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America's Got Talent The Champions-Episode 4

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Terry greets us and it is the last night to earn a spot in the semi-finals. Terry introduces the judges, and tonight the final golden buzzer goes to Alesha. The semi-finals begins next week.

Our first act of the night is Christian and Percy and he’s from America’s Got Talent from 2014. Christian is a strength balance act who does tricks with his dog. Christian takes the stage with his dog. He finishes with a backflip and all four judges get on their feet.


Heidi says Percy likes to French kiss because he’s licking Christian. Howie says he won’t shake hands, how do you do that? Heidi says everything was perfect. Howie remembers him and he was a fan of him and he was better than he was and he stepped it up. Alesha says it just got better and better and better as it went along. Simon says he’s never seen a dog balance and dance at the same time, and he thinks whoever makes Scooby-Doo should think about making Percy-Doo or something. Simon loved this act. He thought it was amazing.


Next is Voices of Service and they were from America’s Got Talent and they are a singing group of veterans who are sharing the story of veterans who return with PTSD. They were proud they made it to fifth place, but they want to keep spreading awareness. They take the stage and perform Brother by Kodaline.


Howie says it’s amazing and the power you feel when Voices of Service harmonize is like no other. Alesha says it was a very poignant song. Heidi says their voices are weapons of hope and she thanks them for their service. Simon thinks the message they deliver is absolutely beautiful. It made him emotional. It was a massive step up. He knows for a fact they could win.


Next is JJ Pantano and he is from Australia’s Got Talent and he was a semi-finalist. JJ is 7 years old and his mother is a singer and that’s why he wants to do it too. He takes the stage and he surprises everyone by roasting the judges. He also roasts Terry.


Heidi says JJ is hilarious. He’s a little star. Alesha says looks can be deceiving, but he’s really brutal. Well done. Howie says he’s adorable, funny, and he has stage presence. When he grows up he wants to be just like him. Simon asks who is the funniest person in the world, and JJ says him. Simon think he has a little star glow going about him.


The next act is from Romania’s Got Talent and he’s a dancer and his name is Emil Rengle. He was the first openly gay man on Romania’s Got Talent and it created a lot of scandal and he won. He says expectations are higher and he’s ready to win again. He performs to Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy. Simon hits his X. Howie hits his X towards the end.


Howie says this is Champions and he doesn’t think Emil hit the level of talent of the competition. Alesha says her and Heidi understand how difficult it is to dance in heals and congratulations on his success and good luck. Simon doesn’t think that was the caliber to be the best of the best. Simon asks Emil if he thinks he can win. Emil says of course he does. Heidi says the good news is, it’s not the judges that decide and she wishes him good luck.


Silhouette’s is up next and Howie recognizes them. They were on America’s Got Talent in 2011. Most of the children involved grew up and moved on, but there is one original member remaining. They take the stage for their performance. Their shadow story is about a dog and his owner who goes off to war and comes back to reunite with their dog.


Simon says that was absolutely beautiful, but he wants to know where the dog is. The whole message about your life is better because of animals was incredibly creative. Heidi loved them and her and Alesha were crying. Heidi says it was so amazing. Howie says he’s not an emotional guy, but he welled up in tears. He felt the story. The crowd is chanting and clapping. Alesha says that was so moving and so beautiful and she’s thinking about her dogs. She was completely inspired and she wants to see more and she hits her golden buzzer.


Brian King Joseph is our next act and he’s a violin player and he’s from America’s Got Talent. He has neuropathy that will eventually leave him paralyzed. He finished in third place on his season. He’s going to do an original song for his Champion’s performance because he wants to show them he’s here to win.


Alesha says she loved Brian’s energy and his violin. She loved it all. Well done. Heidi says she’s so happy to see him again, every time he’s there it’s on fire. Howie asks if there’s a story behind that and he says it was his story. Simon says he reminded him he’s one of the most talented musicians they’ve ever had on the show. Simon hopes he gets through.


The next act is Connie Talbot and she’s from Britain’s Got Talent and she’s a singer. She was 6 years old when she was on BGT, and now she’s 19 and ready to break away from that little girl she was. She’s going to perform an original song and she plays the piano.

Heidi thinks Connie is so beautiful, and that song, and that voice were all beautiful. Simon says he’s always wanted America to get to know her and she nailed it. He thinks she did great. Alesha says it’s so lovely watching her come full circle and this could be the start of something so beautiful for her. Howie wishes her the best of luck.


Next is The Sandou Trio and they were from Season 6 of America’s Got Talent. They are here for redemption. They are super nervous. They are a danger act that involves a bar and flips. They take the stage and do their first several tricks and then she blindfolds herself for a bigger trick. They go down in front of the judges for their final trick and they get a standing ovation.


Howie says it is so scary to watch The Sandou Trio but they were thrilling and he loved it. Heidi says she loved watching them up there. She says it’s so thrilling and amazing. Alesha says they aren’t playing, they came here to win. So impressive. Simon says he doesn’t normally love this kind of act, but he thinks this act had more relevancy than any other act they’ve seen on the show tonight. He thought it was absolutely incredible. Well done.


Our final act is Bars and Melody and they were on Britain’s Got Talent and they were disappointed they didn’t win. They are also going to do an original song and they move to a small platform directly in front of the judge’s table. Howie hits his X halfway through the performance.


Howie says that didn’t seem like a championship song and they didn’t do anything he hasn’t seen before. Alesha says she wants nothing but good for them, but she could feel their nerves. She liked the song, but she thinks the nerves got the better of them. Heidi agrees and it didn’t work for her either. Simon says he remembers their very first audition, their story, and why they got the golden buzzer. He’s disappointed this audience didn’t get to experience what he did years ago.


Our final act is Strauss Serpent and he won Africa’s Got Talent Season 2 and he’s a contortionist. He has a translator on stage because he speaks French. He takes the stage for his performance and the audience and judges freak out.


Heidi says Strauss is incredible. It’s contortion on another level. Howie says it’s amazing. He’ll bend over backwards to win this thing. Alesha says she loved it. She says it was so painful to watch, but watching the audience watch him was even funnier. Simon says he always wonders why do people love watching horror movies. In the same way he shouldn’t love watching what they just did, but he did. One of his favorite acts tonight.


Time for results! Emil, Voices of Service, and Strauss are called forward. The first act moving on is…Strauss Serpent!


Bars and Melody, Connie, and Sandou Trio are called forward. The next act moving into the semi-final is…Sandou Trio!


Brian King Joseph, JJ Patano, and Christian and Percy are the final three remaining. It is now up to the judges!

Howie says he can only choose one and he has to go with cuteness and comedy. He has to go with JJ!


Alesha says she enjoyed all of them. However, the act she’d like to see go through is…Brian King Joseph!


Heidi loved all of them, but she always goes with her gut feeling and she’s going with Christian and Percy!


Simon says the person who we’ll be seeing in the semi-final is…JJ!

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