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Survivor 39 Show recaps

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December 18, 2019


Episode 13, Season Finale


We are live in Hollywood with Jeff, Sandra and Rob. Rob says the game is evolving and his eyes were opened too. Lets get to it, the finale of Survivor Island of the Idols. Day 36: Rob and Sandra talk, Rob says only one person is going to win it, he met his wife on the show, has 4 wonderful daughters because of the show. Sandra says she found happiness in the money, the find happiness in different ways. At camp a boat shows up, grab your personal belongings and get on the boat...all of them are going to ioi. Tommy says he is the only person that has not been to the ioi. Hugs all around. Rob says they are so close, only 3 of them will plead to the jury. Rob gives them the house Sandra and he worked so hard on. They get special edition ioi buffs. Rob and Sandra get on the boat and leave....Rob says there is one last test, maybe just maybe someone has been paying attention. There is fruit, comforts, chickens, a stove. Janet has an idol and no one can beat her at fire, so she  is guaranteed F3. 



Dean and Noura talk about getting rid of Janet cuz she is so loved. Noura tells us its a no brainer..get rid of Dean. Tommy looks at the new buff and see a machete on it, he looks at the machete in a coconut...its pink or red inside (he is color blind), he gets help from Dean. Dean says they look for another machete or another pink thing. F2 if they find it. Camera zooms into a board on the walkway. Tommy pulls up the board and finds an H. Tommy shows Dean nd says if he finds it Tommy gets it. Dean says if he were Tommy he would not have told Tommy. Dean says the swing looks like the symbol and starts looking around and sees the symbol, gets the machete and finds a HII in the support leg. He also passed the last test from Rob and Sandra...he dosent not tell Tommy and burns the peice with the symbol on it.


Immunity challenge time: They have to retrieve a bunch of rope rungs to climb a tower then use rings to go up a ladder. then use balls to on a table maze. Winner gets F4 and steak, baked potatoe or vegitarian options. Ready go! All are getting their ropes. Dean is thru, Tommy is thru and onto the tower. Noura is thru. Tommy and Dean are up the tower and working on the ladder. Janet struggling. Dean and Tommy are neck and neck. Both at the maze. Noura is at the maze, Tommy gets his first ball in. Janet and Lauren are at the maze. Dean gets his first ball, misses the second ball. Lauren has first ball, Janet working on second ball. Dean misses again. Dean getes it and wins immunity. Dean says this iis about the F4, he picks Noura with him for the meal. He says its to make amends. Lauren says Dean is doing jury management with Noura. 


Back at camp: Noura says Dean is a man in her eyes today. She felt like she was walking into a date. Noura says he is growing on her. Dean says he just wants her to know that this is not a romantic jester. He tells us he is trying to get on her good side to go to F2 with her. Noura says she is committed to him, she will take him. Dean says he has an F2 with Tommy and Dean. Noura says they need to get Janet out tonight. Noura knows he is buttering her up and she likes it. Back at camp Janet puts her HII in her bra, she tells Tommy she has it, she will claim her spot in F4, put all their votes on her and she votes Lauren. Janet and Tommy make a F4. Tommy says he needs to get Janet out. Tommy tells Lauren, they tell Dean. Dean says he is scared to sit next to Janet or Noura. Dean says its Janet or Lauren. Tommy gets a weird gut feeling about Dean. 


Time for TC night 37. Jury comes in. Dean is guaranteed F4, he is thinking about what will happen tomorrow. Lauren says pandamonium set in after the challenge. Janet says the fireplace is the best! Janet says she is concerned but she is the fire lady. Noura says its about the jury and what they think about us. Tommy says our prespective changes and jury probably changes too. There are so few choices, they roll a dice, Dean says its more like flipping a coin. Time to vote. We see Janet vote for Noura and Tommy vote for Janet. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Janet uses hers on herself. The idol nullifier is also played, and it was played against Janet. Any votes for Janet still count. Votes: Lauren, Janet, Janet, 16th person voted out is Janet. Hugs from everyone. Missy says that was wild. 


In Hollywood Janet comes out on stage to a standing ovation. Jeff tells her it was a compliment on them fearing her. Janet says as soon as she told Tommy about the HII she know she shouldnt have. We are down to 4 and with the F4 fire making challenge anyone can win it. 


Day 38 ioi: Dean tries to make fire, he struggles, he has never made fire. Tommy tells Noura he cant make fire (but he can) Tommy will tell Noura anything to get her to take him. Noura tells him she will get what she wants. Noura stops her diary session when she sees Dean stretching, she says its been a long time with no romance. 


