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The Voice Season 17-Battle Rounds #5 and Knock-Outs Round #1


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We’re going to check-in first with Team Gwen and her advisor will.i.am. Gwen has paired Caroline Reilly vs Jake Haldenvang and she gave them the song Just Like a Pill by P!nk. will.i.am and Gwen both advise Caroline to be more confident in her section. Gwen and will.i.am say Jake has a unique voice. Gwen wants Jake to perform without the guitar and she advises Caroline on facial expressions.


Caroline and Jake take the stage for their performance. Kelly says that’s a hard thing to cover and she says they don’t have anyone like Jake on the radio and she compares him to Steven Tyler. Blake says he’d cast his vote for Caroline on this one. John says Caroline has power and confidence in her voice and Jake did some unexpected things. John would pick Jake.


Gwen says she’s proud of them. She says Jake has so much confidence and experience and they just seen the tip of the iceberg and Caroline has this young girl that she wants to share her experience with. Carson says it’s time for Gwen to make a decision. Gwen says she’s making her decision based on how she feels inspired right now and the winner of this battle is…Jake.


Next we have check-in with Team John and his advisor Usher. John has paired Preston C. Howell vs Mendeleyev and he gave them the song Fire and Rain by James Taylor. Usher says Preston is beyond his years and the more he finds his sound and who he is as a performer that will help him win. Usher says Mendeleyev has a unique voice and he’s comfortable with it. John advises Preston to take the lyrics and deliver them to the audience. John wants Mendeleyev to go a little softer at the end of some of the phrases.


Preston and Mendeleyev step into the ring for their battle. Gwen says that was really, really pretty and she loved when they sang together. Gwen says Mendeleyev had some interesting choices and Preston’s tone is so pretty. Gwen would go with Preston. Kelly says Mendeleyev has amazing range and she loved Preston because he showed versatility. Blake says feels like there’s something about Preston’s voice.


John says their voices are extremely different. John says Mendeleyev’s tone is so rich and beautiful and Preston didn’t let that deter him and he has poise and control. Carson asks who the winner is. John says the winner of this battle is…Preston!


As the battles continued Team Blake’s final pairing was Ricky Braddy vs Jordan Chase and they sang the song Rumor by Lee Brice. Blake picked the winner as Ricky! Gwen’s final battle pairing was Calvin Lockett vs Brennen Henson and they performed Yellow by Coldplay. Gwen picked the winner as Calvin!


The final battle will be from Team Kelly and we check-in with her advisor, Normani. Kelly has paired Lauren Hall vs Hello Sunday and she gave them the song Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Normani says Hello Sunday can create moments that no one else can because they’re a duo. Normani says Lauren is a powerhouse for sure and she has range. Kelly helps Hello Sunday harmonize and tells Chelsea not to hold back over Myla. Normani tells Lauren to maybe have a more intimate moment.


Lauren and Hello Sunday step up for the final battle. Blake says that was an incredible performance overall and so entertaining and they did a good job of working together. John feels like Lauren’s tone is very beautiful and she was passionate, but Hello Sunday wasn’t as technically sound but the fireworks were awesome. John says for the first time he’s not going to tell Kelly who she should pick. Gwen says this was another level and she wants to see more of Hello Sunday and Lauren is the kind of voice she’d want to hear on a record.


Kelly says Hello Sunday was impressive and she feels like herself and Lauren are similar. Carson asks who the winner of the battle is. Kelly says her team has been so stacked and she’s never been afraid of losing someone who could beat her. Kelly says the winner…we go to commercial.


Kelly says the winner is Hello Sunday! Lauren is available to steal and she says she’s honored and being coached by Kelly was the best moment of her life. Blake hits his button and Lauren will join Team Blake!


The Battle have wrapped up and the coaches are now getting ready for The Knock-Outs and Taylor Swift will be the mega mentor. Taylor says she likes The Voice because the coaches all have heart and they really care.


Blake will kick-off the Knock-Outs and he has paired Cali Wilson vs Marina Chello. Cali is going to perform Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Blake tells her to make sure she connects to the audience. Marina is going to sing I Who Have Nothing by Shirley Bassey. Taylor gives advice on how to use her hands to convey the story of the song.


Marina steps up first for her performance. Cali then steps up for her turn. John says they both look like they belong up there. John says Cali was so beautiful and subtle and pitch perfect and Marina was fully in control. John says wow Blake. Gwen says they were both stunning and Cali picked a perfect song and it showed everything she was as an artist and Marina is just exciting to watch. Kelly says Cali did a great job and Marina is really gifted and beautiful.


Blake says this is what you hope for as a coach and they both deserve to be on the show and the radio. Blake says Cali made every emotion of that lyric come to life and Marina has been incredible since the beginning. Carson says Blake has a big decision. Blake says he knows who he has to pick. The winner of this Knock-Out is Cali!


Team Kelly will be the next Knock-Out pairing. Kelly paired Jake Hoot vs Melinda Rodriguez. Jake has chosen the song Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell. Tyler says Jake has a nervous habit which is to sway and Kelly suggests a mic stand. Melinda has chosen the song Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey. Taylor gave some advice on the hook and saving the melody.   


Jake steps up first for his performance and then Melinda takes the stage. Blake says that was an awesome Knock-Out because Kelly is going to make a huge mistake no matter what she does. John says he loves Jake’s voice and it’s amazing only one of them turned for him in the blinds, but Melinda this was her best performance. Gwen says she was impressed with both of them. Gwen says Melinda did a great job and Jake is one of her favorites. She says he’s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary voice.


Kelly says her team is stacked and Melinda nailed her performance and Jake was just being him and that’s cool. Kelly says she’s been thinking about rounding out her team and how they are going to go forward into the lives. Kelly says the winner of this Knock-Out is going to be Jake.


Team John is up next and he has paired Katie Kadan vs Max Boyle. Katie is going to sing Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin. Taylor says it’s hard not to feel joy when Katie sings. Max steps up and he is going to perform When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish. Taylor says Max’s performance was intimate and powerful.


Katie steps up first and performs and she gets an ovation from all four coaches. It’s Max’s turn and he takes the stage for his performance. Gwen says there’s a star quality to Katie, but Max was gorgeous and his voice was so strong. Gwen says it’s equal in so many ways. Kelly says Katie is magical and Max, she thinks he won this. Kelly says she expected Katie to be wonder woman, she didn’t expect Max to be Superman. Blake says it was a great time for Max to have that moment and Katie was awesome and he’d pick her.


John says he’s proud to be their coach and they executed their songs so masterfully. John says Max told the story of the song so perfectly and Katie gives them fireworks every time. John says the winner of this Knock-Out is Katie!


Max thanks John and says he was honored to work with him. Max gives John a hug and Gwen and Kelly both hit their buttons. Kelly says she was so moved and she loved Katie and she thinks he blew her away and he was incredible. Gwen says they had no idea he would be that good and he moved them with his singing and personality and he’s the kind of artist she’d listen to and she’d love to work with him. Max gets to pick a new coach and he says this is weird…he picks Kelly!     

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