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Survivor: Winners at War-Premiere-Episode 1


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Years ago we watched 16 americans begin an adventure that would change their lives. We see clips of various previous season and we introduce Winners at War.


Tony says he has a big reputation at Survivor and the fans of Survivor have waited 20 years to see this. Parvati says she hasn’t had an opportunity to be her diabolical self at all because she’s been building a family, but she’s about to be a phoenix rising from the ashes. Ethan was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and he remembers dreaming he would live long enough to play survivor again.


Amber says she was a kid the first time she played the game. Little did she know she would fall in love, meet her husband, get engaged at the finale, and win the show. She wants to win the game.  To come out two times and beat her husband again? That would be awesome. It’s the biggest battle in Survivor history and be crowned the greatest player of all time? 39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor!!!


Jeff is on the beach as the castaways come in and he has something covered. Sandra is shocked to see Rob and Amber and Rob never told her he was playing again and she definitely feels betrayed. Jeff says wow! Let me take this in! 20 winners. 20 years in the making. Jeff says Wendell applied many times to get on the show and then fulfilled a dream. How does it feel? Wendell says he sees legends and it feels good. Jeff says Yul? You played 14 years ago, the iPhone didn’t even exist. Does he see this game through a different prism? He says yeah. He feels like a dinosaur that has been time bombed into the future. The world has changed, Survivor has changed, and he thinks he’s going to have to change.


Jeff turns to Amber and says she first played 20 years ago. Not only had the iPhone hadn’t been invented, but neither had iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, Xbox. She ends up meeting Rob, got engaged, and has four children. What does this mean for her this time as a very different woman than the first time? She says it’ll be like a nice vacation. But to be a part of season 40, it’s going to be the most epic season yet, how could you pass up this opportunity?


Jeff says they need to toast to celebrate. This is a once in a TV series moment. He has champagne and 20 glasses. Ben says his competition here is the greatest of the greatest, but everyone will be swords swinging. Jeff says he’s proud to have them here as representatives of their 40th season. Even though they have all won, there will be tough times and they will be vulnerable. But they belong here. They throw their glass when they are done.


Jeff says Survivor 40: Winners at War. They are divided into men and women, but that’s not how they are going to play. Sarah says she’s the most recent women out here and she has 9 of the most intimidating women out here. Jeff hands out their wrapped buffs and we have blue and red.


Wearing red, Dakal, we have Tony, Wendell, Amber, Kim, Sophie, Nick, Sarah, Yul, Sandra, and Tyson. Wearing blue, Sele, we have Rob, Natalie, Ethan, Parvati, Ben, Michelle, Dani, Denise, Jeremy, and Adam. Tony’s third time. How does he feel about this group because he needs those people? Tony says he loves them all.


Jeff says they are introducing a new Survivor currency in the form of a fire token. They will each start with one fire token. If you are voted out, you must will or bequeath, your tokens to another player as you head to that island right behind you…the isolated and unforgiving Edge of Extinction. Where you will wait for your chance to get back in this game. And one more thing. If being crowned the winner in a season of all winners and winning a million dollars in the process is not enough to inspire you, then let’s make it 2 million. The largest cash prize in the history of reality shows. All you have to do is win.


It’s time for a challenge! Here’s how it works. They will race out in pairs to retrieve a ring. They will then battle their way back, the first person with one hand on the ring and one hand on the flagpole wins. First team to three wins. They will win flint. The loser? No fire and no rice until after the first tribal council. This challenge is also for immunity.


Our first matchup is Tyson and Yul taking on Jeremy and Ethan. Yul is battling Jeremy and Tyson has the ring and Ethan is hugging Tyson. Tyson is headed back and Jeremy wraps his arm around the ring and inching closer to the flag pole and he gets the flag. Dakal gets the first point.


Next round is Sarah and Kim taking on Parvati and Natalie. Them women are out fast and Natalie is the first to reach it. Her team is directing her to the far side and Kim is fighting to take it. Parvati is trying to help and a swell picks them and Natalie is closed. Kim is pulling the ring hard away from the flag pole but Parvati is close to the pole. Kim gets a big surge and the women are between both poles and Kim inches closer to red and Kim grabs the flag pole. Dakal gets the second point.


Wendell and Tony are taking on Ben and Boston Rob. Ben and Boston Rob have to score to stay in it. Tony and Wendell can win it. The guys are out and Wendell gets it first and Ben takes him down. Rob has the ring and Tony and all the men have an arm on the ring. Tony takes Rob under, but he continues to pull towards the pole. Tony is grabbing his arms but Rob grabs the flag pole. Sele gets their first point.  


