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While researching anti-gravity, brilliant grad student Quinn Mallory accidentally opens an inter-dimensional portal which sends him and three companions on a cosmic roller-coaster ride to parallel Earths.

Written by: Tracy Torm

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Guest ranster627

Timer Status

As a result of its corruption on Tundra World, the timer's preset controls are shorted out, the Sliders' home coordinates erased and the drop off location control has been compromised. Arturo and Quinn fix the timer near the end of the episode and Arturo voices his belief that they will increase their chances of getting home by sliding out in the same location where they slid in

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Guest ranster627

SLIDERS Episodes by Season:


1.1| PREMIERE While researching anti-gravity, brilliant grad student Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell) accidentally opens an inter-dimensional portal, which sends him and three companions on a cosmic roller-coaster ride to alternate Earths. In the opener, they find themselves in a Soviet-ruled U.S. where their only hope of escape is to free an imprisoned revolutionary.

1.2| FEVER When Wade is infected with a deadly virus on an Earth wracked by an epidemic, Rembrandt and Arturo race to find a cure and free Quinn from a Gestapo-like health agency.

1.3| LAST DAYS The salvation of a world facing destruction by an asteroid rests in the hands of Arturo and an overzealous young scientist. Meanwhile, Quinn and Wade begin to face their feelings for each other.

1.4| PRINCE OF WAILS In the British States of America--a place where England won the Revolutionary War--the Sliders are embroiled in an assassination plot involving the heir to the throne and an evil Sheriff of San Francisco.

1.5| SUMMER OF LOVE The Sliders find themselves in a present-day San Francisco where the "Summer of Love" never ended--and Wade and Rembrandt are mistaken for extraterrestrial prophets.

1.6| EGGHEADS While Quinn struggles with fame in a world where intellectuals are more popular than pro athletes, Arturo tries for reconciliation with a long-lost love.

1.7| THE WEAKER SEX Arturo finds himself in a potentially deadly mayoral race in a world where men are treated as "The Weaker Sex" and women hold the positions of power and respect.

1.8| THE KING IS BACK It looks like "The King is Back" when Rembrandt is mistaken for a long-deceased rock legend, but an old enemy would like to see the Crying Man disappear again-permanently.

1.9| LUCK OF THE DRAW Wade finds that she has money to burn when she wins the lottery in a seemingly utopian world, but she soon discovers that her silver cloud has a very dark lining.


2.1| INTO THE MYSTIC Return: The adventures of brilliant grad student Quinn Mallory and his three reluctant companions on an interdimensional roller-coaster ride. First up: the intrepid quartet lands in a world mired in mysticism and supersition and ruled by a mysterious entity known as The Sorcerer.

2.2| LOVE GODS In the world where germ warfare has exterminated most of the male population, Quinn, Rembrandt and Arturo discover that they've been pegged as runaway "breeders," and every nation of the world wants to capture them.

2.3| GILLIAN OF THE SPIRITS When a bizarre accident separates Quinn from the rest of the Sliders, the only hope for the remaining trio is to put their faith in a troubled young girl with a history of hearing voices--and an ability to communicate with spirits.

2.4| THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEALTHY In an America in which all land west of the Mississippi is part of the Nation of Texas, Quinn finds himself at the center of some highly unorthodox corporate raiding when a gunfight earns him a reputation for being quick on the draw.

2.5| EL SID When Quinn rescues a beautiful young woman in distress on a world ruled by violence, her homicidal boyfriend swearing vengeance for an imagined slight, follows the Sliders through the vortex.

2.6| TIME AGAIN AND WORLD Wade witnesses a shooting seconds before a slide, but when the vortex lands the travelers in a parallel San Francisco just as the same murder is about to occur, she intervenes--an action that embroils the quartet in a bizarre plot involving a disgraced federal judge, an underground resistance movement and a United States under martial law.

