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The Voice Season 17-Knock-Outs Round #4


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We kick the final night of the Knockouts with Team John and mega mentor Taylor Swift. John has paired Marybeth Byrd vs Preston C. Howell. Marybeth is going to perform All I Ask by Adele. Taylor advises her to really warm up her lower register. Preston is going to perform The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra. Taylor wants Preston to connect with the audience. John says he enjoys coaching them so much.


Marybeth and Preston step into the ring for their Knockout performances. Preston performs first followed by Marybeth. Gwen says Preston is a phenomenon and she thought today was her favorite with his stage presence. Gwen says she heard things in Marybeth’s voice she didn’t recognize and she thinks she did a great job. Kelly says Marybeth is sneaky because she never heard that power from her and she loved it. Kelly says she’d love to hear him turn a Justin Bieber song into what he does. Blake thinks he kind of already did something like that and he was surprised by Marybeth and he thinks she did a great job.


John says Marybeth’s voice is great to listen to and Preston did great with winking at the audience and it was smooth. John says he’s stalling and Blake says can we go to commercial and that’s exactly what we do.


Carson is asking John who the winner of the Knockout is and John says the winner of this Knockout is…Marybeth!


Team Blake’s final pairing is Zach Bridges vs Ricky Braddy. Ricky has selected the song So High by John Legend. Taylor tells Ricky to give the performance some dynamics and Blake says it’s impressive showing him something new. Zach has decided to sing The Dance by Garth Brooks. Blake says Zach looks uncomfortable and Taylor says that’s easy to fix and says he can make his meandering into a move.


Ricky and Zach step up for the performances and Ricky goes first with Zach performing second. John says Ricky sang his song and he sang it really beautifully. John says Zach’s tone is thrilling to listen to. Gwen says her jaw was on the floor when she heard Ricky and Zach has a story telling quality to it. Kelly says she felt like the last part of Ricky’s song was a finale song and Zach’s tone is a winner.


Blake says he wishes the chairs reclined. Blake says his decision is going to be based on swinging for the fence. Zach did a Garth Brooks song which is unheard of and Ricky did a John Legend song in front of him. Blake says he feels like he has to just make a decision and he picks the winner of the Knockout as Ricky!


Team Gwen’s Knockout was Myracle Holloway who sang Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell and Taylor tells her to be more playful with it, and Calvin Lockett who we don’t get an opportunity to see and Gwen selects Myracle as the winner.


The final Knockout from Team Kelly is Gracee Shriver vs Damali. Damali is going to perform Sober by Demi Lovato. Gracee is going to sing Leave the Pieces by The Wreckers. Kelly says Gracee and Damali don’t know what they’re capable of and she’s going to just see who floats to the top on the day of.


Damali and Gracee step in for the final Knockouts and Damali performs first and Gracee follows. Blake says Damali is starting to step into her moment at the right time and she did a great job, and Gracee’s tone is incredible and congratulations. John thinks Damali really connected with the story telling and he loves Gracee’s tone and he thinks Gracee won. Gwen says Damali was more impressive than she’s ever been and Gracee vocally has an original sound, but Damali took it to another level.


Kelly says they are both very good. Gracee is original and Damali has an Annie Lennox thing and they are both good and this is a really hard one for her. Kelly says she really does love both of them. The winner of this Knockout round is Damali!


Gracee is available to steal and Gracee says Kelly is like a mom and she’s so nice and she thanks her for all her help and Kelly says she is more powerful than she knows and she’s so good. Blake hits his button as Gracee is walking off.   

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