Denise and Natalie are taking on Amber and Sarah. Amber and Natalie are tied up with the ring and Sarah and Natalie make their way to the ring. Natalie is inching closer to their flag pole, but Sarah is pulling hard and dragging them towards red. Denise tries to take Amber down, but Amber and Sarah are close tot the flag pole. Sarah is reaching but the water and Natalie pull them back. Sarah gets the flag pole with Natalie on her back. Dakal gets their third point and wins immunity!


Jeff says epic first challenge. Dakal pulled it out. No one going home. Jeff gives them a map and tells them to head out. Sele will have no fire and no rice and someone from their tribe will be voted out. And to complicate things a little more, tribal council will not be tonight, it will be tomorrow night. They all came to play and this gives them time to make things happen. Adam says to lose the immunity challenge on day one is his worst fear. It’s winners at war, there is no easy target. Someone has to go.


Yul is excited and he says it’s kind of overwhelming when he looks around and sees all these people and realizes how long ago he played. Tony picks up a paper to read. It says Use your fire tokens to purchase any of these items. They have coffee & pastries for 3 tokens, Small bag of beans for 4 tokens, Regular bag of rice for 5 tokens. They have comfort items: two pillows and two blankets for 4 tokens and Tarp for 5 tokens. They will present their fire tokens at any challenge. They can also purchase an advantage in the challenge for four tokens. Nick says these tokens are going to end up being a huge part of the game.


Kim reads a note that says their fire tokens cannot be stolen from them. If voted out, they must bequeath it to any player still in the game. Nick thinks the winner of this season will be whoever wins the currency correctly. He thinks his chances to win this game just got much higher. Wendell says after winning Season 36, people know him as someone who knows how to build. Wendell wants to build relationships, not the whole shelter again. Because while you are building, you are stuck at camp. He’s going to chill out a little bit and try and get a read on them.


Sarah and Amber are talking and Sarah says she didn’t think she’d see her out there because she has four little ones at home. Tyson comes in and they are talking about a daisy chain. Tyson says Survivor has been his career and it has given him an opportunity to spend time at home with his kids. Tyson gets fire going and he says he gets to get up every morning and get his daughter’s ready for the day and spend the day with them. This is the longest he’s left his kids. Wendell asks Sandra how she’s feeling and calls her queen. Sandra says don’t call me that because it’ll put a target on my back. She says she’s the only one who knows what it’s like to win twice. Sandra says her and Tony had it out, so she’s here to prove why she’s the queen and she knows everyone wants a piece of her. Sandra says they all want what she already has…her crown.


Over at Sele, Rob says he has a huge target on himself. By losing at the beginning, he’s already put himself at a big disadvantage and now they have to build a shelter and vote someone off. The game is on already. Jeremy is talking to Parvati about her leaving her daughter. She hasn’t played in ten years and she says it’s a little strange. Parvati says she’s not the flirty girl she was once, but she’s a mom now and she’s married. Being a mom will help her to relate to people in a completely different way.


Sele begins building and Ethan is psyched to be there. Rob says he looks great and asks if everything is good. Ethan says life after cancer is hard because there’s a fear of relapse and a fear of death and being on Survivor is living. Ethan hasn’t played since 2004. He wants to resurrect that young innocent guy and play the game that he loves and that changed his life. He’s excite to see how he plays in the new era of Survivor.


Denise and Adam are using the map and looking for a trail and they say they’d rather not go to tribal council every time and he’s wearing blue again. She had flashbacks to her season because they lost every challenge. Adam says he could be her Malcolm. Adam says he loved watching her. Everyone back at camp are counting and they realize Adam and Denise are missing. Jeremy says that’s a rookie move. People are just looking for something and you just don’t want to rock the boat so early in the game.


Dakal is still building and Tony is talking to Yul and he says he can’t go anywhere. He desperately wants the immunity idol, but he’s trying to learn from his past mistake. He doesn’t want to put a target on his back because he doesn’t want them to think he’s back to his old antics. He’s just going to chill and wait for them to lower their defense. Amber says people seemed pretty comfortable and she’s wondering if she’s supposed to be looking for an idol because she feels like she has a huge target on her back because of Rob being here. She says she was rooting for her team, but she is her husband’s biggest fan. She says it’s more of a disadvantage to have him here. She says she learned from Rob the game never stops. As soon as you get comfortable, you are in trouble.