Time for Immunity challenge: They have to place letters on a moving thing. They can lock it in to get a letter but then unlock it to set the letters. Dean has the first word...Island, Noura also has first word. They can lock in the individual words. Dean and Noura have 2 of the 4 words. Noura in the lead. Noura has 3 words locked in. Noura places last letter. Dean loses several letters. Noura locks in her letters and wins her 3rd individual immunity and a spot in the F3. She feels amazing. She will choose the one to sit next to her and force the other 2 to make fire. Noura says look what you can do when you really believe in yourself. 


Noura says she wants to jump in the ocean and clean off. She wants to tell them later what she is going to do but first she wants to chill. No one joins her in the ocean. She is done. She says Lauren is her number 1, Dean is the man, Tommy is loyal, an incredable person. Tommy says that she is typical Noura, all over the place. Noura tells Lauren will go to fire. Noura says Dean is on fire, literally on fire, thats what he will be doing tonight. Lauren walks off down the beach crying. Lauren says she has never made fire since she has been here but she wont leave without a fire. Dean practices making fire and tells us he has never made fire in his life. Tommy teaches Lauren to make fire and teaches Dean. He is playing to their jury vote. Tommy says he tells Dean to make fire and make it well, he wants to sit between Dean and Noura. Noura and Lauren have words. Lauren believes in herself and she has to win. 


Night 38 TC: Jury comes in. Noura says the journy has been about every single step, it shows that you have more in you then you thought you did. Noura starts to tell Jeff what she said and Lauren is looking grumpy at her. Noura says did she expect her to take her #1. Lauren says she wont go out w/o a fight. Noura says Dean will make fire vs Lauren and Tommy will sit next to her. Tommy says his mind is on who will sit next to them. Dean says he is feeling good. They are  off to make fire: Begin.....Lauren is first to save magnesium, Dan trying, Dean gets a tiny flame and putting small sticks on. Lauren has fire. Lauren putting sticks on. Both are in it with small fires. Deans has more of a base. Deans starting to burn the rope. Noura encouraging him. Dean got it and is in F3. Lauren hugs Dean and Tommy. Lauren says the fact that she stayed outside for 38 days is amazing, its about believing in yourself. Hey going out as the biggest threat is the way to go. F3 is Noura, Dean and Tommy. 


In Hollywood Lauren comes on stage. She says she didnt think she was going to win an idol, meet Rob and Sandra etc but she did.  Toot Toot. If she can do it, (the indoor Barbie) others can do it too. 



 Day 39 on season 39. Noura says it feels odd to wake up on day 39 when she thougth she would be the first gone. They get their last breakfast feast. Dean says this is the most proud of himself he has ever been. Tonight it comes down between Dean and Tommy. The boys agree to go for it. Tommy helps Noura with her speech. (helps himself with her speech)Dean says he played when he had to and got so much. Noura says to with this game you have to be a disruptor.

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It’s time to get into the outwit portion. The alliance, emotional intelligence and the social part of the game. Jack is up first and he congratulates them and says they should each be super proud. He wants them all to know they are all tremendously undecided so be clear and honest about what you’re saying because it matters. Kellee says she finds the outwit part and she’d like to hear about each of their strategies and how that evolved over time.


Dean says his strategy was not to be the loudest, the most athletic, don’t be the smartest and get to know people. Just DK chilling strategy. He said Kellee gave him an idol and he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for her. Dean says would someone as smart as Kellee come to a random person, why did she trust him and it’s because they talked.


Noura says coming into the game she’s not the typical survivor fan so she created mnemonic devices. Don’t be bossy, annoying, not trustworthy, and dead in the water at a challenge. She didn’t want to be super strong Aaron or super smart Kellee and she’s watched others to see who they are and Elaine says she doesn’t thinkt here was a strategy for Noura to play the game, she just played off emotion. Elaine says strategy and emotions don’t coincide. Noura says it’s like going on a date and she wants to learn more about them. Aaron and the jury are trying to stop Noura and Kellee says the jury thinks they were emotionally based decision, but they want to know Noura’s strategy. Noura says she actually wants to know people and who they are and see where they can meet in the middle.


Tommy says for him it was about making connection and they were real. It’s like what he uses as a teacher for his students and he wanted to play in the middle. He wanted to be ears on all side. He also wanted to make big moves and he uses an example of Dean giving him information and him getting someone to play a idol. Loren asks Tommy who he was most loyal to and Tommy says Loren and Noura says Tommy isn’t telling the truth. Noura tells Loren that Tommy was helping Dean on the fire making challenge and trying to fluster her.


Aaron says they are being held accountable and they are being given a chance to own their game. Dean says there were a lot of people he never worked with and Noura says Dean’s strategy was to go with the numbers. Dean says he played a different strategy than Tommy and Tommy says he played the game hard. He didn’t TS chill, he came in to get to know people and build connection and Dean just came along. Tommy says in this game you can’t ride coattails. Janet asks Tommy when he decided to betray her and Tommy says around eight he knew she was a threat but he wanted to use her as a shield and it wasn’t easy at all.


