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America's Got Talent The Champions Finals performances

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Tonight, ten acts are fighting for the title best in the world! Terry introduces our judges and explains the panel of superfans.


We’re kicking off the night with Alexa Lauenburger and her dog act. She takes the stage for her act and she gets a slow start but gets going. The crowd loves it.


Alesha says Alexa pulled out some new tricks and the last trick was amazing. They are all champions already in her opinion. Howie says only one act will go all the way, but they nailed it. He loved it, but it’s up to the super fans. Simon says this isn’t going to make him very popular, but it just wasn’t near as good as the first two performances. Heidi says she didn’t want to do the same routine and coming up with a new routine in one week is hard.


Up next is Duo Transcend. They are doing this for their son and they are performing something they’ve never done before. They take the stage for their performance and they begin blindfolded and they do their entire performance blindfolded. Mary is emotional as they finish and she’s crying.


Alesha says this is such a sexy act and she has so much respect for what they’ve just done. Heidi says they are so captivating and it was incredible and it was all feel and touch and they really upped their game for the finale. Howie says he loves them and he truly believes this performance is worthy of the finals. Howie thinks their better card was last time, but the superfans seen it. Simon says he thinks is the best performance they’ve ever seen from them because they took a ginormous risk and it was so dangerous. They pushed themselves and he thinks they’ve given themselves a real shot.


Next is Heidi’s golden buzzer from Norway’s Got Talent, Angelina Jordan. She’s always just wanted to sing for Simon and she couldn’t believe she was finally performing for him. Being in the finals is unbelievable and she feels like she has a responsibility to do even better. She takes the stage and she sings Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John.


Heidi says Angelina made her so proud and she can feel it all the way down to her bones that she will be a star. She’s so excited for her. Howie says she is so amazing. One word comes to mind when he listens to her and that is hypnotic. She draws him in and she truly is a champion. Alesha says she’s like an old soul and it was beautifully delicate and they were holding on to every word she sang. Simon says what he loved about tonight is that she took a risk and he’s going to remember this performance for years and years to come. He says she took that song sound current, relevant, and he thinks she’s a very special person and she made the final way better because she set a standard.


Next up is Simon’s golden buzzer, Boogie Storm. They reminisce over their journey on how they got to Champions. They take the stage for their performance. Alesha is on her feet dancing and Howie hits his X. They get an ovation from the other three judges and the audience and Howie is saying really?


Howie says he’ll be honest. He doesn’t get it. The dancing is not fantastic, there’s no message. Really? One flip? Alesha says she was pleasantly surprised. They aren’t the best dancers, but they made everyone smile and they got the audience on their feet. Heidi says it’s so different from the last time they saw them and she feels like she saw a new group on stage. Simon says the message was hope. Hope because this is a group of people who are historically not known as nice people and they’ve flown millions of miles to appear on Champions and he thinks the dark side has become the light side and he applauds them.


Alesha’s golden buzzer is up next. Silhouettes is from America’s Got Talent and they are ready for this opportunity. They take the stage for their performance. They tell a story about a family who is evicted and foreclosed on and becomes homeless and how they are helped to get their house back. They finish by spelling out the word Kindness.


Alesha says they are in tears, that was so beautiful. Silhouettes passion was pouring out of the screen. That’s how you do it! Howie says nobody does this clearer and better and to use this platform to inspire people, they are not just here to win it, they are here to change the world. Heidi loves them and it takes her a lot to well up and she doesn’t know how they do it. It definitely jumps from the stage into their hearts. Simon says he loves the message, he loves them as people. He thinks on a night like this, it’s pulling out the performance of a lifetime and he doesn’t think that was as good as their previous performance.


The next act is Hans and he’s from America’s Got Talent. He says this journey has been a roller coaster. He takes the stage and he says he knows it’s the final and everyone is excited. He says he’s going to do Simon’s song for real, but then he does not. He switches to Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. Simon hits his X. Howie, Alesha, and Heidi are on their feet. Hans comes down to dance with the judges for a moment and the returns to the stage and ends with the splits.


Simon says without being rude, and Hans says why break the habit of a lifetime. Simon says honestly, that was torture. Howie says he thinks he is one of the most fun loving, energetic acts they’ve had. Alesha thanks him for using her song. She thought it was terrible but so much fun. Heidi says let’s have fun and live a little! How hard is it to just get up and enjoy the time together.


Tyler Butler-Figueroa is the next act and he’s from America’s Got Talent and he’s a violin player. His mom talks about Tyler’s journey on AGT. Tyler says he feels more confident in himself. Tyler takes the stage and plays Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.


Simon says that was so impressive because Tyler decided to do one of the most iconic songs of all time with no on stage with him and only the violin. He says he just gave himself a shot at winning. Heidi says amongst all the craziness they’ve seen today, Tyler holds his own on that stage and she has to give it to him. Alesha says Tyler just stole her heart. He and his beautiful instrument and a stunning song.


The next act is Howie’s golden buzzer, V. Unbeatable. They are from America’s Got Talent and they are originally from India. They take the stage and a couple of the dancers start behind the judges and one flips over the judges table. They also use a two rider bicycle to do trick son. The audience is on their feet and loud.


Howie says this is by far the best act that has graced any of the stages on any talent show. Every one of them, it’s like their life is at stake. They have opened up the world to them. Alesha says the best decision Howie made was pressing his buzzer. That was pure brilliance and she felt every single moment of it. Heidi doesn’t know how they can top this. What they did was absolutely incredible and they gave them everything. Simon says in a show which calls itself Champions, you’re looking for an act that’s brilliant and steps up. Simon says they are just regular people and they’ve done something quite remarkable.


Marcelito Pomoy is a singer from Philippine’s Got Talent and he can’t believe he’s here at Champions. His wife says this is his dream. Marcelito says he’s nervous again because he’s one step away from winning and he’s starting to believe maybe he can. He takes the stage and sings Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson.


Heidi says Marcelito! She says this is the third time they’ve performed for them and it just never gets old. She loves his song choices as well. Howie says when he first saw him he blew him away from the surprise of it all. And he enjoys each performance. Alesha says the song choice was perfect and she thinks he upped his game. Simon says he is a very nice, very talented guy, and this was much better than the last performance he did. But if it was his choice, he’d have done something less predictable.


The last act has had its ups and downs, and its one of the most dangerous acts they’ve seen. It’s Sandou Trio Russian Bar and they are from America’s Got Talent. We take a look back at their journey on the show and we hear her daughter wishing her luck and saying how proud they are of her and the entire act. They have spikes on either side of the bar this time. Halfway through her performance she lights the bed of nails on fire. Alesha is having a difficult time watching. We are coming up on the last trick of the act and she blindfolds herself. They are successful with their final tricks.


All four judges are on their feet for Sandou Trio Russian Bar. Howie says they are crazy and crazy amazing and that was epic. He says that was raising the game and they literally lit a fire for the audience. Alesha says every time they them they raise the bar and they get better and better. She loves their stage presence and the way she commands the stage. Heidi says she’s at a loss for words. She’s a crazy lady. Simon says they’ve blown the competition wide open and he thinks they are one of the top three acts. Simon thought he knew where the competition was going to go, but after that changed his mind.


Next Monday is the Champion’s World Finale! We’ll find out the results then. One act will be named the best of the best.

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