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The Voice Season 17-Blind Auditions Night #4


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We kick it off with Cali Wilson who auditioned at the end of the show the previous night and is in the middle of deciding who her coach will be. Cali chooses…Blake!


Tonight’s first artist is Injoy Fountain and after high school she went to Scotland and performed in rent. When she returned she found out she was pregnant and she is doing this for her daughter. Injoy takes the stage and performs 7 rings by Ariana Grande. John is dancing in his seat as Injoy performs and Gwen seems to like it and Blake is dancing too. Kelly is singing along. Kelly finally hits her button and turns and is on her feet dancing. Gwen turns next and she is on her feet too. Injoy is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly says that’s her jam and she asks Injoy her name. Gwen says The Sound of Music changed her life and she thought that was a bold choice and she loved the mash-up styles and she would love to work with her. Kelly says they turned and saw her living her best life and it was so beautiful and infectious in a positive way and she’d love her to be Team Kelly.


Gwen asks Injoy who she picks as her coach. Injoy thinks and says ok ok. She picks…Kelly!


Our next artist is on stage and he is performing Makin’ Me Look Good Again by Drake White. Blake finally turns late in the song and Gwen hits at the last possible moment and we meet Jordan Chase from Pensacola, FL. Jordan is a 2-chair turn. Jordan talks about how music helped him as an outlet for him.


John is excited to see America’s favorite couple fight it out. Blake says when Jordan sings it’s incredible and he’s going to fight for him and that means he might pay for it later. He just wants to let him know he’s laying his cards out there for him. Gwen says her favorite thing about his voice is it sounded so honest. Gwen says she could imagine being a 19-year old boy with a crazy, raspy voice and that’s why she’s drawn to him and his God-given gift. Gwen says she’s the only one that can connect to him. Kelly asks what genre he wants and Jordan says he likes Blues and Soul. Blake says he knows what it’s like to be a 19-year old boy.


It’s time for Jordan to pick his coach and Jordan says he picks…Blake.


Next up is a duo and they are twins Dane and Stephanie and they are best friends. Their dad and mom are very proud of their kids. Music is something they were passionate about and Stephanie loves the idea of the coaches not being able to see them. They take the stage and perform Angela by The Lumineers. Kelly is nodding her head. John hits his button. Blake hits his button shortly after. Dane and Stephanie are a 2-chair turn.


Dane and Stephanie introduce themselves. Kelly loves their sound and she thought they did a stellar job. John says he got into it when they started harmonizing and the blend was gorgeous. He’s never had a duo on his team and he loves the idea of arranging multiple vocals together. Blake says he hasn’t done any vocal arranging, but he has won The Voice six times. He’s the only person to ever bring a duo to the finale. Come to Team Blake!


Gwen asks who they pick as their coach. They look at each other and discuss it and Dane says they choose…John!


Next we have James Violet from Syracuse, UT. He says Syracuse is the town you have to go through to get to Salt Lake City. He decided to follow his dreams and move to LA two weeks after high school. He eventually went home because the industry was cutthroat. He will be singing Sweet Creature by Harry Styles. Kelly says she loves this song and she is quick to hit her button. John says it sounds good as he listens along with Gwen and Blake. Blake finally hits towards the end followed by Gwen. James is a 3-chair turn.


John asks James what his name is and he says he was fantastic. Gwen says she loves his voice so much. It’s soothing, emotional, and relaxed and she’d love to hear his voice on a song. Gwen says she’s a really good coach and she gets where his heart is and she’d love to work with him. Kelly says she was singing with him and his sound has a nice glass of wine vibe. She loves snowboarding in Utah. She loves him and would love him to pick her.


Blake says his voice can take someone out of where they’re at. He says his voice could take them out in the woods somewhere. Blake says please pick me as your coach. Kelly says Blake will be creepy James should pick her. John says ok James, who do you pick as your coach and we head to commercial.


We’re back and James is about to pick his coach. James takes a moment and he says he has to go with Gwen!


Jordan McCullough is our next artist and he’s from Murfreesboro, TN. He says The Voice is his starting line and it will show him everything he went through is ok and there is a future. Jordan performs Let Me Love You by Mario. Jordan does not get a chair turn Kelly says it was so close. John says it felt a little bit scattered, but the moments where he was really good were exciting. He needs a little discipline how to perform the song and let the audience hear him.


Our next artist is blind to us as well and he takes the stage. He performs Dream a Little Dream of Me by Ella Fitzgerald. Gwen, Kelly, and Blake all hit their buttons to turn. We finally see and meet Preston C. Howell from Miami, FL. John is listening. John finally hits his button and Preston is a 4-chair turn.


Gwen says she can’t believe he’s 14 and her son is 13 and it’s cracking. Preston really loves jazz and what Michael Buble does. Gwen says they would all die to have him on her team and she would love to work with him. Kelly says she loved that he didn’t imitate and that big band personality will take him far and she’d love to be his coach.


John says Preston sounded beautiful doing a standard. John says he loves the kind of music he did and he’s performed it and he just performed Unforgettable with the previous Voice winner. Gwen shows off she can sing standards. Blake says Preston’s voice is timeless and he’s done a lot of work with Micheal Buble and he’s a friend of his. Kelly says she has his number too. Blake says he’d be honored to be his coach. Kelly is such a fan and she’d love him to pick her.


It’s time for Preston to pick his coach. Preston is thinking and the audience is shouting. Blake is pointing to himself and Gwen is “reeling” him in. Preston says oh gosh, I have to pick John.

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