Jamal says there are some lines he wasn’t willing to cross, but what were some of their lines they weren’t willing to cross. Noura says for her it was simple she wanted to be transparent. She didn’t want to make a move and regret it later.


Tommy says when he talked to his students before he left, he told them he was going to do what he had to win but he never wanted to bully anyone because that was important to him.


Dean says he never thought about it before he entered the game, but for him he would never promised final three and not honor it. Kellee doesn’t get Dean who he is or his essence. Dean says he’s just go with the flow, chill Dean. He tries to stay optimistic and he thinks people seen that. He says this was an incredible experience and never getting negative is big to him.


Jeff moves to the outplay portion. How they deal with the condition or challenges or twists. Jamal says one of the most thought about moments of what they would do if they did final immunity. Jamal says how Noura explained Loren was fine, but the opposite of that logic is bringing someone she thinks she can beat. Noura says she brought Dean because his game was just following the numbers and he never made a big move and he had a weaker game. Jamal says she didn’t bring Dean, she brought Tommy. Noura says Tommy made her feel like he was so bad at fire and she trusted that. Jamal says Tommy is trying to make history and win from the goat role. Jamal says Dean earned his way to the final three. Tommy says he was able to spin the story that she was so focused on Loren and that saved him to get to the seat.


Aaron wants to know their approach to immunity challenges. Noura says her tribe didn’t use her effectively and she enjoyed it better when they got to individual immunity. Dean says he gave his all in each challenge, but he didn’t want to turn it on early. Dean says did Tommy win any challenges? Tommy says yeah he didn’t win because that puts a target on people and he was all about social. He won a reward challenge and brought people to a family visit and that created a bond. Dean says Tommy showed a heck of a social game but it has zero advantages at idols or immunities. Dean explains his legacy advantage and he says it was a fake one and he asks Jamal about the advantage. Jamal explains that he was given parchment and a pen and he could use it as he wanted. Dean then shows them the immunity idol at final five that Tommy was looking for and he says he was blinged out at final five and he didn’t have to play any of them. Tommy says no one was going to vote him out. Tommy says he found advantages but he didn’t make moves. Aaron says Tommy is trying to downplay what Dean did and he shouldn’t do that and some of the jury disagrees.


Missy wants to know if Tommy shared information and Tommy says yes. Missy says Dean made that all a benefit to him. Kellee says Tommy gave information to Dean because Tommy thought Dean was a goat and it’s a good social strategy. It starts to rain on the tribal council. Dean says he feels like he did execute playing the middle. Dean says he and Elisabeth were close. Kellee says when Jamal asked where were your ethical lines and now Dean is saying he was close with Elizabeth. Karishma says they are just calling him out. Noura says that’s what he does, follows the numbers. Dean says where is this coming from now? Kellee feels like they have a clean slate now that the rain has stopped.


Jeff says time to go to the outlast portion. Tommy says Season 39 you have to play for day one and he built great relationships with each of them. Who do they want to represent Season 39? He made alliances, he crossed alliance, he didn’t need an immunity alliance and he still made big moves and he got here and that’s what he thinks Survivor is all about.


Noura says for this is her, this is Noura. She says they loved her and hated her and they accepted her for her. She’s not a player they’ve ever seen before and she’s a wildcard and she’s done everything she can to use tool and win challenges and she felt like when she was herself it helped her thrive and that helped her get to here.


Dean says we’re all lifelong fans. He says think about the jaw dropping moments and couple them with the moments when their backs were against the wall. Dean says that’s where he was the entire game and he found his way, he found his own path. And then the fourth quarter hit and he was sitting at the final five and if they can’t help etch that into the history books, then he doesn’t know what to do. He’s asking them to help write history with him.


Jack is up first to vote. We see Missy go in. Loren goes in and we see she votes for Tommy. Karishma goes in followed by Kellee. Aaron goes in and he votes for Dean and says Dean played the game he wanted to play. Jamal steps in and says he’s voting for a winner of Survivor. Crazy. Elizabeth casts her vote. Elaine goes in followed by Janet.


Jeff gets the votes and thanks them all and he’ll see them in Los Angeles for the reading of the votes. Time to read the votes. First vote…Tommy. Dean. Next vote Tommy. Next vote Dean. Tied at 2 votes each. Tommy. Tommy. 4 votes Tommy and 2 votes Dean. Tommy. 5 votes Tommy, 2 votes Dean. The winner of Survivor…Tommy!


Tommy got all the votes except for the two for Dean from Aaron and Elizabeth.


