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The Voice Season 17-Blind Auditions Night #3


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28 year old Mendeleyev has no clue Carson is about to run into him. His parents are hippies and he was raised vegetarian. Carson asks if the music he does is like his vibe and he says he was introduced to folk music by his parents. His dad says this would have been his mother’s real dream, as she passed a month prior to the show.


Lev will take the stage and perform solo without a band and he’s going to preform Girl From the North Country by Bob Dylan. Kelly says woah! The audience gets on their feet and the judges listen closely. John, Blake, and Kelly all hit their buttons during the chorus. Gwen is listening closely still. Gwen hits right at the end and Mendeleyev is a 4-chair turn.


Kelly feels like his voice sounds like the glass of Pinot Noir and she feels like a warm blanket was wrapped around her. Kelly is talking fast and Blake can’t understand her. Gwen kind of wants to know what his name is. Lev gave his full name and Blake would like to know if he has a nickname they can use. Kelly says his voice has so many stories to it, it’s all those lives and he is so special. Gwen says her favorite part was watching him when the song finished and connecting to the audience. She’d love to work with him and she’s very creative.


John says he’s not afraid to pronounce Mendeleyev’s name. John says it was unique and artistic and it was a really powerful moment. John says his fireworks were his hitting the low notes and his voice was rich and beautiful and he’d love to coach him. Blake says Mendeleyev, your voice shakes the rafters and helps tell the story. Blake says it’s cool for him to bring that style of music to life again. Gwen feels like she’s the most relatable to him because she’s from California. John wants to know what kind of artist he’d like to cover and he answers Richie Havens and John knows who he is.


Kelly says it’s time for Mendeleyev to pick a coach. Mendeleyev says he got him with Richie Havens man and Kelly says she knew it…and he picks John.


Let’s meet the next artist! His name is Jake Hoot from Cookeville, TN. His parents were missionaries and he was raised in the Dominican Republic. He moved back and he is a single dad with a 4-year old. He says it’s scary to take time from his daughter, but this is something that could benefit her. He takes the stage and he has chosen the song When It Rains It Pours by Luke Combs. Blake and Kelly look at each other and they keep eying each other. Gwen wonders if Kelly will block Blake. The coaches are all listening and Blake and Kelly keep watching each other. Kelly finally hits her button. She gets up and sits down and looks down at Blake and Gwen tells him to do it and Blake reaches for his button and Kelly tells him not to. Jake is a 1-chair turn and is on Team Kelly.


Blake says he didn’t know if Kelly blocked him. John asks his name and Jake introduces himself. Kelly says he might have wanted Blake, but this is a better place. John thought it was a great performance! Welcome to the show. Gwen loved the entrance and it was so electric and proud and powerful. Jake is 6’6, an inch taller than Blake. Kelly can’t wait to work with him on her team. Blake says she does love country music, but she doesn’t know anything about it.


The next artist’s parents were both pastors so he grew up singing in the church. We don’t see his name or his face and he takes the stage and sings Just My Imagination by The Temptations. Blake hits his button quickly and we see Calvin Lockett. John hits his button and so does Gwen. He’s a 3-chair turn.


Calvin introduces himself and Gwen is so excited he’s on the show because his voice is so exciting. Gwen feels threatened by John. She says she’s a fan and she’d love to listen to his style of music and she’d love to work with him. John says he loves that song. He loved Calvin’s version because it was subtle and controlled and he hasn’t heard anyone who sounds like him. John says it was a really masterful performance.


Blake says it’s like buying a ticket to a show when he hits his button. He agrees with John, he can’t think of anyone who sounds like this guy and he hopes when this season is over that he makes a record when the season is done because he can be a star. Blake would love for him to pick him as a coach. Kelly says she’s an idiot but by time she thought about turning she knew she was out of the race. Kelly says he’s incredibly talented and he’s good looking. Gwen says it’s not just about the music, but it’s about getting your personality out and finding a way to let you touch people’s hearts.


Kelly says Calvin, who do you want to pick as your coach? Calvin thanks them for everything they’ve said, he’s shaking right now, he picks…we go to commercial.


We’re back and Calvin is making his decision. Calvin chooses…Gwen! Gwen can’t believe it and she runs in circles and goes down on her knees. She’s thrilled to have Calvin on her team.


The next artist is Josie Jones and she loves Blake and she’s from Hamilton, AL. She sings country and she loves it. She loves to fish but her favorite thing to do is jam out with her family. Josie is 16 and she’s ready to perform Men & Mascara by Julie Roberts. John hits his button pretty quickly. Blake is listening intently. Blake finally hits his button. Josie is a 2-chair turn.


Josie introduces herself and Kelly loves her accent. Kelly says she could tell she likes country, but she also has a Andra Day and Maren Morris tone too. Gwen says asks if she knows who Stevie Nicks is because she sounds like her. John says Blake is his nemesis. John says her tone is gorgeous and he turned first for her. He can coach a country artist. Blake says great job, it’s always exciting to hear a country voice like he’s never heard before and her pitch is incredible. He would love to have her on his team because the tradition of country music is important to him.


Gwen says ok Josie, who do you pick as your coach? Josie says I’m so sorry John, she picks Blake.


Every artist that comes to the voice dreams of getting a chair turn and Carson brings in Maelyn Jarmon to encourage the artist’s who are auditioning. Maelyn meets Johnny Sanchez and he would like Gwen to be his coach. He and his cousin started a band and then he met his wife and that changed everything. He takes the stage and sings Seven Spanish Angels by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson. He does not get a chair turn.