Sophie and Yul are talking and Sophie wants to work with him. Yul says he hasn’t been part of the Survivor community and he doesn’t have those connections. Yul talks about Boston Rob and Tyson playing poker together along with Kim and Jeremy. Yul remembers Tyson saying if they’re ever on an island together, they would be the power alliance. Sophie says Sandra, Tony, and Sarah who played together, and they are kind of gritty. And then you have Wendell and Nick and Sophie and Yul in the middle. Sophie feels like she has a nerd shield in Yul. But the number one thing on her mind is not who she wants to work with, it’s who she wants out.


Back at Sele, Rob and Parvati discuss working together. Parvati asks if he wants to give her a corsage or flowers before making it official. Rob says they probably know the game better than anyone and maybe they should work together. Rob doesn’t want to the new school people to dictate how the game will go. Parvati says she doubts Rob has many other options. Dani is talking to Ben, Nick, and Ethan and they are discussing Rob. Dani says they won’t get many opportunities to get rid of people like Rob because he’s well liked and connected. Why would you not take an opportunity to remove that from the game.


Ben, Jeremy, and Rob are talking and Ben tells Rob his name has been tossed out and Rob wants to know from who. Ben says he’s trying to remember who said it. Ben says it was one of the girls and Rob says Ben not telling him who said his name makes him feel like he can’t trust him. Ben says Dani and Rob wants to know why. Rob asks Ben why he thinks Dani said his name. Rob then goes to Dani and says can I ask you a question and she says yeah, I’ve thrown everyone’s name out. Because you have connections and I don’t. Rob appreciates that she told the truth and he realizes he can trust her. He says there might be an old school alliance coming together. Dani, Ethan, Parvati, and himself. If they can get through the vote, it would be mutually beneficial for them to work together showing the new kids the ropes.


We’re at Sele on Day 2. Adam didn’t sleep one wink last night because they have to go to tribal council tonight. One of them is going to be the first one voted out and will have to go live alone on Edge of Extinction. Danni says playing with winners makes everyone paranoid, plus no one wants to be the first one voted out. We see various people talking. Ethan says the game is warp speed and he doesn’t know what’s going on.


Natalie and Jeremy are talking about who they might want to vote out. Natalie says if she had to pick one now, she’d pick Adam. Jeremy asked more than Denise? Natalie and Jeremy toss out Denise and Adam to Rob and Ben. Ben’s gut is telling him to keep Adam safe and so he goes to talk to Adam about everyone being suspicious of him and Denise going off. Adam says he went to look for the water well, but they weren’t looking for idols. Adam says they should be way more worried about Natalie and Jeremy’s existing relationship and Rob and Amber’s marriage. Adam goes to talk to Denise and they talk about splitting up Natalie and Jeremy. Adam makes the pitch to Ethan and Ethan goes to Rob and Parvati.


Rob says Adam and Denise show they might not be trustworthy, but Adam has a point about Jeremy and Natalie. Rob says it makes him look bad to talk about their relationship when he has his wife there, but the difference is Amber is on the other island and he can decide which way he wants to go. Parvati goes to Jeremy and Natalie and they can’t decide between Adam and Denise and they are almost ready to go to tribal council. Parvati goes to Rob and says are they this dumb? Rob says they have to play Survivor for everyone. Parvati says her and Rob are clearly the two biggest threats in the game. What is going on?!? Parvati says this doesn’t seem to be a fully baked plan. Saddle up kids, this is going to be a bumpy ride.


Tribal Council Night 2: Sele makes their way in and they get their torches and dip them in the fire. Jeff goes to Ethan about the culture shock of being back out here. Ethan says the pace of this game is shocking to him compared to the last time they played. Jeff asks Rob is feeling that as well. He says the game has evolved and it’s moving lighting pace and you either get in line or get out. Jeff asks Jeremy who was missing and he says he doesn’t know. Jeff says he just wants to be a part of the discussion. Denise says she’ll be open. She explains what happened with her and Adam and explains they got lost, but perception is everything.


Adam says Denise and her met yesterday and there are people who have played together and even one marriage. Rob says there’s a reason to vote off every one of them. Jeff asks Natalie if it just comes down to please don’t let me be first. Natalie’s sister was voted off first and she says she can see that. Natalie says if Adam and Denise go off, that’s a reason to vote someone out. Parvati says it’s winners at war and no one should feel comfortable. Jeremy doesn’t like that answer because coming to tribal is where you find out who has your back. Michelle feels like she’s so calm in her regular life, but every word can be skewed and twisted and she’s just trying to hold on. Ethan says he’s not the calmest person and he thinks there are plans in place, but now there are bombs in his head. Natalie says she never felt this nervous. Jeremy and Ben whisper about maybe voting out Parvati.


