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The Voice Season 17-Battle Rounds #3


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We get right to our first battle pairing of the night on The Voice. Our first battle pairing is from Team John and he has paired Jared Herzog vs Will Breman. John introduces them to Usher and he has given them the song Treat You Better by Shawn Mendez. Usher says Jared has the voice that can captivate an audience and Will reminds him of Dave Matthews. Usher advises both to find their little niches and that will make them a star.


Jared and Will both take the stage for their performance. Gwen says that was so awesome. Gwen says she can’t keep her eyes off Will and Jared’s opening voice was so pretty. She says Will has a really crazy energy on stage. Gwen says Jared is so gifted, but she couldn’t stop looking at Will. Kelly says Jared has range that is pretty is amazing. She says Will has all the style in the world and all the texture in his voice. Blake finds them both very sexy and Jared made him lean in and he was nailing the notes, but Will was unbelievable. Blake says Will delivered an incredible performance.


John says everyone stepped up and did well beyond what they are supposed to do and they overcame the challenges and he’s proud he got to work with both of them. Carson asks who the winner is and John says part of it is his own preference and part is charisma and star power. The winner of this battle is…Will!


Jared appreciates John’s kind words and he couldn’t have asked for anything more.


The next battle pairing is from Team Blake and he has paired Marina Chello vs Ricky Duran. Blake introduces them to his advisor Darius Rucker. Blake gave them the song Valerie by The Zutons. Darius says Marina has one of those voices that can sing anything. Darius says Ricky has a little of Chris Robinson in him. Darius says they are both great performers. Blake says Ricky has tons of gravel in his voice and you just want to see more. Blake says Marina has a grip on what she’s doing and can probably go toe-to-toe with anyone in the competition.


Marina and Ricky take the stage for their performance. John thinks Marina has an excellent voice and she was so confident and Ricky sounds like a star. John says Ricky has something in his voice that is extra magical. Gwen says it was such a tough battle. Gwen says Marina’s voice kept getting better and better and Ricky has star quality. Kelly says they are completely captivating and they brought out each other’s A game.


Blake says they did everything a coach could ask them to do and they gave it 150% and they are both way overdue for a break in music. Blake says this decision is awful to make. Blake says he’s picking a winner based off this song. The winner of this battle is…Ricky!


Marina is available to steal or save. Blake hits his button to save her. Kelly hits her button to steal! Blake says he’s believed in her since the beginning and it’s not time to start over again with someone. Kelly thinks they have a similar vibe and she thinks there is something super special about her and she thinks the right choice would be her. Marina is now going to pick her coach and she says it feels like the blinds all over again! Marina says she’ll stick to her guns and she’s going home again and going to Team Blake.


Next we check in with Team Kelly and her advisor Normani. Kelly has paired Jake Hoot vs Steve Knill. Kelly has given them the song Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson. Kelly advises them to do something unexpected in the one spot in the song to express the message. Normani says Steve has a smoky, raspy tone and he was a standout to her. Kelly says she can’t believe Jake and Steve were one chair turns.


Jake and Steve take the stage for their performance. Blake says Jake has the most awesome perfect amount of nasal and it adds character and authentic. Blake says Steve has a great voice and it was beautiful and he would pick Jake. John says Jake’s tone sounded perfect for this like he owned the song and Steve has a wonderful voice and he can do a lot of interesting things with it but he was more impressed by Jake. Gwen says she was blown away by both of them. Steve’s voice is so warm and beautiful and when Jake came in his voice is so strong it resonates.


Kelly says she grew up hearing this song and they both executed this song perfectly and it comes down to who will round out her team. The winner of this battle is…Jake!


As the night wore on, Kelly had more tough decision to face. Kelly paired Brennan Lassiter vs Gracee Shriver and they performed Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban. Kelly loved both of their voices and she chose the winner as Gracee. Kelly also paired Damali vs Brooke Stephenson and they sang Set Fire to the Rain by Adele. Kelly says one has a pure tone and the other is magical and raw. Kelly chooses the winner as Damali!