2.7| IN DINO VERITAS The Sliders find themselves face-to-jaw with an extremely large (and angry) beast when they lose Quinn and the timer, in a San Francisco that's been developed as a game preserve--for dinosaurs.

2.8| POST TRAUMATIC SLIDE SYNDROME The Sliders finally land in the one place that none of them wants to leave--home--but Quinn is the only one that has doubts about their good fortune. Meanwhile, Arturo hatches a plan to use Quinn's discoveries to win a Nobel prize.

2.9| OBESSION When the quartet slides into a society dominated by psychics, Wade meets the man of her dreams who happens to be next in line for the position of Prime Oracle, the most powerful person in the world. But she discovers that her love wants her to remain with him forever (at any cost), the future doesn't look quite so rosey. GreatFellas

2.10| GREATFELLAS In a U.S. where Prohibition was never repealed, the Sliders find themselves embroiled in a vicious struggle among warring organized-crime families, corrupt government officials and dedicated G-men--one of whom looks exactly like Rembrandt.

2.11| THE YOUNG AND THE RELENTLESS Quinn finds himself on the trail of his double's murderer when the Sliders land in a world where Wade and Quinn's counterparts are corporate executives up to their ears in a shady computer-sofware deal.

2.12| INVASION The Sliders encounter a vicous race of scientifically advanced aliens who hold a nasty surprise for the quartet--they can slide at will, and intend to conquer every Earth in the dimensional spectrum.

2.13| AS TIME GOES BY The Sliders find themselves in a perplexing situation: each time they slide into a new world they encounter the same people as the previous world.


3.1| RULES OF THE GAME In the third-season opener, Arturo is seriously injured when the Sliders become unwitting participants in a bloody game, in which there is only one rule: stay alive.

3.2| DOUBLE CROSS After landing in a city where supplies are scarce, the Sliders meet scientists who are trying to perfect sliding and whose seeming cooperation impress Quinn, Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt.

3.3| ELECTRIC TWISTER ACID TEST In the middle of a desert, the Sliders find a village plagued by constant tornadoes and presided over by a dictator who'll stop at nothing to keep his subjects under his iron rule.

3.4| THE GUARDIAN Quinn is forced to relive painful childhood memories when a slide to 1980s San Francisco brings him face to face with his younger self. But his efforts to change the future are hampered by the other Sliders, who warn that any tampering will produce grave consequences.

3.5| THE DREAM MASTERS Wade becomes the target of a group of dream terrorists, who control people with their ability to tinker with the victim's innermost fears.

3.6| DESERT STORM After landing in a world where water is scarce, the Sliders come to the aid of a mysterious young woman who's been the virtual slave of a thug who wants to exploit her gift: the uncanny ability to find water.

3.7| DRAGONSLIDE In a mystical world whose belief system consists of magic potions, dragons and illusions, a practitioner thinks Quinn comes from a powerful line of wizards--and must be eliminated.

3.8| THE FIRE WITHIN The Sliders land on a world wher the substance of fire has a mind of it's own and a small piece follows them to another world. Quinn and Arturo are amazed by the fire and try to find a scientific method to communicate with it.

3.9| THE PRINCE OF SLIDES After landing in an America ruled by a monarchy and where men have babies, Rembrandt is mistaken for royalty--and prepped to give birth to the future heir to the throne.

3.10| DEAD MAN SLIDING In a case of mistaken identity, Quinn is arrested, tried and sentenced to death on TV, leaving the other Sliders scrambling to find the real culprit--Quinn's double.

3.11| STATE OF THE A.R.T. In a world ruled by automatons who've made humans obsolete, Quinn and Rembrandt become the guinea pigs in a ghastly experiment: the transplantation of their brains into robotic hosts.

3.12| SEASON'S GREEDINGS All's not calm for the Sliders, whose Christmas is spent in a giant mall whose customers run up outlandish bills, then become virtual prisoners while trying to pay them off.

3.13| MURDER MOST FOUL Arturo is kidnapped and brainwashed into thinking he's a great 19th-century detective investigating real murders in a world where assuming different identities is the norm.

