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The Voice Season 17-Blind Auditions Night #5


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Tonight, it’s the 5th night of the blind auditions. Our first act is Joana Martinez and she’s 15 from Miami, FL. She goes to a performing arts school. Her first performance in front of people when she was 8 and she’d love to work with Kelly. She takes the stage and performs Call Out My Name by The Weeknd. The coaches are listening closely and Gwen and Blake look at each other. Gwen and Blake hit back to back and Kelly was going to hit but hesitates and says she’s so good and hits her button. Joana is a 3-chair turn.


Gwen says she can’t believe she just did that. John says it was a near perfect performance and Blake says she was perfect. Gwen says when they turned Joana wasn’t even phased and she connected so well. She has a really instinctive with her voice and she’d love to work with her. Kelly says she should hone in on opening up her eyes and connecting and she’d love to have her on her team.


Blake says if you’re in the moment, then keep your eyes closed and stay in the moment. Blake says whatever she did just then moved them and they just need to navigate the competition. Blake says she should pick the coach that had three people in the finale last year. Gwen asks who she picks as her coach and we go to commercial.


We’re back and Joana is choosing her coach and she notices Blake doing the finger thing and she chooses…Team Blake!


Carson asks Blake what his philosophy is this year and he says he loves all of them, one of them a lot, but he’s here to win. Gwen says she was nervous but she wants to beat Blake. She’s fired up.


Next up we have a blind audition to us as well. We hear a woman’s voice singing Let Him Fly by The Dixie Chicks. Blake and Kelly hits back to back and Gwen follows. John is still listening. We meet Brook Stephenson and she grew up in a very small community. She grew up in Bolton, CT. She was a 3-chair turn.


John says she was an appealing artist and they are going to fight over her. Gwen says her voice is so biting and calm and it was magical. Gwen says she would love to work with Brook. Kelly asks if she was going to go country and Brook says she’s more Americana. Gwen is excited. Kelly says she has a beautiful voice and the ability to bring people in.


Blake greets Brook and says she probably doesn’t realize how great of a singer she is. Blake says he doesn’t want to be an experiment. Kelly says she will challenge Brook and Blake says he will get her in the finale. Gwen says she’s worked her way up from a little girl in her dad’s garage and she’s had a crazy long career and she’d love to share with her.


John asks Brook who she wants to be her coach. Brook listens to the crowd yelling and she says she’s going to have to pick…Kelly.


Zach Bridges is our next artist and he’s 28 and an X-ray tech and he’s going to perform a Blake Shelton song. He takes the stage and performs Ol’ Red by Blake Shelton. Blake finally hits his button and turns. The other coaches are all watching Blake. Gwen hits her button and turns and Blake just looks at her. Zach is a 2-chair turn.


Zach is greeted by Gwen and introduces himself and says he’s from Pearl, MS. Gwen says anyone can pick songs and she can go on the internet and pick a song. She says he’s a really good singer and she’s a huge fan of Blake Shelton and she has no country artists. Kelly says she knew that was Blake’s song and she can only take so much rejection.


John says he enjoyed Zach’s performance, but his problem was the song selection. Blake says Zach will not have to worry about him going on google to find country songs. Blake says he never dreamed how important that song would be in his life. He’s here all these years later and that song is timeless. Blake says he did a great job of it.


Gwen says so who do you pick as your coach. Blake says the way this season is going he’s not going to assume anything. Kelly says blow our minds and pick Gwen. Zach thanks them all but he’s going to have to go for…Blake.


Elliemae is our next act and she’s from Jerome, ID and she has felt pressured to be a farmgirl. She takes the stage and performs Merry-Go-Round by Kacey Muscgraves. Blake hits his button and Elliemae will join Team Blake.


Next we see Jessie Lawrence and he’s from Newark, NJ and Callie Lee from Atlanta, GA. Callie takes the stage and sings No Excuses by Meghan Trainor. Kelly reaches for her button like she wants to hit and Gwen says she was so close and Kelly agrees. Callie did not get a chair turn. Kelly says she got a little worried because of the breath control.


Jessie takes the stage for his turn and he performs All or Nothing by O-Town. Gwen hits her button and turns. Jessie is a 1-chair turn and he will be joining Team Gwen. Gwen says she’s very specific and she liked he could do all kinds of things with his voice and there was something genuine about it.


Our next artist is Brennan Henson from Flint, MI. He sees himself as an alternative artist and he was excited to hear Gwen was going to be back on the show. Brennen sings Riptide by Vance Joy. Gwen hits her button. Blake turns at the end and Brennan is a 2-chair turn.


Brennan introduces himself. Gwen tells Brennan that her dad was from 8 mile, Detroit. She’s always looking for someone who has character in their voice and could stand out on the radio and she felt like he was a songwriter. She says they can have fun together on a team and Blake says woah! Blake says if he gets Brennan on his team then Gwen will be mad and he’ll pay for it later on. Blake says he loves him.


John asks Brennan how he wants to manage this relationship situation. Brennan thinks and thanks them both and says he has to go with…Gwen!