Time to check-in with Gwen and her advisor will.i.am. Kiara Brown vs Royce Lovett and Gwen gave them the song Turn Your Lights Down Low by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Will.i.am wants Kiara to be a bit more aggressive in the song and Royce has a spectacular tone. Gwen says Kiara got sparklier the more she came out. Gwen says they are awesome together.


Kiara and Royce take the stage. Kelly says that was one of the most fun performances. Kelly says Royce had such depth and Kiara shocked her. Kelly says she’d probably go with Kiara. Blake says he wants that version on his playlist. Blake says Kiara had the taller mountain to climb, but he’d go with Royce because he feels like he’s hitting a groove. John says Royce is great because his voice is made for the song, but Kiara is showing them what they missed out on in the blinds.


Gwen is so proud of Kiara and she unleashed more than she expected and Royce had the energy he needed and incredible with his style. She doesn’t know what to do right now. It’s time to pick a winner. Gwen says she is so proud and she loves them and she has to pick. She’s going to choose the winner as…Royce!


Kiara is available to steal or save and Kelly hits her steal button and Gwen follows with her save. Kelly says she thinks Kiara tricked her in the blinds and she didn’t show what she was capable of in the blinds. Her range is incredible and she’s so impressed by her voice and she thinks she belongs here. Gwen says she would love to work more with Kiara because they had a lot of fun. Kiara says she’s had fun and Gwen opened up a part of her that she didn’t know expected. Time for Kiara to choose with team to go to and she decides to go to Team Kelly!


Blake has paired Joana Martinez vs Matthew McQueen. Blake gave them the song High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco. Darius says Joana is a 15-year old 40=year old. Darius says they sound great together. Blake says Joana has a lot of confidence and Matthew has great diction. Blake says this battle will come down to which artist will give the best performance they can give.


Joana and Matthew step into the ring for their battle. John says he loves their energy and their chemistry. John loved Matthew’s growl and Joana was fantastic and she has more poise than she should have. John says he would pick Joana. Gwen says Matthew did a great job and there were moments that were shockingly good, but she wanted Joana on her team. Gwen says she’s leaning towards Joana, but Matthew is super interesting as an artist. Kelly says it’s amazing that Joana is so young, but she could not take her eyes off Matthew. Kelly says Matthew made that song his and she thought he was captivating.


Blake says this is a really tough song to sing and he can’t even think that fast. Blake says Matthew did things that were captivating and he locked in on his vocals. Blake says everything about Joana is impressive. Blake says it would have been easier if one of them would have sucked. It’s time to pick a winner. Blake says the winner of this battle is…Joana.


Our final battle pairings is from Team Gwen and she has paired Kyndal Inskeep vs James Violet. Gwen gave them the song I Could Use a Love Song by Maren Morris. James and Kyndal are struggling with remembering lyrics and will.i.am says they would be prepared if this were the Grammy’s and they need to treat every moment like that. Will.i.am says Kyndal’s voice is complete and James has an amazing voice. Will.i.am says James’s range is spectacular and Kyndal needs to not back down and flex on him and own him.


James and Kyndal step onto the stage for the final performance. Kelly says their voices sound beautiful together. Kelly says Kyndal has a pure angelic vibe and James is like a dark angel. Kelly says James might be a little ahead of Kyndal, but her voice doesn’t sound like anyone else’s. Blake says James might have had a harder time figuring the song voice but he did it, and Kyndal laid stuff in their a little differently and she was cool. Blake would probably go with Kyndal. John thought Kyndal was going to win just off the first few lines, but James hit some thrilling notes. John would go with Kyndal.


Gwen says she had her heart wrapped around Kyndal and she doesn’t think she realized how unique and interesting James’s voice was. Gwen says James is 20 and he hasn’t even drank yet and she’s super torn. Gwen says she is going to say the winner of this battle is…Kyndal!


James is available to steal and John smacks his button and Gwen hits her save button. John says he really heard the magic in his voice and he has a super cool vibe and he would love to coach him. Gwen says she had this planned the whole time and she’s so proud of him and she wants to keep this relationship going. John says he only has one steal and it’s all James’. John says Gwen was ready to toss you to the garbage heap. James now gets to decide which team he wants to go with. James says this is so hard…and we’ll be continued tomorrow night.

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