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The Masked Singer Season 3-Episode 3


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Tonight we’ll find out which three from Group A will move on to the Super 9. We have another guest judge and they are revealed to be…Leah Remini!


Miss Monster comes out and Nick says since it’s a Valentine’s Day episode, all the artists will perform together. Miss Monster performs Rock and Roll All Nite by KISS. Kangaroo joins Miss Monster next, followed by White Tiger and Turtle.


Nicole says that was a great way to get them in the spirit of things. Jenny says that was amazing and she can’t believe they are going to have to say goodbye to someone. Ken says they have filled their hearts with love, no matter what happens. They’re going to get new clues and insider info from loved ones!


Turtle’s clue package: Man, I’m having a shell of a good time on the show being whoever I want. I would never have gotten here without the people who supported my dream, like my favorite teacher from high school, Miss S. We see a teacher with a shelf in front of their face and they say Turtle was in their 9th grade bio class. I’m not surprised he’s on the show because he always came into my class singing. He’s the most driven student they ever had. Last time she ran into him, he recognized her and she was so proud to see everything he achieved. He was still that same sweet, humble kid. Good luck on the show! I hope you have the time of your life. We see on the chalkboard the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, we a map with Seoul, South Korea.


Turtle takes the stage and performs There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes. Nicole says that’s her favorite performance so far. She loves his voice and he can dance! Jenny says the top three performers moves on and there’s no doubt Turtle is going to make it. Our singers have all written valentine messages to the panel. The first valentine from Turtle is to Nicole. Turtle will never forget the morning they spent together. It was Turtle-y awesome.


Jenny says maybe Turtle was on a morning show with Nicole. Jenny is sticking with her guess of Nick Lachey. Leah doesn’t think it’s Nick. She’s thinking high school, maybe someone like Jaden Smith. Nicole says his voice reminds me of the country singer Hunter Hayes and there was reference to Korea and Hunter has toured Korea.


Miss Monster clue package. She loves performing under this mask because she gets to prove that true art comes from within. Her hairstylist always says that to her. Miss Monster is my spiritual mom. He was intimidated to meet her at first, but like many misunderstood monsters, she wasn’t scary at all. He was 18 years old, her hair stylist was late, and she needed to get ready for a big event and I volunteered. All she had was a curling iron in her purse and they made it work. Trust me, you can’t hurry good hair. Miss Monster has been through a lot and she hasn’t always been seen in the press for who she is. She’s all about spreading love and that’s what she’s doing on the stage. Not to mention, honey, she can sang. The clues we seen were camouflage bandana, white socks, and checkered bear.


Miss Monster takes the stage and sings You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore. Jenny says she has no idea who that is and Leah thinks she knows. Nicole says she has such an iconic voice, it’s a legendary voice. The effortlessness to her performance, it’s an honor to watch her. Miss Monster’s Valentine is for Robin! It says, I only have eye for you. We even had a rendezvous in sin city.


Robin says there are a lot of awards shows there, so maybe another artist. Leah thinks there was such an ease, so old school and confident and that comes with a different time. Leah thinks it someone who is used to performing like Mary Wilson. Jenny says she seen socks and a teddy bear, so she’s thinking Chicago, so she’s thinking Queen Latifah. Nicole feels like she recognizes that voice. She thinks maybe Gloria Gaynor. Robin is going to follow Nicole’s guess and he met her in Vegas. After Miss Monster leaves the stage, Robin and Nicole think the tone could be close to Chaka Khan and Robin thinks she’s not going into her higher register on purpose.


Kangaroo’s clue package: I’m so humble to be here in the Group A championships. I never thought I’d make it this far, but after hearing the judges love and comments, I feel empowered to fight my way into the Super 9. Especially with all the support from her family. We have Kangaroo’s little brother, who has a plant for a head. He says he’s younger than his sister by one year, but he’s always looked up to her. Even though she was a drama queen in her teenage years, she’s the most resilient person I know. When tragedy hit our family, she was the glue that held us all together and since then, we’ve only gotten closer.  Her grace under pressure and her ability to rise above the haters is always something he’s admired. Hearing her on this stage receiving all this praise, he couldn’t be more proud. I love you sis! Knock them dead tonight. We see a model airplane and an angel figurine.


Kangaroo takes the stage and sings Diamonds by Rihanna. Robin says she doesn’t over sing or over perform and it’s from the heart. Great job. Kangaroo’s Valentine is to Leah. It says we’ve sat at the same table and your courage has inspired me. Jenny thinks The Talk.


Ken says this is someone who he worked with, a Victoria’s Secret angel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Nicole says maybe. Nicole says in the package it said drama queen, and this person was in a movie called Confessions of a Drama Queen, and it could be Lindsey Lohan. Jenny says the voice is a sensual sound and a good singer. Her first guess was Jordan Sparks and that’s who she is sticking with. Robin says that’s a good guess. Leah says it’s much harder to guess when you’re here.


White Tiger’s clue package: Look who’s still here! Shocked? Me too! Going into this competition, I knew I was never going to be the best singer. I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I’ve always known how to work a crowd and that’s been my strategy here all along. Don’t take my word for it, here’s a good friend who can back that up. We meet his college buddy who has a dart board for a face. This one time they went out and met some smokin’ hot ladies at the club. There was so many dudes there and White Tiger knew exactly what to do to beat out the competition. He told the girls we were professional dancers, of the Magic Mike variety and on the spot we made up this ridiculous routine. Before we knew it, all the ladies were cheering us on. Those dudes didn’t stand a chance. Smell what I’m cooking. Seems like El Tigre is still winning over the crowd. The competition better watch out cause when he commits to something he doesn’t stop until he wins. We seen a sign that said Route 66, a quarter, and on the dartboard, darts were on 3 and 18.


White Tiger takes the stage and performs We Will Rock You by Queen. Nicole says he delivers every time without fail. Nicole loves that he just goes for it. Jenny says there are only three people moving on and she hopes he’s one of them. White Tiger’s Valentine’s day card is for Jenny. It says I’m wild about you, but I know your husband will appreciate this card even more.


Jenny says she loves it and she is picking up on the fact he’s an athlete and she seen the quarter in the clue package and she says Rob Gronkowski. Nicole says they would never make the clues that obvious. Ken says there was a pad of butter in the package and he thinks it’s Fabio. Nicole caught on that he loves dancing and he’s playful and he’s talk. Nicole thinks he’s Joe Manginello.


It’s time to unmask a singer! The singer being unmasked and going home is…Miss Monster!


Time for final guesses! Nicole feels like her voice is so legendary. She thought Gloria Gaynor, but there were references to iconic hair, she had an album called Camouflage, she thinks it’s Chaka Khan. Ken thinks back to the Titanic reference, but he’s going back to country with Reba McEntire. Jenny says there was a white sock and a bear, so there’s a Chicago connection, she’s going to stick with Queen Latifah. Leah says the clue package said something about not hurrying good hair, and she’s sticking with Mary Wilson. Robin says he’s been ok recognizing legendary voice and he also thinks it’s Chaka Khan.


Time to unmask Miss Monster! Miss Monster is…Chaka Khan!


Miss Monster’s Clue Answers: The locker with the #10 in Miss Monster’s package is a clue for Chaka’s 10 Grammy awards. The queen chess piece in Miss Monster’s package hints to Chaka’s nickname “Queen of Funk”. The white socks and teddy bear in Miss Monster’s package are clues to Chaka’s hometown, Chicago. Nick wants to know what went down in sin city with Robin Thicke, and she says they were on the same show.  

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