3.14| SLIDE LIKE AN EGYPTIAN The sliders land in a world resembling ancient Egypt, where Quinn is used for an life-after-death experiment, and the others are intombed inside a pyramid.

3.15| PARADISE LOST The Sliders touch down on a seemingly idyllic town where the residents all look young but seem fearful of their new visitors, who soon discover the dirty secret to their hosts' youth.

3.16| EXODUS, PART I In a militaristic America threatened by a pulsar, a colonel (Roger Daltrey) decides who'll be saved--and who'll be left to die.

3.17| EXODUS, PART 2 As doomsday looms, Quinn and Maggie race to find a suitable parallel world, but discover that Rickman (Roger Daltrey) has a deadly ulterior motive for finding such a world.

3.18| SOLE SURVIVORS The Sliders encounter a world infected by bacteria that transforms the inhabitants into flesh-eating zombie-like creatures--one of which takes a bite out of Quinn.

3.19| THE BREEDER The sliders come upon a world in which young adults are used as guinea pigs in a mandatory organ-donor program. meanwhile, Maggie's carrying an alien egg that's incubating inside her.

3.20| THE LAST OF EDEN The Sliders land on a world ravaged by earthquakes. When Wade falls into a crevice created by a quake, the Sliders discover a deserted city below the surface.

And no, you aren't imagining things. This episode was produced before JRD left the show and so Arturo is in this episode. Why they didn't play this the week before Exodus I don't know.

3.21| THE OTHER SLIDE OF DARKNESS The Sliders find evidence that Rickman may already be spreading his infection in a world where the superstitious residents believe that a mysterious fog is responsible for their sickness.

3.22| SLITHER While vacationing, the Sliders stumble across a scientist whose research involving supernatural snakes gets out of hand when one of the critters escapes.

3.23| DINOSLIDE Maggie swears revenge against Rickman after the Sliders find evidence of the Colonel's whereabouts on a world ruled by a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. Meanwhile, Rembrandt is filled with joy when he's reunited with Malcolm.

3.24| STOKER Wade falls under the spell of a gothic-rock band's charismatic lead singer, who--unbeknownst to Wade--is also a full blooded vampire with a taste for young groupies.

3.25| THIS SLIDE OF PARADISE After cornering Rickman on a world inhabited by bizarre hybrids, the sliders finally have a chance to get home--until they encounter a scientist (Michael York) who's trying to create a race of slaves from the DNA of humans.


4.1| GENESIS After three months of searching, Quinn and Maggie finally arrive on Earth Prime! It's a bitter homecoming when Quinn learns that the Kromaggs have invaded his world and have captured Rembrandt and Wade. Determined to rescue them, Quinn and Maggie link up with an underground human resistance cell and break into the Kromagg re-education center. They find Remmy but learn that Wade has been shipped off world to a 'magg breeding camp. Their rescue plans are unexpectedly thwarted when Quinn is captured. While in the Kromagg gulag Quinn uncovers some startling information about his family and home world that will forever change his notion of who he really is.

4.2| PROPHETS & LOSS Love, peace, and harmony prevail on this world ruled by a man called the Master Oracle. But the Sliders inadvertently run afoul of the law by possessing an "illegal scientific device" -- their timer -- which is confiscated by the Oracle's Enforcers. When the Enforcers conclude that the Sliders are members of the militant underground called "Radical Rationalists," Quinn, Maggie, and Rembrandt are earmarked for "chemical re-configuration" -- personality erasure and brainwashing which will forcibly convert them to the Way of the Oracle.

