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The Voice Season 17 - Blind Auditions Night #2


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It's the greatest feeling in the world to sing live. Having your music heard by so many people is a dream come true. It's so rewarding to hear the reaction of the crowd. There's no better feeling than to connect with your audience. Welcome to the second night of Blind Auditions on The Voice!

Shane Q leads off tonight's blind auditions with his performance of Tennessee Whiskey (Chris Stapleton). Gwen thinks his voice is pretty and points to Blake. Blake points to himself. Gwen presses her button. His voice is silky smooth and controlled and Kelly presses her button. Shane lets loose a riff and Blake is next to turn around. On his final notes, John makes it a 4-chair audition.

Shane Q is from Sacramento, CA where he drives special needs people around town, providing conversation as well as transportation. Shy growing up, he broke out of his shell when he started singing. John says he has a lot of fun gospel behavior in his vocal. Gwen says she was first. Shane noticed. But then she flubbed and said he was from San Francisco. She says his voice kept changing and surprising. Mr. Blake says San Diego is proud tonight. John says Santa Barbara. 

Blake says an article he read after losing Season 16 is driving him this season: Blake Shelton may have lost Season 16 of The Voice, but he's still the greatest of all time. Not only has Blake won more titles than any other coach with 6 total, he's also had more runners up and finalists as well. In the past 16 seasons, Shelton has coached a staggering 24 to the finale.  Blake takes a victory lap around the chairs. A lot of arrogance from someone who just lost The Voice, John says dismissively.

Kelly asks Shane if he wants it to be about the coach or about him? John asks him if he wants his coach dancing all up in his videos. That's a Suge Knight reference. Blake spits out his "coke" and it goes up his nose. Kelly says you didn't categorize yourself, I'd be good for you in that sense. Whomever you pick, you're going to be in the Finale. Shane says I pick...   Kelly!

Max Boyle is a 23yr old from Toledo, OH, the youngest of 6 who performed for his siblings. His senior year of HS, he realized music was something he wanted to pursue. He just graduated from college and is trying to figure out what comes next. Singing Wayfaring Stranger (folk song), you can hear a pin drop as he owns the stage. John is the first to press his button, followed by Kelly.

Max pauses before breaking into a jam, and Kelly realizes she's blocked.  Max ends his performance in a falsetto and Kelly uselessly slapping her button. I'm so sorry, John apologizes. You are not sorry, Kelly accuses. You are good, she tells Max, you should have been on my team. Max tells John he's from Toledo, OH.  O H, John calls out.  I O! Max's family says from backstage. John is from Springtown, OH. You commanded the stage without any accompaniment. It was a daring performance. 

After a 5m break, the next audition comes from Hello Sunday (Myla Ferklen & Chelsea Grover), ages 13 and 14, from Atlanta, GA.  Singing This Is Me (Keala Settle), Gwen makes a quick move towards her button upon hearing the first voice but pulls back. The second voice kicks in and the coaches all take notice. The two young ladies deliver terrific harmonies, playing off each other with experience and professionalism, building up until Kelly can't stand it anymore, pressing her button.

What? Kelly exclaims as she turns around to meat Myla and Chelsea. The other coaches turn around to meet the duo, who met in summer camp and became immediate friends over their love of music. Hello Sunday means new beginnings. Kelly says she grew up singing in choirs and having to blend together. Blake agrees that Kelly is good at this stuff and Kelly can't believe he's complementing her. 

The next artist to face the backs of Blake, John, Gwen and Kelly's chair is Emily Bass, 16, from Magnolia, TX. When not doing music, Emily sketches and she shares a drawing of Carson with him. She also has sketches of Blake and Gwen and Carson puts them together, kissing. Singing since she was 5 and performing since she was 8, she developed a disease that makes her think an injury is worse than it is, and she wasn't able to continue singing - it felt like needles in her throat. She thought she could never fulfill her dreams, but after 7 months of physical therapy, she's ready to give it a shot.

Singing Blank Space (Taylor Swift), Gwen likes her voice. The vocal is bubbly and peppy and Gwen is THAT close. But she doesn't press her button and Emily does not make a team. Gwen says she loved her tone. John said a lot of potential that needs more polish. Kelly says a couple more moments where you went big would have gotten a chair. Blake says sometimes we get so focused on looking for what's missing that we forget we're supposed to be coaching. Emily gives the coaches their sketches.

30yr old Royce Lovett from Tallahassee was so named because his mother really wanted a Rolls Royce. He grew up in the stix, rapping into the wind, and Lauren Hill changed his world view - he could rap and play guitar. He started blending reggae and soul and met his wife playing in a band. His son, Levi, wants to be a singer like his dad. He wants to provide for his famly but also spend time with them. But being a husband and a father makes him more creative.

