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The Voice Season 17-Top 11


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Kate Kadan from Team John is up first and she was given the song Without You by Harry Nilsson. Katie gets a standing ovation from all four judges. Kelly says that is how that song should be sang. It was heartfelt and emotional and she is mind blowingly good. John says that was utterly stunning and she delivered it with such nuance, grace, and control. It was incredible!


Kat Hammock from Team Blake will take the stage next and the fans gave her the song I’ll Fly Away by Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch. Gwen says Kat is so different, and unique, and original, and she stood out and her voice is so mesmerizing. Blake says every week people are falling more and more in love with her and her voice is so special and how unique she is to music in general. He says that was magic.


Shane Q from Team Kelly is up next and he was given the song Mercy by Shawn Mendes. John says Shane is such a great vocalist and he felt how confident he was and he had the swag and it was sensual in the right moments. John says it was his best performance on the show so far. Kelly says Shane is so gifted and she’s so happy he trusted her and he pushed himself and went for it. Kelly says he has this soul and passion and fire.


Joana Martinez from Team Gwen is next and the fans selected the song Dreaming of You by Selena for her. Blake says he can’t think of a dumber decision he made than letting her go because every week she’s coming into her moment. Gwen says she was perfection tonight. Gwen says she was unbelievable and she’s able to sing those low notes calmly and she was flawless. She was blown away by her tonight.


Will Bremen from Team John is ready to see what song he was given. The fans chose the song Light My Fire by The Doors. Blake says he’s been a member of the Blue Crew since the beginning and he has to be honest. He’s never been crazy about that song until now. It was weird and awesome! He loved it. John says he’s an honored member of the Blue Crew because Will impresses him every week with his musicality. He’s so proud to get to work with him.


Rose Short from Team Gwen was given the song Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney. Kelly says that was so good! Kelly says it was very tastefully done and it had such great dynamics and really killer. Gwen says she was so moved by her tonight. Gwen says when she came down the stairs the way she did it was so her and that was mesmerizing.


Hello Sunday from Team Kelly is up next to learn they will be performing the song The Middle by Zedd, Maren Moris, and Grey. Blake says he had to do press before the show, which is his least favorite thing to do, and they are so talented and they got asked about them. He’s so happy for them. Kelly says she hates bringing their age up and they sing like women, but they are fun and they are so gifted and talented.


Myracle Holloway from Team Gwen is up and she is going to sing her fan pick song of Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. John says he was so moved watching the pre-package video and it shows how powerful music can be. He says he’s happy she got the opportunity to be hear and move people and change so many people’s lives. Gwen says she is so aware of this moment she’s in and she’s seizing the moment. She says that was beautiful and flawless.


Marybeth Byrd from Team John is next and the song selected for her was Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Kelly says she loves that song and that was beautiful and she just soared on this song. John thanks the fans for picking that song for her because it was right in her vocal pocket. She says it was right there for her and she gave them power and clarity and it was one of her best performances so far.


Jake Hoot from Team Kelly is learning what song the fans picked for him, and they have given him Every Light in the House by Trace Adkins. Gwen says Trace Adkins is her homie and she knows that song. She’s been a fan of Jake’s from the beginning and there is something so comforting about his voice. She really think he’s getting there and that was beautiful. Kelly says she loved it. She says every time he opens his mouth to sing she is reminded of her childhood. She’s so blessed to have him on her team.


Ricky Duran from Team Blake is closing out the night. His fans have given him the song Downtown Train by Rod Stewart. John says he sometimes forgets Ricky is a contestant because he is so advanced beyond the competition. He’s really good. Blake says when he tells him that everyone loves him, it’s not just fans and people that he knows. He says people in the business are reaching out to him already. Blake says he is having his moment right now and he deserves it.      

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