Jeff says it’s time to vote! He goes to grab the votes. No immunity idols yet. First vote: Denise. Adam. Denise. Natalie. Natalie. Natalie. Natalie. First person voted out of Survivor…Natalie. Michelle is shaking her head. Natalie quietly exist and Jeremy looks at Ben and says who was it. Ben says they’ll talk. Natalie gets to where she bequeaths her currency. She gives it to Jeremy.


Natalie then heads to Edge of Extinction. It just hit her that she just got voted off first. It’s really weird. She thought she would be crying, but she’s just mad. They can earn five tokens to get back in the game.


We’re at Dakal on day 3. Sandra asks Yul if he’s a free agent and Sarah is at the water well with them. They discuss being able to infiltrate family. Sarah says she doesn’t feel hurt often, but she felt betrayed by Rob who said he’d never come back out. She just thinks about that every time she sees Amber. Sarah says they have to stick together. Yul agrees. Yul asks if Sandra would have any issue breaking up the poker people. Yul has been trying to get Wendell, Sophie, and Nick in an alliance and that’s where he’d like to go. Yul tells Wendell and Nick that Sandra is focused on Rob. Wendell thinks Rob and Amber need to get EoE as soon as possible. Yul says he doesn’t think anyone else thinks this alliance exists and that gives them leverage in the game.


Over on Sele Day 3, Michelle and Ben are talking. Michelle says tribal couldn’t have gone worse and it sucked she was left out of the vote. She feels like she has something to prove. She says to not have the numbers is the worst case scenario. Michelle says Rob is playing that he’s not running the show, and that’s what he’s doing. Ben says he and Michelle and Adam need to figure out how to not be followers.


Jeremy says it sucks to lose Natalie, but he sees that Natalie gave him the fire token. He says no one knows how valuable there are and it’s good to have two of them. On EoE, Natalie goes to the sail and there’s a message. There’s an Edge of Extinction price list. Use fire tokens to purchase any of the following: Strategic: one advantage in return challenge is one token and idol with full power is 3 tokens. Idol only has full power if they get back in the game. There are also luxury items: Pizza, jar of peanut butter, bottle of wine, six-pack of ice cold beer, or a hammock, and they are all one token.


Natalie is trying to figure out how to get fire tokens and she sees a bottle with a note. It says this is her first opportunity to get back in the game by earning a fire token. Journey to the last spot you can see the sunset. She’s excited for this chance. She’s not good at riddles. She starts looking around and she climbs up to see the sun set. She says it’s about a mile. She says her quads were burning. She didn’t come here to be on EoE, she came to win. She’s walking around and she sees a message. It’s an immunity idol that is good for three tribal councils. It has no value on Extinction, but you can sell it to any player from the losing tribe for one fire token. She’s the first person here and she’s already affecting the game. The things she does here can affect the game.


Time for immunity: Dakal gets the first look at the new Sele tribe. Natalie voted out. Sandra is shocked. Immunity is back up for grabs. They are going to paddle out and retrieve a bag of number tiles and then race back over a number of obstacles. They’ll then use the tiles to solve a combination and get three rings and knock down some paddles. Sandra sits out for Dakal.


Sele has a slight lead getting into the water, but they run into their first obstacle. Dakal takes a slight lead and they get to their station first. Sele is struggling to get to their station, and they are too far way. Rob pulls them closer and he unties their game. Dakal has their tiles and is almost back to their obstacles. Rob has his tiles and both tribes are on their way back. Dakal is back and they start working on their obstacles.


Sele has made up ground, but they are still a little behind. Dakal is first to the barrel roll. Sele is still trying to close the gap. Rob is launching the women over the barrel. Dakal has everyone over the barrel and they are working on the net crawl. Dakal is on the beach and she’s yelling at Tony to pay attention. Yul is working on his combination. Rob and Jeremy are still trying to get over the barrel roll. Jeremy is trying to get on Rob’s shoulders and Adam is trying to reach over to grab his hand and they are struggling. Ethan gets on Ben’s shoulders and grabs Jeremy and then Rob and they move on. Yul is still working on the combination and has it. Tyson tosses his first ring and misses. Adam is going to work on the combination.


