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The Voice Season 17-Top 8 results


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Tonight, we’ll reveal the finalists. Blake Shelton takes the stage with Trace Adkins and they perform Hell Right.


The time has come to reveal our first finalist!


Our first finalist is…Katie Kadan from Team John Legend!


Tones and I takes the stage and performs Dance Monkey.


The second artist advancing to the finale is…Jake Hoot from Team Kelly!


Kelly Clarkson performs with Kaleb Lee their new single I Dream in Southern.


The third artist moving on to the finale is…Ricky Duran from Team Blake!


Three artists will be performing for the instant save and the remaining two will be going home.


The first artist who will perform tonight is Hello Sunday from Team Kelly!


The second artist who will be performing for a spot in the finale is…Kat Hammock from Team Blake!


The final artist that will perform tonight is…Rose Short!


Will Bremen and Marybeth Byrd have been eliminated.


Hello Sunday is up first and they are singing Chandelier by Sia. Kelly says they are 14 years old and they are tackling these huge songs. They are amazing. She has such a good team. Please America vote!


Kat Hammock is next and she’s going to perform You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor. Blake says this competition is what it is and it’s tough. He wants Kat to know she has a record to make no matter what happens here tonight. He says America has discovered her and her journey has not ended no matter what happens.


The final performance is Rose Short and she has chosen to sing A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Gwen says that was magical and that was ridiculous. Gwen says she is the most talented person she’s ever worked with.


America has instantly saved…Rose Short from Team Gwen!     

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