Kelly says she just got a big male vocalists and she didn’t want to give too many competing sounds, but she thinks Johnny has a cool, amazing tone. John thinks he needs a little more confidence and control. Blake asks about the arrangement and Johnny says it’s an original. Blake says it threw him for a loop but he was close.


Next, we have Maelyn meeting Marybeth Byrd from Armorel, AR. She works a food truck with her dad. She says it’s a very small town. She says there are more people in the audience than in her small town and this is her chance. She takes the stage and sings Angel from Montgomery by John Prine. Kelly hits her button first and she has blocked Blake. John and Gwen have also turned. Blake hits his button at the very end, but he is blocked. Marybeth is a 4-chair turn.


Blake asks Marybeth what her name is and he says he’s been blocked so congratulations and pick Gwen. John says he was in love with her voice from the first note she sang and she had complete control of how she sang. He would love to work with her because he thinks she could be a top contestant.


Gwen says she’d love to take her heart and attach it to her voice. Gwen says Marybeth has a cute rasp and God gave her a gift and she loves to listen to music that’s emotional and she’d love to work with her. Kelly says one of her favorite artist’s is Bonnie Raitt and we heard Don’t Speak play by No Doubt while Kelly is talking. Kelly says she came from a show like this and we hear Don’t Speak again. Kelly says she feels like this is a good home for her and she used her one and only block for her. John says he just coached the Season 16 winner and he thinks Marybeth’s voice is versatile.


Gwen says who do you pick as your coach? Marybeth says Lord help me. She’s just going to have to go with her gut and she picks…John!


Next we have Tamika J and her parents are from Haiti and she works with special needs children. She performs You Got Me by The Roots and she does not get a chair turn. Kelly thinks she’s fantastic and she’s probably going to be bummed about losing her. John says he didn’t get enough on the singing part, but she was great on the rap parts.


Next up we have Kiara Brown and she’s from Nevada. She started sing before she could talk and music has always been the foundation of her life. Kiara takes the stage and sings Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty. Kelly says it’s pretty. Blake is listening and looking at Gwen. Blake finally hits his button and Gwen hits a moment later. Kiara is a 2-chair turn.


John asks Kiara what her name is and he says she has so much style and grace and her voice is very subtle. His favorite part was the very beginning, but he was worried that the chorus didn’t do it for him. Kelly thinks Kiara is very talented but she just overthought it.


Blake says Kiara’s voice is hypnotic and he can hear the potential and the artistry. He hits his button and Don’t Speak starts to play again. Kelly realizes it was him and John hits Blake’s button and the music plays and Kelly says Blake is a liar and a cheater. Blake says he uses tactics to get an artist he wants on his team and she needs to be on the show. Gwen says she’d love to work with her and guide her through the competition. Gwen says she’s got a great singer/songwriter vibe.


John says Kiara, who do you pick as your coach and Kiara says he picks…Gwen.


Next we have Melinda Rodriguez and she’s from Miami, FL. She was 13 when her brother got sick and he had to have a heart transplant and he’s been re-listed for a heart transplant again. He’s there to support his sister. Melinda takes the stage and she performs What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Kelly and Gwen hit their buttons immediately. John and Blake are still listening. Melinda is a 2-chair turn.


Melinda introduces herself to Blake and he says he knew when he saw Kelly and Gwen hit their buttons he had to stay out of it. John loved that she took a song they’ve heard a million times and added her own melodies.


Gwen is really excited about Melinda and her voice and she says it was very creative and relaxed and she thinks she could help her with stage presence. Kelly says it was really, really beautiful and well executed and she’s a very talented person and they’d both love her on their team.


John says it’s decision time! What are you going to do Melinda? Melinda thinks and says ummm…she’s going to go with Team Kelly!


Our next artist is Jon Rizzo and he’s from an Italian family. He says they are a loud family. His mom says his son was like a sponge. He says forget it a lot and he denies saying it so they show replays. His dad and him started a band. He takes the stage and sings Let Her Cry by Hootie and the Blowfish. He does not get a chair turn.


Kelly says from the beginning it sounded like Hootie and he has a solid voice. Gwen asks if he’s singing professionally and Jon says he has a cover band. Gwen likes a stylistic voice, but it seemed some of the style didn’t fit her taste. John says his tone is really nice and it takes up a lot of space in the room, but he wishes he’d done better at enunciating. Blake says Darius has a specific vibrato and that was a little too tribute-y.


It’s time for our final artist, Cali Wilson and she’s a kick boxer and she’s from Salem, IA. Her mother was a professional singer and she feel in love with all sorts of music. Her mom says Cali is living her dream. Cali takes the stage and performs Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Blake and John both hit their buttons and Gwen follows a little bit later. Kelly is still listening. Cali is a 3-chair turn.


Cali introduces herself to John and he says he turned because her tone is super gorgeous and she sounded so pure on the low notes. He would love to coach her. Gwen says she didn’t mess that song up and she was getting lost in it and she’d love to work with her. Blake says he’s been to Salem, IA before and he only expects to run into people from Salem when he’s in Salem.


Blake says Cali, he would be honored to be his coach. Kelly says Cali, from Salem, IA, who are you going to pick as your coach? Cali says she chooses…to be continued!

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