Singing 911 (Wyclef Jean and Mary J Blige), Royce gives a nod to the band then with Levi looking on from backstage (that's Daddy!), he opens with a guitar lick and unique vocal that Gwen immediately says is amazing. Kelly thinks it's a girl. Gwen presses her button and is the first to see Kelly is wrong. Royce has a big smile on his face as he plays his guitar and owns the stage with his performance. Blake presses his button and Gwen is not happy. She gets up and starts dancing in front of him. 

Gwen tells Blake he's stupid. John says it's a competition between two very fine coaches... One being the obvious choice, Kelly finishes, pointing to Gwen. I didn't get to dance yet, Blake explains. John continues, I love your energy, pitch and control issues can be worked on. Gwen says very androgynous - I didn't know if you were a boy or girl. This is my lane. Your voice is so animated, bringing reggae to a rock place. I will be so embarrassed if you don't pick me. Kelly says I didn't turn because she did. 

In the name of God, Blake begs, can I talk now? Royce, I have a lake play list that consists of Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet (OK, says Royce, interested)) who is seriously reggae... So different from Bob Marley, Kelly offers an alternative finish to Blake's sentence. Screw it, Blake says, pick her.  Who else is on your play list, John asks. Level 42, Blake jokes... And WD40, mocks John.  Do not pick Blake, Kelly says.

Pick a coach, a dejected Blake tells Royce. Gwen, I love you. I pick Gwen!

A producer asks Royce if Blake ever had a chance and after a pause, he says no.

The next blind audition comes from Elise Azkoul, 28, from Atlanta, GA. Representing middle easterners, loves to sing and dance as part of a big musical family. Among her father's side of the family are credits for Last Dance (Donna Summer) and It's Raining Men (The Weather Girls). Her grandpa passed 6 years ago but is with her tonight.

Elise sings Million Reasons (Lady Gaga) and John has a smile on his face, his head bobbing to her lilting vocal. She hits a power note and it's Gwen who presses her button, the other coaches ceding to her. Gwen says you have a soft tone but a strong side too. Blake says this will be a good match. 

The final artist of the night is 24yr old Cory Jackson from Johnson, AK who pretty much only knows farming and playing country guitar. He is marrying his finance right after the Blind Auditions. As long as he's back for the wedding, Sarah, his bride-to-be says. Singing Galveston (Glen Campbell), the music signals country before the vocal begins, but it too is unmistakable, a deep, rich and creamy vocal. The audience is really into the performance as he shows some power notes and dynamic range.

As Cory kicks it into second gear, Blake is the first to turn his chair and Cory points to him. Kelly challenges him and so does Gwen as Cory hits his final bar. Gwen is surprised Blake turned because that's so theatrical. Blake says Kelly won't know this, but that's from the late, great Glen Campbell. Jackson tells them that his wedding is this Saturday. Blake says you sang the crap out of it, and it is theatrical.  

Wait a second, Kelly says before Blake can continue pitching to Cory, you and Gwen are going to team up like boyfriend/girlfriend... This is a competition, Blake reminds Kelly. Blake tells Cory that a lot of Glen's records were big sounding for country radio. Great job. Gwen introduces herself and says if you want to take a risk, she could help him be really unique, that's a crossover song. That's a country song, Blake corrects. Mom & Dad are fighting, Kelly exclaims gleefully!

Do you want to be country, Gwen asks Cory? I do, Cory practices. Oh, Gwen says, as Kelly and Blake laugh.  I'm kind of country now, Gwen tries to save with a Cheshire grin, I really liked your voice. Cory says he took classical voice in college. That's so interesting, Kelly says, I also studied classical and dabbled in country. That's my least favorite song of his but I loved your voice and said I don't care.

Kelly has already admitted she hates your taste in music, Blake counters to Cory. John laughs as Kelly tries to shout over him and Gwen to yell at Blake. Cory, who do you pick as your coach? Cory takes a deep breath and picks Blake!  Cory Face Times with Sarah, tearing as he tells her he got three chair turns.

After the first week of Blind Auditions, Team Kelly has Hello Sunday, Shane Q, Alex Guthrie and Brennan Lassiter. Team Gwen has Jake Haldenvang, Rose Short, Kyndal Inskeep, Royce Lovett and Elise Azkoul.  Team John has Katie Kadan, Will Breman and Max Boyle. And Team Blake has Kat Mammock, Marina Chello and Cory Jackson.  What do you think of the voice talent so far this season?

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