Next we have Jared Herzog and he’s from Niceville, FL. He promised his girlfriend he would audition for The Voice. He goes to the same school Jordan Smith went to. He’s going to perform Speechless by Dan + Shay. He takes the stage and begins to sing. Blake and John both hit their buttons at almost the same time. Gwen hits her button. Kelly is still listening. Jared is a 3-chair turn.


Jared introduces himself and John greets him. John says the beginning was really cool and he showed a lot of range and versatility and he’d love to work with him and build that story even more. Gwen says he has so much personality and different sides of his voice. Kelly thinks he sounds a little more soulful. Kelly thinks he will do well on the show.


Blake says is she done yet? Blake says he had to go in because you’re a great singer. Blake says Gwen must have been disappointed because she wanted a girl and it was Jared standing there. John doesn’t want to come between America’s favorite couple and Jared could pick him and their relationship could stay intact. Gwen says if you pick her you get Blake and John says if you pick me you get Chrissy.


It’s time for Jared to decide whose team he will be on. Jared says I’ll tell you what…and we go to commercial.


We’re back and Jared is choosing his coach. Jared says he’s wanted to work them for a long time…he picks John!


Clayton Cowell is the next artist and he’s from Hampton, VA and he’s a tattoo artist. Carson greets Clayton at his shop and talks to him. Clayton says art and music are a big part of his life. He takes the stage and he has chosen to perform he song Just Friends (Sunny) by Musiq Soulchild. John is immediately into the song. All the coaches are listening closely. Clayton does not get a chair turn. John says he loves that song but he thinks it’s a tough song to sing for this kind of show to showcase his voice. Kelly says he’s gifted and John says his range is impressive. Gwen says he looks so disappointed and being here is a big deal and he’s a really talented singer.


Next we have Lauren Hall from West Hollywood, CA. She’s been auditioning for The Voice for seven years. This is the first time she’s made it past open calls. She’s a soccer player and had a college soccer scholarship but she’s always enjoyed singing. She steps up on stage and sings One and Only by Adele. Kelly immediately hits her button. Lauren is a 1-chair turn and she’ll be joining Team Kelly. Blake says he kept waiting to see what John would do.   


Matt new is the next artist and he’s from Midland, TX. He became a father at a young age and he’s struggled to provide for them and put music on the backburner. Now he’s here to try and change their lives. Matt takes the stage and sings Sunflower by Post Malone. Kelly and John are dancing. Kelly finally hits her button. Gwen follows. John hits his button right at the end. Matt is a 3-chair turn.


Kelly sees Matt’s son and the two boys come on stage. Kelly and Gwen both say they have 5-year olds. Kelly says Matt’s wife is hot. Kelly says please pick me! Gwen says there was something really cool about his voice and she kept hearing pop and alternative and a little soul. Gwen says he has a beautiful voice and there’s something they could do together to make his personality come out and connect with people.


Kelly says she is a huge fan of his voice and she loves that he’s super compassionate. She says he’s really good at strategy and she thinks working with him would be cool. John says he was so good that he often takes awhile to turn around. John says what got him was his tone, it’s just really lovely. He showed versatility and power and he’s so excited to have him on his team. Blake says he’s sorry he didn’t turn around especially since his family is up there staring at him.


Matt is ready to decide who he’s going to pick for his coach and he consults his family. Matt says he loves this individual and he’s listened to their music since they started…he goes with Team John.


The next artist is another blind audition for us and we hear a man singing Remedy by Seether and we meet Monty Montanaro and he’s from TN. He didn’t get a chair turn. Blake says he didn’t feel the singing was quite as controlled. John says there was good energy but his concern was also the control issue. Kelly says if he could have showed more dynamics he might have gotten a chair turn.


Our final artist of the night is Ricky Duran and he’s from Worcester, MA. This song reminds him of his mom. Every time he performs he feels closer to his parents. He’s living the dream his parents had for him. He talks about his parents and the difficult times he and his sister have been through. His dad took his own life when Ricky was 22 and his mother passed away a year ago after being sick. He’s here to live his best life. He takes the stage and we go to commercial.


Ricky is on stage and he performs River by Leon Bridges and all four coaches hit their buttons quickly. Ricky is a 4-chair turn and the coaches all get to watch the entire performance. Blake says he was listening to his singing and he wants him to know on his place in Oklahoma he has a river and he’ll take him to it. Blake says his tone is great and he was aggressive when he needed it and he’d love to be his coach.


John heard immediately what beautiful control and tone Ricky had. He elevated that song. John hears his voice doing so many beautiful things and he’d love to work with him. Gwen says this show is perfect for him and he was so tasteful in that performance and she feels like she knows how to connect with people through music and she thinks he’s incredibly talented. Kelly says she loves listening to story tellers and it’s a natural gift he has and she would love to be his coach.


John says Ricky, who do you pick as your coach? The audience is shouting. Ricky says the first concert he ever went to was a No Doubt concert and this is tough for him. Ricky says he wants to go with Blake.

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