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The Voice Season 17-Blind Auditions Night #6


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It’s night 6 of the Blind Auditions. Our first artist of the night is Myracle Holloway from Los Angeles, CA. She was raised by her grandparents and she works with high-risk students. She takes the stage and performs When I Was Your Man by Bruna Mars. Blake hits his button about halfway through the performance and Gwen is not far behind. Myracle is a 2-chair turn.


Blake asks Myracle her name and she introduces herself. Blake says he was completely wrapped up in that performance and her voice sounded like she was just about to lose it. He’d be excited to sit in a rehearsal room with her every week because he loves her voice. John says he loved the brokenness of her voice and he could feel the connection. Kelly says her voice is magical. Gwen says she’s using the pain in her voice to tell her story. Gwen says she’s written songs about heartache and pain. Gwen says all those bad things that happened are just stepping stones to where she’s going.


Kelly asks Myracle who she picks as her coach. Myracle says this is such a tough one…she chooses Team Gwen.


Next up is Ricky Braddy and he lives in Nashville, TN. He’s been a part of the church and has done Christian and Gospel music, but he recently came out. He takes the stage and performs The Story by Brandi Carlile. Kelly says she loves this song. Blake hits his button and John is right behind. Gwen pushes next. Ricky is a 3-chair turn.


John asks Ricky to introduce himself. John says he enjoyed that performance and his range was exciting. John says he sounded like a gospel singer, especially on the higher notes. Gwen says she felt like he was singing I was meant for you right to my face. Gwen says his voice is incredible and she enjoyed the theatrical side. Kelly says he should theater. Blake says when he heard what Ricky was singing he was hoping he’d get through it.


Kelly asks Ricky who he’s going to pick as his coach. Ricky is thinking and he says he’s going to have to go…and we go to commercial.   


We’re back and Ricky is choosing his coach. Ricky says he’s going to have to go…with Blake.


Our next artist Damali from Norwalk, CA. She attends a military high school. Her school doesn’t have a music program but she has a studio in her room. She performs Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish. Kelly hits her button at the very last moment and Damali will join Team Kelly. Gwen says her voice sounded wild, but her voice is beautiful. Kelly says she was going to turn way before she did but she wanted to trick them. She loved her voice and she thought she was really tasteful with her selections.


We have a blind audition for us and we hear a man sing Up To the Mountain by Patty Griffin. Kelly hits her button and we see Steve Knill performing. John seems to be listening very closely. Steve will be joining Team Kelly. Steve is from San Francisco, CA. Kelly says his range is incredible and his falsetto is sweet. John agrees with Kelly and if he dials it back just a bit, his message will come through a bit more strongly.


Destiny Rayne is the next artist and she’s from Coral Springs, FL. She just moved to Nashville and she works as a waitress and in retail. She’s also recently engaged. She’s going to perform To Make You Feel My Love by Adele. John hits his button and is the first coach to turn. Gwen hits her button not long after. Destiny is a 2-chair turn.


Destiny introduces herself. Gwen says her voice is so gorgeous and she was able to take the lyric and feel it and she can teach things she’s learned to Destiny. John says he loved that she didn’t try to shoot for the moon, she just stayed in the pocket. John says she had a real point of view on the song and he’d love to work with her.


Blake says Destiny, who do you pick as your coach? She says this is a really hard decision, but she picks…John Legend!


Next we have Jo James from Austin, TX. He started playing bass when he was 8 years old. He started gaining a lot of weight and battle with depression and it was his wife who encouraged him to lose weight. He knows the teams are filling up but he’s going to bring his emotion and soul. He takes the stage and performs It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over by Lenny Kravitz. The coaches listen closely but Jo does not get a chair turn. Gwen and Kelly say he was very talented but their teams are getting full.


Khalea Lynee is our next artist and she’s from . She’s been living as a single mom after she went through a divorce and music has been an outlet for her. She takes the stage and sings Best Part by Daniel Caesar. Blake and Kelly both immediately hit their buttons. John is right behind. Gwen finally hits at the end. Khalea is a 4-chair turn.


John says Khalea’s tone is so beautiful and every choice she made was so spot on and she mesmerized them. He would love for her to be on the team of the defending Voice champion. Gwen says her favorite thing was watching her afterward. Kelly says she would throw down on a Whitney ballad. Blake says please pick me. He’s the senior coach and the only person who’s done the show every season. He thinks he could be the coach for her.


John truly thinks he can win with Khalea and he thinks America will love her and he starts to sing to her. John says who are you going to pick Khalea? Khalea wipes away the tears and she picks…John.

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