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America's Got Talent The Champions-Episode 3

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Terry greets us and introduces the judges for us. Tonight, Howie says it’s his golden buzzer and Simon says Howie has to be quicker than him this time.


Howie says there are more winners tonight than on any other episode. We have Germany’s Got Talent winner up first, Alexa Lauenburger, and she has a dog act. She wants to prove she and her dogs are the ultimate champions. Heidi greets Alexa and they speak in German and Heidi translates that Alexa is only 11 years old. Her dogs are brought out and it’s a ski resort them. She has a variety of eight dogs that she calls down to do various tricks.


Simon gives a thumbs up. Heidi says it’s nice to see a young person doing something else besides sitting in front of a computer. She says that was the cutest thing. Howie says this is why this show is called Champions. He’s never seen a person Alexa’s age have such control and do what she did. Alesha says she has four dogs and she can’t get them to sit. She loved every single minute of that. Simon says first, this was done on ice and it made it more difficult. Simon likes the fact that the dogs were all different breeds and he thought it was incredible.


Our next act is from America’s Got Talent and his name is Tyler Butler-Figueroa and he’s a violinist. He’s 12 years old and he’s been in remission from cancer for four years. He wants to show Simon that he IS a champion. Tyler takes the stag and performs Old Town Road by Little Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.


Howie says Tyler is amazing and he’s a huge fan. He’s so authentic and wonderful and he’s a great guy.  Alesha thinks Tyler put a little swag on that violin playing. Everything about this act makes her feel so good. Heidi thought it was adorable and dancing while was playing was even better. Job well done. Simon says he reminded him just how good he was and he is an extraordinary young man.


Next, we have Ben Hart, and he’s a magician who is from Britain’s Got Talent. Ben intends to push himself further and take some risks and maybe go all the way this time. He takes the stage for his act. He finishes his act and the judges look confused.


Howie says this is champions and maybe it’s his nerves and it kind of fell off at the end. Howie doesn’t think this is worthy enough to move on. Alesha says she’s seen him perform before, but the awkwardness of nerves might have gotten in the way. Simon says it was like watching a weird info commercial. He’s struggling to know what to say and he’s thinking that’s it? Simon says someone of Ben’s talent to come with that was nowhere near good enough. Heidi doesn’t want to rub salt in the wound and she tells him good luck.


Next up is Freckled Sky and they were on season 10 of America’s Got Talent. They have found success because of AGT, but they didn’t win. This is their second chance. Simon wishes them luck and they take the stage. Simon hits his X midway through their performance.


Simon says he didn’t get the performance by Freckled Sky. Simon thinks that technically great, but it was boring. He doesn’t think they caught up with technology. Howie says they are a champion and they deserve to be here. Simon says he wanted them to be better. Howie says he thought it was amazing. Heidi agrees. Alesha says she took it as a beautiful piece of art and it was executed as well. Well done.


Moses Concas is up next and he’s from Italy’s Got Talent and he won in 2016. He’s a musician and he plays the harmonica. He knows he’s against the best in the world but he wants to win the title Champion and he’s ready to do whatever it takes. He steps onto a platform and is raised into the air and he begins playing the harmonica. Simon does not look amused during the performance.


Simon says he thinks it’s going to take a miracle for Moses to make it through to the next round. Simon says it was almost like the performance never got started. He likes Moses, but he didn’t like the act. Howie says the fact he could beat box and play the harmonica at the same time is amazing, but it didn’t rise to the level to compete with everyone else. Alesha agrees with Howie.


V. Unbeatable is up and they are a dance act who was on America’s Got Talent. They are from Mumbai, India. They are pushing themselves even harder than before and they are here to finish what they started. They take the stage for their performance.


Alesha says oh my goodness, where do I start? She can see on their faces just how much this means to V. Unbeatable and they brought beautiful, positive energy. Heidi loved it. So much adrenaline. It was incredible. Simon says they needed them tonight! Every time, they come out they do something more creative and interested. He thinks this has probably been one of the best acts they’ve seen on Champions this year. Howie says he loves them and he loves what they do and what it means to them. Howie says disappointment only lasts a moment. THIS is a moment! THIS is the moment they’ve been waiting for and he sits on the golden buzzer!


Michael Grimm is up next and he won America’s Got Talent in 2010. He wasn’t ready for the fame that came with the win and so he stepped back and let fame pass him by. He takes the stage and he sings I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James.


Howie says he absolutely loves Michael and he loves his voice and he felt the emotion and he loved what he just did. Alesha says he seemed nervous at the beginning, but he has such a lovely voice and she likes the humility in him. Simon says Michael is a nice, sincere, humble person, but he didn’t like the song. But he has an amazing voice because he deserves to go through to the next round.


The next act is Duo Destiny and they won Poland’s Got Talent. They have performed with Cirque du Soleil. They take the stage and Alesha greets them. Their names are Kinga and Goncalo. They are a dance/strength/aerial act and they take the stage for their performance.


Heidi thinks that was perfect. It was sexy, and romantic, and wow. It was breathtaking. Alesha says it still felt fresh and different. It was dangerous and Duo Destiny did a fantastic job. Simon says they are astonishing and he thought the song was fantastic. Howie says it was seamless and they truly rose to the level of acrobatics and dance and strength.


Next is Quick Style and they are a dance crew and they won Norway’s Got Talent. They’ve done some choreography for some artists such as BTS. They take the stage for their performance. Howie buzzes them at the end.


Howie says Quick Style can dance, but they didn’t show anything they haven’t seen before. Alesha says they are completely different from V. Unbeatable. Alesha says they felt slick, fresh, sophisticated, and stylized. Heidi says they are great dancers. Simon says this has been a very strange night, but he has no idea what’s going to happen. He says the song choice wasn’t right for the moment, but he has a feeling about these guys.


The final act of the night is from Holland’s Got Talent and his name is Miki Dark. He goes to the judges table and points at Heidi and requests her to join him on stage and he grabs Terry also. Miki is a danger/magician act. He tears a picture of Simon and puts it in an envelope and kisses it and puts it into a basket with a lot of other envelopes. He then has Terry stand over Heidi with the bucket and she has a black box on her chest. He blindfolds himself and has a knife and counts down and Terry pours the basket down and he throws the knife and it pins the envelope to Heidi and it’s the one with the torn piece of Simon’s picture.


Heidi says it was fantastic. Alesha says Miki Dark was very exciting. Simon liked the act, but he thought the screaming was over the top. Howie thanks him and says he blew them away.


The results are in and the first act moving on is…Duo Destiny!


The second act moving on is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa!


The final act moving on by the judge’s decision is…Alexa Lauenburger!

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