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America's Got Talent The Champions-Semi-Finals

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It’s time for the semi-finals! 12 acts will perform tonight.


JJ Pantano is our first act and he’s the 7 year old from Australia who roasted the judges and Terry in the first round. He’s been researching the judges and writing new jokes and he knows he’s ready…he just hopes the judges are. JJ takes the stage and greets everyone and begins his set.


Howie says JJ is so adorable, and so mean, and so adorably mean and that’s a compliment. Heidi says he has so many fans, welcome to Hollywood. He fits right in. Simon says he’s absolutely hilarious. He loves JJ insulting him.


Tyler Butler-Figueroa is up next and he’s a violinist and he’s from America’s Got Talent. Tyler takes the stage and he performs What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. He has a vocalist on stage with him for a small part.


Alesha says it was so cool tonight to see another side of Tyler and it was very poignant and a beautiful song. Howie says it was absolutely beautiful, emotional, and captivating. Simon says Tyler plays one of the most difficult instruments to play and he advises him to have no one else on stage with him and play the most beautiful song with the most beautiful instrument and his beautiful smile and he could win.


Mark Spellman is our next act. He will perform as X. X is an extension of Mark. X takes the stage via a screen and then he appears behind the judges. He invites Terry to the stage and asks him to take a seat. He has a mask for Terry to wear and he won’t be able to see anything while it’s on. He has a blindfold over his eyes. X touches his own right shoulder and has Terry point to where he felt a touch and he points to his right shoulder. X asks Terry to imagine a watch and setting it to a specific time and he says 4:00. There’s a box on the judges table with the watch and Heidi opens it and it says 4:00. X asks if Terry could be anywhere in the world where would he be? He says at home. X has him take off the mask and turn around and X is in his home with his wife on the screen.


Heidi loved the concept and the payoff was fantastic and that moment wasn’t there today. Heidi says it wasn’t as special. Alesha says X is consistently brilliant and she’d love to see him move on. Simon doesn’t think this was a progression up, but if he makes it through he has to make something brand new.


Duo Destiny is up next and they are from Poland’s Got Talent. They are a strength/aerial act. They take the stage for their performance and the judges discuss them and Duo Transcend.


Heidi says they have to be one of the six chosen ones. It is insane. Duo Destiny are incredible. Howie thinks they delivered in their first performance and he doesn’t think this what that different. Alesha doesn’t agree with Howie and she thought there were a few new moves. What they are doing is outstanding. Simon thought it was a step-up and he felt it was something they hadn’t done before and everything was brilliant.


Next up is Hans and he was from America’s Got Talent and he was put through by the judges. He doesn’t care that he was buzzed by Simon. He takes the stage with his accordion. He starts behind a podium and he’s launching a campaign to be the AGT Champions winner. He performs Danke Schoen and then stops and starts singing Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nikki Minaj.


Howie says Hans is so much bigger than this show. Howie says he was on a reality show, he has hats, you know what that means. Heidi hits her X and she says just got excited. Heidi says she loves him so much and she hopes he gets to the final. He is super creative. Alesha thinks his presentation was the best by far. She loves everything about him and he’s fabulous. Simon says he shouldn’t have loved that, but he did love it.


Dania Diaz is next and she’s a magician from Spain’s Got Talent. It feels amazing being a semi-finalist and now she’s going to bring something different. She takes the stage for her performance and she is directly in front of the judges. She wants Howie to take a selfie of all the judges and herself before she begins. She wants to share the positive side of her story and that’s the part of leaving everything behind and getting a new start.


Simon says Dania’s hands were shaking and it showed how real everything was. It was magic. There’s no denying that. Alesha says it was beautifully understated and they couldn’t take their eyes off of her. Howie says he’s going to be honest and his heart was bursting with emotion and it was one of the most beautiful things he’s ever seen.


Duo Transcend is up next and they are on aerial act from America’s Got Talent. They want to show they are more than just a trapeze act. They are prepared to step up their act. They take the stage and begin on the trapeze. They then move to do some tricks on roller skates.


