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The Voice Season 17-Knock-Outs Round #3


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We’re going to kick the night off with Team Gwen and mega mentor Taylor Swift. Gwen has paired Destiny Rayne vs Rose Short. Destiny is going to sing Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato. Taylor advises her to start slow and build up throughout the song. Gwen says being able to take direction is so important. Rose steps up and she’s going to perform Big White Room by Jessie J. Taylor says Rose has magnetism and an amazing voice. Gwen says that was emotional and perfect. Taylor advises Rose to open her eyes earlier and connect with the audience.


Destiny and Rose step into the ring for their battle and Rose steps up to perform first. Destiny takes her turn. Kelly says Destiny did great on her break down part and Rose is an impressive singer. Kelly would go with Rose, but Destiny killed it. Blake felt like the song Destiny picked got the best of her and he’s happy Rose has Gwen as a coach. Hands down that was the favorite performance of the Knockout round. John says he loved working with Destiny and he thought she had a strong performance and Rose’s notes were gorgeous and clear and it was phenomenal.


Gwen says Destiny did an amazing job and she’s trying to do a great job singing she’s kind of losing who she is. Gwen says Rose is showing more of who she is and it’s beautiful. Gwen says she’s loved working with both of them but right now she has to choose…Rose!


Next we go to Team Kelly and she has paired Kiara Brown vs Shane Q. Kiara has chosen the song The Bones by Maren Morris. Taylor says Kiara did an amazing interpretation of the song. Kelly gives tips on breathing to make sure she can make it through the song. Taylor advises her to keep the original hook the first time she performs it and then the next time she can play with it. Shane steps up and he’s going to sing In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young. Kelly tells Shane to loosen up and Taylor says she should interpret the song a little different as maybe he didn’t get the girl at the end of the song.


Shane and Kiara are ready for their battle and Shane is first to perform and Kiara follows. Blake says Kiara did a great job and he says Shane did a perfect job, but he needs to show a sense of urgency and passion and he’d go with Shane. John says Kiara has a peaceful spirit and it’s alluring, and Shane has always delivered stunning vocals and he disagrees a little with Blake. John would pick Shane. Gwen says Kiara is just learning that she’s better vocally than she thought she was and Shane was so effortless and it’s so fun to watch.


Kelly says Kiara is incredible with what she’s done so far on the team and Shane is amazing every time, but there seems to be some hesitancy. Kelly says the winner of this Knockout is who she thinks is ready right now, and the winner is…Shane.


Time for Team Blake’s first pairing Kat Hammock vs Lauren Hill. Kat is going to perform Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer. Taylor says Kat has a unique voice. Taylor says she should look at the lyrics and figure out a way to move to express the lyrics. Blake says she has not loved anything Kat has done. Lauren steps up and she’s going to perform Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. Blake says he loves the break in Lauren’s voice and Taylor thinks Team Blake has an incredibly talented team.


Kat and Lauren step into the ring for their Knockout and Kat performs first and Lauren follows. John says Lauren was brave by taking on Kelly and she did a great job and you can feel the intensity and pain in her voice, but Kat was a revelation and she executed the vocal flawlessly. John would go with Kat. Gwen agrees with John about Lauren, and Kat’s voice is like an angel and it’s so original and soothing, and she’s one of her favorites. Kelly says Lauren sang that song better than she did. Kelly says Kat has a very similar voice to the original singer and she thought she did a really good job of showing them who she was.


Blake says he’s really happy for both of them because this is a big stage. Blake says Lauren listened to critique and he’s blown away by Kat’s talent. Blake says the winner of this Knockout is…Kat!


Next up is Team John and he has paired Will Bremen vs Zoe Upkins. Will is going to perform I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. John loved the very beginning and Taylor says it felt fun. Taylor says he can make things a tiny bit easier and she advises him to stick with the hook. Zoe is going to sing Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor and John Legend. Taylor says Zoe has great intuition and John advises her to do just one verse and make the song more intimate.


Zoe and Will step into the ring and Zoe performs first and Will takes his turn. Gwen says Zoe’s voice was perfect for that song and it was a really good performance and there’s something magnetic and unique about Will. Gwen would have to choose Will as the winner. Kelly says this is going to be a really hard choice for John. Kelly says Ed Sheeran isn’t easy to cover and Will did great and Zoe was so comfortable and fluid. Kelly is really mad she doesn’t have a steal because she doesn’t think either one of them should go home and she’s not going to help. Blake tells John he’s screwed. Blake says every time Will gets on stage he knows they are going to smile. Blake says Zoe it’s truly special that she’s that calm and that’s his help.


John says Zoe has consistently showed him that she is so poised and a gifted singer and she’s going to dominate in whatever realm she wants to do. John says Will has that fire and energy that everyone is so unattracted to and he’s so excited because he knows Will can pull it off. John says he has a tough decision. John asks for any last minute advice and we go to commercial.


John is still trying to stall but he finally says the winner of this Knockout is…Will!


Gwen has paired Royce Lovett vs Jake Haldenvang. Jake is going to sing Powerful by Major Lazer featuring Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley. Taylor advises Jake to make eye contact with the audience and she says it will make a huge difference in the performance. Royce is going to perform Wake Me Up by Avicii. Gwen says Royce is so natural and Taylor advises him to have a moment where he comes to the front and sing directly to the audience.


Royce and Jake step up for their performance and Jake goes first followed by Royce. Kelly says Jake has range but Royce has stage performance. Kelly would go with Jake. Blake has figured out who Royce is as an artist and Jake needs to start showing more of his personality. John says when Jake hits certain notes, it’s rapturous and Royce has great stage performance. John thinks Jake is a slightly better vocalist so he’d lean towards him.


Gwen says Jake’s vocal blows her away and she’s so in love with Royce because he bounces genres. Gwen says she loves them both so much and in this moment, she’s going to say that Jake is the winner of this Knockout!


The final Knockout of the night is from Team Kelly and she has paired Alex Guthrie vs Hello Sunday. Alex is going to perform I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith. Taylor and Kelly give tips on how to close out because Alex was going to his falsetto but maybe bring it down and Kelly says do both maybe. Hello Sunday has chosen to sing Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes. Taylor is emotional over their performance. Taylor says they were connecting with each other and the audience. Kelly says that was almost perfect but they need to make sure their harmonies are dead on.


Alex and Hello Sunday step into the ring and Alex is up first and then Hello Sunday follows. Blake says Alex surprised him and he had a great pocket and it was good. Blake says Hello Sunday gets a little better every time they get on stage and he’d probably go with Hello Sunday. John says there are moments where Hello Sunday is very creative with the way they harmonize and it’s fun to watch, but Alex really did surprise them. He hadn’t seen Alex perform this well yet and it was thoroughly great and he’d lean toward Alex. Gwen says Hello Sunday is so interesting and different and they had a run that blew her away. Gwen says Alex was just getting better and better and it made him stick out for the first time. She’d probably have to pick Hello Sunday.


Kelly says this is hard for her. Alex made it sound effortless and she loved his range. Then you have Hello Sunday and they made Taylor cry and it was very moving and they are incredible. Kelly says they are so great. Kelly says she can’t not see where it’s going to go…the winner of this knockout is Hello Sunday!


Alex is available to steal and Alex tells Kelly he expected it to be fun, but he didn’t expect to have the level of connection and mentorship that he got out of it. John hits his button and Kelly runs to hug John and Alex is stolen!         

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