Tyson switches out with Wendell and he knocks down the first paddle. Wendell just misses the second paddle. Adam finally gets the combination and Ben and Jeremy are tossing. Jeremy gets the first paddle with the first ring and it’s tied. Wendell hits the second paddle but it doesn’t fall. Jeremy gets the second paddle. Wendell gets the second one and it falls off again. Jeremy gets the third paddle and Sele wins immunity!


Jeff says Sele, nice job. No one wants to go to tribal back to back. He sends them back. Dakal will be heading to tribal tonight. Rob says winning the challenge is a great moment, but he’s worried about his wife. Amber has a huge target on her because of him and he can’t do anything to help her. This could be his wife’s life in the game.


We’re at Dakal after the challenge. Tony asks if anyone wants to volunteer to keep Natalie company. Sarah says do you? Yul says we should just talk and be civilized. Tyson says Sandra or Nick or maybe Tony. Sandra says maybe Amber. Amber trusts Kim and Tyson and she’s not used to this type of play but she needs to dive in. Nick and Sophie are talking about everyone being a threat. Sophie says the target is moving. Kim says are we crazy for not taking Sandra out first. Sandra is going to spread truth, lies, and rumors because that works for her. Back at camp, Sandra sees the immunity idol and she’s absolutely going to buy it. She now realizes the importance of fire tokens and she’s so relieved. If she gets a bad feeling, she’s going to play it. She thinks Natalie sent it to her. Sandra says Tyson just said to vote out Tony.


Tony says they should tell Tyson they are voting out Amber, but they are going to vote out Tyson instead because everyone loves him and he’s a funny guy. Tony says they have to break up the poker alliance. Tyson, Amber, and Kim. So you get Tyson out, but leave the big target shields in the game. Yul talks to Tyson about the poker alliance and Tyson says that’s coming back to bite him. His strategy switched from dictating the direction of the game, to pure Survival mode. He throws Kim and Amber under the bus and says he can get in with Nick and Yul.


Kim is talking to Sandra and Nick and she says she’s getting a bad vibe and she thinks it her. She says there are moments of paranoia where people are talking and she walks up and they stop talking. She says it’s awkward. Kim goes to Yul and she says she has never been in this position before. Kim says she didn’t understand until today what it feels like to be on the outs. She didn’t envision this comeback. Kim says she didn’t realize the poker alliance would be an issue and she doesn’t think there is anything she can do to change that.


Tribal Council Night 3: Dakal makes their way in and they get their torches and dip them in the fire. Jeff goes to Amber playing 16 years ago. How is she feeling? Amber says she hasn’t aged a bit. That feeling of being on edge is definitely familiar, but it happened much quicker that she’s used to. Jeff asks Tyson with the game moving fast can he see the different eras? Tyson says Yul thinks before he acts and some of the newer players don’t think at all. Jeff asks Tony if Tyson is talking about him and he says no. Amber says Tony was running around from person to person and it was nerve wracking. Tony says everyone was because he didn’t need to the first two days. Sandra says Amber hasn’t been around for a long time. She has to keep up with he pace or move out of the way.


Jeff asks Sophie how the feeling was before tribal. Sophie says the day just dropped off. Sandra seen panic because several names were thrown out, but the names were narrowed down. Kim says she knows her name is in that group. Kim mentions the poker player alliance, which isn’t a thing. Tyson says he also heard his name and he hopes what he did is enough to prove to people that he’s with them. Kim says the poker player alliance isn’t a thing, but there are genuine relationships here. Kim says if there’s an alliance, she’s not in it. Wendell says there are friendships and she doesn’t know how tight a poker alliance might be that was played a year ago. Amber says with two million at stake, friends will be willing to do anything.


Nick says as soon as people heard about the two million dollars people started trying to figure out how to put it in their pocket and not their friends pocket. Sophie agrees. Sandra says if friends are lost out here over two million dollars, which is a lot of money, that’s a price that a lot of people are willing to pay.


Time to vote! Jeff will get the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play, now is the time to do so. Sandra does not play her idol. First vote: Nick. Kim. Kim. Kim. Amber. Amber. Amber. Amber. Second person voted out of Survivor is…Amber!


Amber quietly leaves and she bequeaths her token to Rob and heads off to the Edge of Extinction to join Natalie.


Next time on Survivor, when the enemy strikes, it blows up your game. You’ll need to climb out of the ruble.

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