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The Voice Season 17-Top 13 Results


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The coaches are introduced and Carson checks in with each of them, and it’s time for some results.


The first artist America has saved is from…Team John…


From Team John America saved…Marybeth Byrd!


The next artist saved…from Team Kelly…


America has saved from Team Kelly…Hello Sunday!


America also saved…from Team Gwen…


America saved…from Team Gwen, Rose Short!


Gwen Stefani joins her team Joana, Myracle, and Rose and perform Good as Hell by Lizzo.


Time for more results!


America saved…from Team Blake…


America saved from Team Blake…Kat Hammock!


America has also saved…from Team John…


America saved…from Team John, Katie Kadan!


Let’s get some more results!


America has saved…from Team Kelly…


From Team Kelly, America has saved…Jake Hoot!


America has also saved…from Team Gwen…


From Team Gwen, America also saved...Myracle Holloway!


America also saved…from Team Blake…


America saved from Team Blake…Ricky Duran!


Kelly takes the stage with her team, Shane Q, Max, Hello Sunday, and Jake and they perform Linger by The Cranberries.


America saved…from Team John, Will Bremen!  


America also saved…from Team Kelly…Shane Q!


Cali Wilson, Joana Martinez, and Max Boyle are the bottom three and they will perform for the Instant Save. You can vote on NBC and through the Voice app.


Cali Wilson is up first and she performs The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. John loved that and he thought she showed a lot of different sides as a performer but he loved this side. Blake says he has no doubt his decision was right and she deserves to be here. He says that performance tonight proves she deserves to be here because every time she steps on that stage she gives it her all.


Max Boyle has decided to sing Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. John says Max has shown all the parts of his voice that are so cool and interesting and he’s such a gifted singer. It as a joy to watch him. Kelly says she’s super shocked, but take it as an opportunity to perform for America and she thinks he’s so talented.


Joana Martinez is the final artist and she performs Superwoman by Alicia Keys. John says she has so much poise and she keeps coming up and delivering every performance and her range is so big and powerful. Gwen says that was mind blowing and she is so fearless and she is so strong.


America has instantly saved…Joana Martinez!

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