Jeff says it was cool to watch Tommy play and him talking about gathering information. Tommy says he was very open and real with people and they were comfortable giving him information. Jeff asks Sandra if that’s something you can teach someone? Sandra says no. Sandra says Tommy didn’t need Island of the Idols. Jeff talks about the everyone Tommy betrayed and is there any guilt when you watch it back. Tommy says he loves these people and they mean everything to him, but he was playing to win a million dollars. He was playing for his family and his students and say sorry later.


Rob says this is Survivor. Rob says he’ll give Tommy credit that everyone who did come to Island of the Idols everyone said Tommy was their number one. Sandra says he told Rob everyone is with Tommy! Jeff says Dean, great fourth quarter surge. But what was a positive take away? Dean says it was the best life experience he’s ever had. It strips you down and there are moments where you hit your lowest of lows and it taught him to be grateful for everything they do have.


Jeff goes to Noura and says despite her craziness, she was consistent every day. Noura says if you follow the herd, you’ll never be heard. She wanted to play the game her way. You can learn a lot from legends, but you have to be you and you have to be you day in and day out. Be a peacock, shake your tailfeather, and be you. Jeff says every so often there’s a player that comes around and captures the heart of the fans. Elaine was one of those players. Jeff says one of the reasons people adored her is because she was open and vulnerable. Did it deliver what she needed? Elaine says it did. She was searching for something else because of things she was going through. Elaine says God doesn’t always give you what you want, he gives you what you need.


Jeff goes to Karishma and talks about the simple hug she gave her husband. Karishma says she knew she was going to have a tough time, but she didn’t expect how difficult the social game and the emotional turmoil that was going to come and when you reach those incredible moments of loneliness and you see the person from home who loves you for you and it just reminds you to appreciate what you have at home. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have.


Jeff then talks about Jamal and Jack and the doorag incident was one of the most talked about of the season. Jeff says one of the things people have said is what was so beautiful was that Jack was so open to apologize and teach him and instead of Jamal getting mad he agreed and it was a beautiful thing. Jamal says the response has been phenomenal. He says he and Jack live together now back in Rhode Island and they have a friendship out there and inside of that friendship is how they can have those hard conversations.


Jeff says every season Sia awards her favorite player with the Sia gift. Her philosophy is she’s been blessed in life and she wants to do it for someone else. Jeff says Jamal gets $15,000 from Sia. Elaine also gets $100,000 from Sia. Elaine gets emotional. Jeff says they have one more. Sia would also like to gift $100,000 to Janet. Sia wanted Jeff to tell everyone it’s a birthday gift to herself because she’s at home watching.


Jeff is now going to give Kellee a chance to speak because she wasn’t to before. He says they knew what was going on in and real time and they were trying to make the best decisions, but they have since learned they made mistakes and should have done things differently. They are instituting new policies and rules going forward.


Jeff tells Kellee she was right to speak up and to step forward and he wants to acknowledge and apologize. He’d like to turn it over to her to vent at him or share his feelings. Kellee says she’s very nervous right now. There’s so much pressure on this moment and she feels like it’s been building up for many months and she feels pressure to do right for herself, but for many others as well.


Jeff wants to give Kellee a chance to get anything off her chance that she’s not happy with Jeff or production. Kellee says the hardest thing was Dan remained in the game even after she spoke up. She says it’s not necessarily the injustice, but she felt like she was being supported or believed and that’s really the hardest thing to deal with. Jeff says what she just hit on is the biggest thing they learned. When she had her emotional interview and they made the decision to meet with them privately and they learned that wasn’t right. Jeff says he learned when you’re not in a situation like this, you can’t relate or understand. Jeff says Missy and Elizabeth got a flashback and none of them deserved it.


Kellee says this has been such a hard situation and she didn’t ask for her Survivor experience to be defined by this and they can’t go back and change what happened. It wasn’t just her and people are ready at different times and speak up in different ways. Even though she was ready to speak up, it was still incredibly difficult. She thinks the most important thing is she hopes this season of Survivor isn’t just defined by inappropriate touching or sexual harassment. She hopes it’s defined by change. She says CBS and Survivor are making the changes because she spoke up and asked for changes. She says individuals and institutions are capable of change and she thinks they’ve learned a lot and they can keep learning. She hopes they can all learn from it and do better. She fundamentally believes they can do better. Jeff can feel how nervous she is and he feels like she expressed herself really well. Not only will CBS and Survivor change and he knows families will be watching and they can talk about these things with their kids.


In February, they’ll premiere their 40th season. It’ll be called Winners at War. 20 returning winners. They’ll compete in epic challenges, face the return of the Edge of Extinction, and encounter a new twist that will completely reset how the game is played. Plus, they are playing for the biggest prize in reality show history. They’ll be playing for 2 million dollars. It’s the most anticipated Survivor season of all time.

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