Howie says that just transcended from a circus act into a full blown stage show. Alesha felt like she was at the greatest show on earth. She loves Duo Transcend. Heidi says she loves them so much, it was perfection. Simon says there’s always a concern can you step up and progress. He thought the theme was immaculate and it was everything he could have hoped for them.


Next up is Strauss Serpent and he’s a contortionist from Africa’s Got Talent. He takes the stage and begins his act. He starts by coming out of a box that he was folded up in. He does some tricks and then brings out a bucket and bends himself backwards.


Alesha says Strauss is funny and she loves him. Heidi says this is one of her most favorite acts. She says he does what not a lot of people can do. Simon says the first time they saw him he had a wow factor, but he didn’t have that tonight, but he deserves another shot in the finals. Howie says a lot of people watch these acts on their computer and this will be one of the best unboxing videos.


Ryan Niemiller is up next and he’s a comedian from America’s Got Talent. He gets a second chance at winning and he wants to win. He is booked out through the end of the year. He didn’t start this journey to lose. He likes the pressure knowing he has to step it up. He takes the stage for his set.


Heidi says she likes Ryan, but she thought he was funnier last time. But she thinks he’s really, really funny. Simon says he’s slightly with Heidi. He says it didn’t feel as fresh and it felt like a set he’s done before but he got lost a little tonight. Howie says he understands what it takes to write material and he thought he was great and he’s a star. Alesha says she thought it was very, very funny and there’s something about him that she loves.


Alexa Lauenburger is up next and she was sent through by the judges. She’s from Germany’s Got Talent and she is the only animal act in AGT Champions. Howie is watching and says to the other judges this is the best dog act he’s ever seen.


Alesha says Alexa was perfection and she was incredible. That act was wonderful. Heidi says it was awesome and she put the biggest smile on her face again. Simon says if there was one golden buzzer they were all allowed to push, he think they’d all be reaching it. Simon agrees with Howie, this was the best dog act he’s seen by a mile. Howie says two words describe her act: Pure Joy!


Sandou Trio Russian Bar is next and they are from America’s Got Talent. Getting invited back and making the semi-finals lit a fire under them. They take the stage for their performance and they have fire. They have the bar over fire and they perform their tricks over that.  


Alesha says Sandou Trio meant business and they upped their game. That was a spectacle. Heidi says they are incredible and they have to be one of the six. Simon says they have this really cool attitude and the whole presentation was absolutely amazing and he thinks it will get them in the final. Howie says semi-finals are about raising the bar and they literally raise the bar and they literally lit the bar on fire.


Our final act is Marcelito Pomoy and he’s from Philippines Got Talent and he’s a singer. He takes the stage for his performance and he sings Time to Say Good-bye by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.


Howie believes Marcelito has the best shot of winning the whole game. He raised his game. Alesha says that was a brilliant song choice and it enabled him to shine. She loves everything about him. Heidi says she’s been waiting all day for him to come on to the stage and he is her favorite. Simon says Marcelito, there is no denying he has a unique, special talent. If he makes the final he thinks Marcelito needs to take a bigger risk.


It’s time for the results!


Hans and Strauss Serpent are called forward. The first act going into the finals is…Hans!


JJ Pantano and Tyler Butler-Figueroa are called forward. The next act moving on is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa!


Dania Diaz and Marcelito Pomoy are called forward. The next act taking a spot in the finals is…Marcelito Pomoy.


Alexa Lauenburger and Mark Spellman as X are asked to step forward. The fourth act going into the finals is…Alexa Lauenburger!


Only two spots remain. Sandou Trio Russian Bar and Ryan Niemiller step forward next. The fifth act moving on is…Sandou Trie Russian Bar!


Duo Transcend and Duo Destiny are the final two acts to learn their fate. They came in sixth and seventh in the superfans vote, but only one can move on. The judges will have to decide which act to put through.


Simon says he’s going to judge this based on the first time he seen both acts and who he believes can step up the most in the final. His vote goes to…Duo Transcend!


Heidi says they are so similar and it’s crazy they are both up there. She feels more passionate about Duo Transcend!


Alesha says both of these acts are equally skilled and she enjoyed both performances. The act she thinks has a bit more of an edge is Duo Transcend!

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