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America's Got Talent The Champions Finals Results

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We kick the night of with KISS and they perform Rock & Roll All Nite. During the performance they introduce Terry and he comes out and introduces the judges. Terry says KISS are on their final tour, The End of the Road tour.


We recap last week’s finals performances.


Hans introduces Marcelito Pomoy who performs We Are the Champions by Queen and the Storm Troopers come out and dance. Duo Transcend are also performing tricks. Sandou Trio Russian Bar also are down in front of the judges performing.


We see clips of JJ Pantano talking and joking with each of the judges.


V. Unbeatable takes the stage with Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink 182.


They do clips of the judges discussing Heidi being back.


Kseniya Simonova is back and she takes the stage with Angelina Jordan and Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Angelina sings Someone You Loved by Lewis Cipaldi and Tyler plays while Kseniya does her sand art.


Lindsey Stirling takes the stage with Silhouettes.


The judges play a game where they are given emojis and they have to come up with the name of the contestant.


Shin Lim takes the stage with Colin Cloud.


Last years AGT winner Kodi Lee is set to take the stage and we look back at his journey on AGT. He sits at his piano and he performs Sign of the Times by Harry Styles.


It’s time for some results!


The superfans have voted! First, we’re going to find out who has made it into the top five.


Boogie Storm and Duo Transcend are asked to step forward. The first act going into the top five is…Duo Transcend!


Next, Hans and V. Unbeatable are called forward. The superfans have voted and the next act moving into the top five is…V. Unbeatable.


Alexa Lauenburger and Tyler Butler-Figueroa are pulled forward. The act taking the next spot in the top five is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa.


Two more spots left in the top five. Next we call Marcelito Pomoy and Angelina Jordan forward. The next act going into the top 5 is…Marcelito Pomoy.


The last two acts, Sandou Trio Russian Bar and Silhouettes are up to find out their fate. The final act moving into the top five is…Sandou Trio Russian Bar.


The next results are coming up and we’ll get closer to learning who won AGT Champions.


The act finishing in fifth place is…Sandou Trio Russian Bar! They say being there has meant everything to them. The struggles in life do not define them but refines them. Howie says he saw them when they first appeared on AGT and they really upped their game.


The four place act is…Marcelito Pomoy! Macelito’s wife joins them and she says he wants to thank everyone! Heidi says she loves him and he has the most beautiful voices and he IS a champion and she thanks him for sharing his talent with them.


Tyler Butler-Figueroa, V. Unbeatable, and Duo Transcend remain. The third place act is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa! Tyler says he feels very proud of himself that he gets to inspire millions of people and he made it this far. Alesha says they love him so much and they couldn’t be prouder of him and it’s just the beginning for him.


V. Unbeatable say they’ve given everything to chase their dream and they thank everyone so much. Duo Transcend say AGT has changed their lives and they made their dreams come true.


We take one last look back at the journey of Duo Transcend and V. Unbeatable.


It’s time to find out who the winner of AGT Champions is. The superfans have voted. The winner is…V. Unbeatable!

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