his voice in any environment. He just wants to see you smile. There was a cowboy hat in the clue package and lots of hangover references.


Banana sings A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley. Ken says this is what the show is all about, having energy and fun. He reminds him of the White Tiger. Banana says he didn’t always want to be a banana. His kid, he’s getting ready to work out, his kid hands him a banana and here he is.


Jenny says she saw the blue collar and she saw the cowboy hat. There’s a comedian on the tour Bill Engvall. Nicole was picking up on The Hangover references and she’s thinking about Ed Helms. Ken says Ed is from Georgia. Robin says the blowfish stood out to him and he says he was a hoot at parties and he thinks it was Darius Rucker.


It’s time to vote! One artist will be unmasked. The artist with the least amount of votes is…The Elephant!


Time for final guesses! Jenny says based off the clue packages, there was a big bicycle ad, maybe an activist for cancer, been to the White House. Lance Armstrong. Ken thinks it’s someone who led a massive movement and someone who ran for president. Ken thinks Beto O’ Rourke. Nicole originally because of the drummer she was thinking Tommy Lee, but now she’s thinking Steve Aoki. Robin noticed the drummer held up his sticks in the shape of an X so he’s thinking Travis Pastrana.


It’s time to unmask The Elephant! The Elephant is…Tony Hawk!


Elephant’s Clue Answers: Canvassing Park Benches in elephant’s package nods to Tony’s childhood skating in San Diego Parks. The birds in elephants package are a clue to Tony’s last name and his skateboard company “Birdhouse”. He skated through the White House in 2010.

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