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Are You Being Served? (Classic Britcom)

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627



Are You Being Served?

Grace Brothers, a somewhat old-fashioned department store is the setting for this long running farce centred on the staff of the clothing department.

The plots were thin and they could only afford one set and a small cheap office for cutaway scenes, but the jokes kept coming. On the men

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OMG! I LOVED this show when I was growing up! My Mum would try and stop me from watching it. I guess it was a little risque for me at that age. :shock: All the cracks about p...ummmm cat. :lol:
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Guest Shockalot

What an awesome show this was .. lol.. i laugh just thinking about it.

It really was risque and it still is to this day.

30 years ahead of its time and then some and contrary to modern opinions there were flamboyant gays on TV longgggg before 'groundbreaker' Will and Grace or whatnot.

Mr.Humphries was downright a flaming mincer before most of these newer celebs were even born.

Hilarious stuff!

For some reason the episode / scene that comes to mind is Humphries having to spend the night at Mrs.Slocombes house.

No 'lines' in particular but just the combination of the two characters and the situation still stands out as the most ridiculous or moments on TV history.

Great TV Programme!

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