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The Voice Season 17-Blind Auditions Night #7 and Battle Rounds begin


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It’s the last day of the blinds! Our first act of the night is Zoe Upkins. Her mother believed in her talent, but she passed away of cancer. She takes the stage and performs Angel of Mine by Monica. John and Blake both turn immediately with Kelly shortly behind.


Kelly wants to know how Zoe even knows that song. Gwen says she blew it by not turning and she says she feels silly. John says she’s really fantastic and he says it would be so much fun to work with her. Blake says this is going to push her and it would be smart for her to choose a coach who has been there a long time. Blake says he doesn’t seem like the right coach for her on paper, but he is the right coach for her.


Gwen says it’s time for Zoe to pick a coach and she doesn’t hesitate and says she picks…John!


Our next artist is Matthew McQueen and his sister and his grandmother both had a dream the same night that he would be on The Voice. His family is very supportive. He’ll be singing Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi. The coaches all listen and Kelly turns towards the end with Blake shortly behind.


Matthew introduces himself and John says he looks like a very handsome movie villain. Kelly says he got better and better and kept it classy and tasteful and his rasp was cool and sexy. Kelly says she really, really wants him on her team and she knows what it takes to strategize in a competition. John says Matthew took them on a journey and it was a cool ride. Blake says he only has one spot too but he wants to give his last spot to him and he has coached the winner six times, and they haven’t all been country artists.


John says Matthew, who do you pick as your coach? Matthew says his grandmother and sister had a dream that he was on team Blake so he’s going with team…Blake!


The next artist takes the stage and her name is Gracee Shriver and she’s from Owasso, OK. She’s a tennis player and she’s on the national honor society. She’s very driven. She sings Rainbow by Kacey Muscgraves. Kelly hits her button and turns for Gracee. Gwen turns shortly after. Gracee is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly thinks Gracee is super talented and she has a style that is so unique. Gwen says she’s from Oklahoma too! She says her voice is a character voice and it’s such a unique sound. And there’s so many things she can do to stylize more. Blake apologizes that his team is full but there’s still a great opportunity for her to be in the family.


John asks Gracee who she picks as her coach and she says she chooses…please God and we go to commercial.


We’re back and Gracee is choosing her coach and she chooses…Kelly!


Next up is Ty Mauro and he’s an EMT. Ty’s mom noticed he liked rhythms and he loves music. He takes the stage and performs Let’s Stay Together by Al Green. Gwen says he has a nice voice but she doesn’t turn for him. Hey talk about how smooth his voice is. Kelly says his tone was incredibly cool. John says he just needs a little more polish.


Gwen is looking for a girl to mentor. We hear a girl take the stage and she performs Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane. All the coaches are dancing and looking at each other. Gwen finally hits her button and We see Caroline Riley. Caroline has completed Team Gwen!


Caroline introduces herself and she’s sixteen and Gwen says dreams do come true. Caroline likes Gwen Stefani and Green Day, who Gwen toured with. Caroline has always liked to do rock songs and she’s in a duo and they do a lot of classic rock. She says The Voice is her dream come true. Kelly says their teams were all full and she’s rad and so perfect for Gwen.


It’s now time for the battle rounds and the coaches are discussing their strategies for pairings and John tells us this is the first season they can save their own artist in the battle rounds. Usher has joined Team John as a mentor and they prepare to meet their first battle pairing.


Our first battle pairing is Zoe Upkins vs Khalea Lynee. John says he sang to Khalea to get her on his team and Zoe sang a Monica song. John gave them the song The Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica. Usher says Khalea is wavy and effortless and John loves that Zoe has natural ability. John wants Khalea to loosen up and Usher tells Zoe to go for it when they battle in the chorus. Usher and John add a couple of lyrics for them to add and they want them to freestyle a bit. John says Khalea and Zoe will be a fun duet and they are both extremely talented.


Khalea Lynee and Zoe Upkins step into the ring for their battle and they sing The Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica and Kelly is excited. Gwen says Zoe’s presence was shocking in that song and she was super impressed by her and Khalea’s voice was buttery, but she thinks Zoe won the battle.


Kelly loved both of them and they are both fantastic and she’s going in if either of them are up for grabs. Blake says Zoe is far ahead at 16 but Khalea’s professionalism goes along way and he’d go with Khalea because she’s ready for this competition. John says Khalea is really polished and this is a tough decision.


Carson asks who the winner is and John is going with who he thinks is the most versatile…Khalea.


Zoe is available to steal or save and John hits his button and then Gwen and Kelly both hit their buttons as well. John says he shouldn’t have paired them together and he loved how she got into the character of the song. John begs her not to leave him. Kelly says she’s won this show with two minor girls. Gwen says John already admitted that he messed up and she doesn’t want a coach that messed up and she can help Zoe even more with stage presence. John wants the last word and he says the fact they are in love with her is a testament to good coaching.


Zoe now gets to pick her coach and she has to go with John.


Darius Rucker is joining Blake Shelton as an advisor. Team Blake’s first battle pairing Josie Jones vs Kat Hammock. Blake has given them the song Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver. Kat says she’s going to have to project her voice more because Josie is going to give her a run for her money. Blake tells Josie she can really project and Kat needs to do that. Darius says Kat’s voice is so sweet and so special and Blake says some of the verses sound like she’s running out of air. Blake advises them to make sure they shake off their nerves.


Josie and Kat are ready for their battle. John says their voices couldn’t be much more different. Josie had power and Kat has a unique and distinct voice. John thinks Kat’s voice is more intriguing but Josie gave a technically better performance. Gwen loved that. It was such a pretty rendition. Gwen says Josie had no nerves and Kat has a voice you’d listen to all day long. Kat would go with Kat.


Kelly says this was a hard song. Kelly says Kat’s voice is breathtaking and Josie has a confident voice. Blake says Kat lives in a head voice and Josie switched back and forth from her head voice to her chest voice and she did it well. Blake says there is no one else like Kat and congratulations on that. Blake is going to choose based on experience and what strikes a chord with the audience. The winner of this battle is Kat.


Josie says it was an honor working with Blake.


Our final battle pairing of the night is from team Kelly and her adviser is Normani. She has paired Melinda Rodriguez vs Shane Q. They were given the song Way Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith. Kelly advises them to get in sync on the harmonies. Normani says Shane is very soulful and he’s one to look out for. Kelly gives tips to Melinda on her breath control.


Kelly watch Melinda and Shane during their rehearsal and she says they really did their homework. Melinda and Shane take the stage for the final battle of the night. Kelly is excited with their performance. Blake says they are both individually incredible vocalists. Blake says he can’t say anyone was way ahead but he’d probably go with Shane. John says they are both fantastic singers and if he were to advise Kelly, just by a hair he’d pick Shane.


Gwen says Melinda was so confident and that’s what she was attracted to and Shane’s voice was so shocking. Kelly says Melinda executed everything flawlessly and Shane has great range. Kelly is choosing a winner and she wishes she hadn’t put them together. The winner of this battle is…Shane!


Melinda is available to steal and Kelly hits her save and John hits his steal. Kelly says Melinda is crazy talented. John says he loved both of their voices and it was clear they both deserved to be on the show. John says she has a very good coach right now, but she can upgrade. He’d love to work with her and he’d have so much fun picking songs with her and he’d love to steal her from Kelly Clarkson and welcome her to the winner team. Melinda is picking her new coach…John is still pitching and Kelly tosses in she won a competition on TV. Melinda says ummm…she’s going to stay with Kelly!

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