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The Voice Season 17-Battle Rounds #2


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Night two of the battles starts right now! We’re going to check-in with Team Kelly and her advisor Normani and hear how they got their first battle pairing ready. Kelly has paired Injoy Fountain vs Alex Guthrie. Kelly gave them the song Home by Marc Broussard. Normani says Injoy is a star and has charisma and Alex is soulful and has an old-school funk and bluesyness to him. Normani says she wants to see them move around more. Normani tells Injoy to be confident in her choices and she advises Alex to make more eye contact.


Injoy and Alex take the stage for their battle. Blake feels Alex could have been more aggressive with his approach and Injoy slapped the song around. John says Alex is a very strong singer but he didn’t get a glimpse of his personality, and he loved Injoy’s moves and her outfit. Gwen says she was taken aback by Alex and she did hear the personality in his voice.


Kelly says they are both incredibly talented and gifted and she’s in love with both of them and she thinks they are equal and she has to go with who she thinks will round out her team. Carson says it’s time to pick a winner and Kelly says the winner of this battle is…Alex.


Injoy is available to steal and she thanks Kelly for believing in her and giving her the opportunity to be here.


We’re going to check-in with Gwen and her advisor Will.I.Am. Gwen’s first battle pairing is Elise Azkoul vs Myracle Holloway. Gwen gave them the song breathin by Ariane Grande. Will.I.Am says they are both spot on. He says when you see someone beating you it should be motivation to push you to do things you didn’t think you could.


Elise and Myracle take the stage for their performance. Kelly says that was beautiful. Kelly was impressed with Elise’s control and she thinks she has a gift and Myracle her voice feels like Mary J. Blige. Blake says they both had some really great moments. He feels like he hears Myracle’s past in her voice and he’d go with her. John felt a lot of emotion from both of them and his favorite part of the performance was the run Elise did and he’d love to hear Myracle take more vocal risks.


Gwen says this is the hardest part and they are both equally gifted and this is a hard decision. She doesn’t know what to do because they are both so emotional. The winner of the battle is…Myracle!


Elise is available to steal and she thanks Gwen for believing in her and seeing something in her.


Matt New vs Max Boyle performed Let Me Love You by Mario from Team John and he picked the winner as Max. Team Blake paired Cali Wilson vs Elliemae and they sang Miss Me More by Kelsea Ballerini and Blake picked the winner as Cali.


The final pairing of the night is Katie Kadan vs Destiny Rayne from Team John. John gave them the song Tiny Dancer by Elton John. John says Destiny is stronger than he expected, but when she belts she really belts. Usher advises them to take a deep breath before their final note. Usher says Destiny has the making of a great career. He says this will be his favorite performance and they could have a moment.


Katie and Destiny take the stage for the final song of the night. Gwen says Destiny had all of the character and she stood her own and those two together were so beautiful and professional, but Katie has a crazy voice. Kelly says that was so good and they both made room for each other and they adapted to each other. Kelly says Katie showed restraint but Destiny killed it. Blake says Katie’s voice is an eruption and Destiny rose to the occasion and made that a great duet.


John says that was really thrilling to watch. Carson asks who the winner of the battle is. John says he didn’t know Destiny would deliver the power and intensity and Katie’s voice is magic and she needs to be making records. The winner of this battle is…Katie!


Destiny thanks John and says it’s been an honor and she’ll cherish it forever. She starts to walk off and Blake smacks his steal button. Blake gets up to give Destiny a hug and Gwen hits her button. John says he already used his save so Destiny has a decision to make. Blake says he doesn’t want to fight with his girlfriend but he will for her. Blake says Destiny stepped up and blew the roof off this place and he’s willing to use his only steal on her. Gwen says this proves it’s not just about the voice and she wants to bring out her personality. Blake says he’s won more seasons than Gwen has been a coach and Gwen says she’s had a longer career.


It’s time for Destiny to choose her coach. Destiny picks…Gwen!

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