4.3| COMMOND GROUND Arriving on Earth 147, our heroes slide into the middle of a firing range and live weapons test. Amidst the chaos of blazing cannon, Maggie manages to rescue an injured soldier who turns out to be a Kromagg named Kromanus. Our heroes are promptly captured and tortured by second in command Krolak. But Kromanus, who is actually commander of the Kromagg garrison, intervenes on their behalf. Grateful for his life, he upgrades the trio's status to house arrest, giving them full run of the complex. Our heroes soon find themselves stuck in the middle of a power struggle between the war-weary commander and his overly-ambitious underling. Meanwhile, Rembrandt has discovered the terrible truth about the Kromagg garrison and the heinous tests being conducted on humans -- tests that could mean the end to humans in all dimensions.

4.4| VIRTUAL SLIDE Quinn, Rembrandt and Maggie slide into the middle of a demolition site just as an explosive charge is triggered. Maggie wakes up to find that she and the others are home, back on Earth Prime and the humans have beaten the Kromaggs! But have they? In truth the sliders are in a hospital ward, immersed in a virtual reality fantasy designed to accelerate their healing. To their horror our heroes learn that during their convalescence they missed the sliding window. They are stuck on this world for twenty-nine years! Not prepared to accept defeat, the trio set out to build a new sliding device. But this world uses VR for everything from recreation to medicine, and Quinn and Rembrandt are easily drawn by its allure. Maggie must struggle to break them of a virtual reality addiction before it completely incapacitates them, erasing any chance of escaping this world.

4.5| WORLD KILLER Quinn, Rembrandt, and Maggie slide to a San Francisco with deserted streets, empty buildings, and abandoned cars. Everyone's disappeared -- everyone except for a ragged, half-crazy Quinn double who's convinced that his failed antigravity invention has accidentally wiped out every other human being on this Earth. When our Sliders discover that this Quinn's misfired experiment actually transported five billion people to a parallel world -- doubling its population and causing massive hardship and starvation -- they realize they must slide to that world and somehow attempt to reverse the process.

4.6| OH BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? "I have a brother!" ...and several slides after that revelation, the Sliders finally track Quinn's newly discovered sibling to an Amish-type Earth. There they find a technology-free agrarian community and one heretical social outcast, an inventor named Colin Mallory. Quinn wastes no time in telling Colin the truth about his family and their alternate dimensional origins. A microdot hidden in a family heirloom confirms Quinn's assertions and Colin is forced to accept the truth. Having no real reason to remain, Colin joins the team and together they head out in search of their parent's Earth. Arriving on the next world, Colin is introduced to a world of modern technology. Trouble begins almost immediately when the double of his former love takes advantage of his glaring na

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Didn't this show used to be on a regular network channel? I think I watched it because I thought the lead character was awfully cute. :oops: lol...good reason to watch, huh?

Yet another reason why I should THINK about getting cable/satellite. Only a passing thought though. Doubt it will ever happen.

That is a whole lot to read ranster. Please don't take offense. You sci fi people are an interesting lot anyway. :wink: Happy reading.

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Guest ranster627

Yup, Sliders started on Network, then was cancelled, and resurrected by the Sci-Fi channel ... then it went through a horrible period of cast changes, and was ultimately cancelled for good ... now it appears here and there on Sci-Fi ... and sometimes on local stations.

No offense taken Serenity, since the show has been dead for so long, I thought I would offer a good foundation for this thread! :wink:

And yes, there is NOTHING like a sci-fi fan (or should I say fanatic???) :oops: :wink:

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Guest ranster627

Yes, Jerry O'Donnell (or O'Connell?), the original Quinn is on Crossing Jordan ... and his brother was the Bachelor this year too ...

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Jerry O'Donnell!! That's the guy I watched the show for. He's a good actor too, not just nice to look at.

(Art - Good to know someone can have good memories regarding their ex...by now, mine has destroyed every last one of them)

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Guest ranster627

Righto Art, the actor is John Rhys-Davies I think ... he played Arturo, and the professor in Revelations ...

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Righto Art, the actor is John Rhys-Davies I think ... he played Arturo, and the professor in Revelations ...

Yup John Rhys-Davies I think he was also in the re-make of the TV series "THE UNTOUCHABLES" that did not even last 1 season on FOX back in the '90s

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