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The Voice Season 17-Knock-Outs Round #2


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We’re going to kick the night off with Team John and mega mentor Taylor Swift. John has paired James Violet vs Khalea Lynee. James has chosen the song Stay by Post Malone. Taylor gives some performance tips and John advises him to throw some fireworks at the end. Khalea is going to perform Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion. John tells Khalea to think about who she would be singing the song to as she performs. Taylor suggests maybe going back to the originally melody in one spot and John wants her to have a moment that has a little more recklessness.


Khalea steps into the ring first and performs and James performs second. Gwen says wow! Gwen says James betrayed her and left and she loves him and his voice and he tried to break free and had a present performance, but maybe a touch over sung. Gwen says Khalea is effortless and magical. Kelly says Khalea made a Celine song sound easy and she loved James’s song, he’s so gifted. Blake says James surprised him and he didn’t know he could play those cards, but Khalea is as powerful as anyone and he’d go with Khalea.


John says James had the right approach to the song and he took his notes and he nailed it 100%. John says Khalea reminds him of Whitney Houston because she would do a pop ballad and put a little gospel on it and she did that. John says they were both phenomenal, and he’s lucky he got to work with both of them. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Khalea!


We’re going to check in with Team Gwen and Taylor to see the next pairing. Gwen has paired Jessie Lawrence vs Kyndal Inskeep. Jessie is going to sing Dancing With a Stranger by Sam Smith and Normani. Gwen wants to see more personality from Jessie and Taylor tells him to intentionally assign emotions to the lyrics. Kyndal has chosen the song Elastic Heart by Sia. Taylor advises her to focus on making the beginning of the song sound defeated and that the end of the song to sound triumphant. Gwen says she should simplify it because it will sound beautiful.


Kyndal performs first and then Jessie steps up. Kelly says Jessie’s voice sounded great on the choruses and Kyndal performed the heck out of her song. Blake says he’s going to agree with Kelly and he says Kyndal’s voice is special and he feels like Kyndal won. John says thinks this song didn’t allow Jessie to perform the way he can and Kyndal picked a song better for her vocal tone. John thinks Kyndal had a stronger performance, but he’s impressed with Jessie.


Gwen thought Jessie was great tonight because he can work a stage. Kyndal has a beautiful voice that is so emotional. Gwen says this is so fun and she’s very emotional because she loves them both. But the winner of this Knock-Out is…Kyndal!


The final Knock-Out pairing for the night is from Team Blake. Blake has paired Joana Martinez vs Ricky Duran. Joana is going to perform California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and the Papas. Taylor says Joana has a comfort zone motion and she tells her that can get repetitive. Ricky is going sing She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes. Taylor gives him tips on stage presence.


Joana takes the stage first for her performance and then Ricky steps up for his. John says he didn’t expect that from Joana and Ricky, he loved his stage presence and he has a great tone. John would go with Ricky. Gwen says Joana was pretty impressive and Ricky’s stage presence is something that can be taught. Gwen would go with Joana. Kelly says they both picked a song that highlighted their strengths. Kelly says Ricky is good and that’s who she would go with.


Blake says his thoughts are empty. Blake says he was shocked when he got her in the blind auditions and he’s blown away by her talent. Blake says Ricky is his only four chair turn and he came on the show with the thought that he wanted to be coached. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Ricky!


Joana is available to steal and she says she’s so honored to be there and so grateful to Blake. As she heads down for a hug Gwen hits her button to steal Joana!  

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