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Elephant in the room

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Give ME a break. ITs  survivor, you cry about someone touching your hair, Even if they grabbed you ....A survivor would smack them or call them out .

This season has weakened survivor so much.  Was there any charge of harassment when the guy put feathers in his ass?  No they were disgusted and pressed on. 

I honestly wont waste my time  ( after 20 years ) of watching a liberal survivor. 

Everyone should stand equal and be ready to fight whether they touch your hair or blow bad breath your direction. Survivor is not for cry babies. Or It at  least used to not be. 

Kelly you are a fake and a disappointment to women who are truly  harassed, This was your attempt to win a game you knew you stood no chance at. I guarantee if you were really being harassed you could have stopped  it in an instant. You thought this allegation would advance your game . Instead its destroyed the meaning of survivor and questions conviction without proof.   YOu are FAKE and your tears are so obvious. BOOOO HOOO he touched my hair . Give me a break. You need a million dollars to get psychological help. 

This movement started by women asked to do sexual things in order to keep their job.  Now weve got women crying harassment if a man tell them dont be lazy or get your potatoes off the gas.

Me too has become the new Spanish inquisition.    I an  woman. worked hard all my life and could never say I was discriminated against  or harassed ( with the exception of  a creep grabig my chest in a Kmart at 12 yt oLD .]

Women crying wolf my be job security for some vultures. Its killing the hard workers. Minimum wage is going to make life much harder very soon. 

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