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Looking for several addresses

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Hey there

Doing a big big research project and am looking for current, valid addresses for the following:

*Kenneth Washington

*Elke Sommer

*Gene Reynolds

*Bruce Bilson

*Carl Reiner

*Regis Philbin (I would guess, New York for this one?)

*Bernard Fox

*Nita Talbot

*Lloyd Bochner

*Eric Braeden

*Mary Tyler Moore

*Gary Owens

*Jerry Lewis (yes I know he is not well at present)

*Victoria Berry aka Victoria Wells

*Paul Petersen

*Cynthia Lynn

*Laurence Marks (TV writer)

*Arthur Julian (TV writer)

*Phil Sharp (TV writer)

*David Chandler (TV writer)

*Jack H. Robinson (TV writer)

*Robert (Bob) Sweeney (dir)

*Bill Davenport (TV writer)

*Jerry London (dir)

*Dick Van Dyke

*Kathleen Cody

*Antoinette Bower

*Todd Susman

*Trisha Hart

*Ronny Graham

*James Sutorius

*Joey Forman

*Frank Marth

I know this list is huge. Some of these people may not even be alive any more. But I have tried my best to find working addresses, so anyone who has any of these would have my deepest gratitude if they could pass them on, either online or via a PM. Please tell me the last time you knew any address you have was known to be valid.

Kind regards,


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